William Donavan

William Joseph 'Wild Bill' Donovan was a Knight of Malta and spymaster of the Catholic Church (member of papal Order of Sylvester) that from 1942 led secret service Office of Strategic Services, which later became the CIA. He was educated at Columbia University. He was a member of the Saturn Club with Anson Goodyear (Paramount Pictures). From 1941 he worked with Knight of Malta Allen Dulles in the building of British Security Coordination on 5th Avenue in NY.

He was a member of Phi Kappa Psi (Michael Bloomberg, John Astin, Roy Scheider, Jerry Yang, Grant Heslov, Frank Morgan).

In 1942 he was appointed by Theodore Roosevelt to lead the OSS, helped by William Stephenson and Stewart Menzies (MI6, Bohemian Club).

In 1943 he founded the US Morale Operations Branch with WH Auden, Henry Murray, Vladimir Nabokov (pedophilia agenda), Michael Josselson and Archibald MacLeish (S&B).

As director of the CIA (eagle emblem of the Roman Empire), he led a propaganda team of John Ford, Carl Jung, Paul Mellon, Sterling Hayden, Robert Knapp.

He was a member of the American Committee on United Europe and the Committee on the Present Danger with Midge Rosenthal Decter and Jeane Kirkpatrick.

From 1953 he was US ambassador to Thailand.

Michael Josselson worked for CIA front Congress for Cultural Freedom. Henry Murray programmed Ted Kaczynski.


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