The Whitney family is an elite family associated with Skull and Bones (families that controlled the Chinese and Indian opium trade with the jesuits). Its coat of arms contains a cross with masonic checkered pattern. John Whitney migrated from London to Watertown, Massachusetts in the US in 1635 and intermarried with families Payne and Vanderbilt.

Eli Whitney (Phi Beta Kappa, Linonian Society of Tale) invented the cotton gin, which played a role in the Industrial Revolution and perpetuating black slavery in the South.

Asa Whitney played a role in the railroad industry.

William Collins (Colonna) Whitney was Secretary of the Navy in the administration of US president Grover Cleveland and married Flora Payne, related to Nathan Payne of Standard Oil. He was a member of JP Morgan's Metropolitan Club with James Roosevelt, William and Kassim Vanderbilt, Edward Loomis (Leigh Valley Railroad), Gates McGarrah (later BIS bank) and of the Society of Patriarchs with JP Morgan, August Belmont, Buchanan Winthrop, Cornelius Vanderbilt III,..

William Dwight Whitney (APS) studied Sanskrit and Hindu scriptures as president of the American Philological Association.

Harry Payne Whitney was a member of Skull and Bones and married Gertrude Vanderbilt, who played a role in the art scene  in Greenwich Village, opened Whitney Studio and Whitney Museum of American Art in NY and promoted Robert Mapplethorpe (gay-pedophilia agenda). She built the Titanic memorial in Washington and was the sister of Alfred Vanderbilt who died on the RMS Lusitania.

Harry Payne Whitney owned Collier's magazine wich published the first article about the German Holocaust, written by Jan Karski (jesuit university Georgetown) about his visit to Belzec. It had Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingsway's wife as contributor.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney of Guaranty Trust Company of NY married Pamela Digby, ex-wife of Randolph Churchill, who later married Averell Harriman (S&B). He produced The Young Land for Columbia Pictures and Missouri Traveler for Disney.

Orson F Whitney was a member of the Quorum of the Mormon Church.

Henry Whitney Bellows founded the Union League Club in NY (with JP Morgan and Elihu Root CFR).

Dorothy Payne Whitney married to Willard Dickerman Straight built the Willard Straight Hall at Cornell University, founded The New Republic with Walter Lippmann and The New School at Columbia University. The New Republic published Dorothy Parker, Harold Laski (Zionist, The New School, Harvard, LSE), Midge Rosenthal Decter and Arthur Garfield Hays (ACLU).

Pauline Payne Whitney married Almeric Hugh Paget, who later married Edith Starr Miller (connections to Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists and Nordic League). Miller's son married Georgina Astor.

Michael Whitney Straight was speechwriter for Franklin Roosevelt, published The New Republic and hired Henry Wallace (who put the one eye pyramid on the Dollar bill and financed Andrija Puharich). He married Nina Gore, the half-sister of Vidal Gore and step-sister of Jackie Kennedy. He created National Endowment for the Arts.

Joan Whitney Payson created the baseball team New York Mets (the sport industry) and owned impressionist paintings. She donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Joan Whitney was married to Daryl Copeland, played in Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome of Curtis Harrington with Kenneth Anger, Marjorie Cameron Samson De Brier, Anais Nin (gay-lesbian agenda, psychoanalysis with Freud's colleague Otto Rank) and music by Electric Light Orchestra, in Bugsy with Warren Beatty and Anette Benning and in The Right Stuff with Ed Harris and Barbara Hershey.

John Hay Whitney married Betsy Cushing, the ex-wife of James Roosevelt, son of FDR. She was the daughter of neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing (Scroll and Key) and sister of Barbara Cushing (Black and White Ball of Truman Capote).

William Payne Whitney married Helen Julia Hay. He was on board of the RMS Olympic, sister ship of the Titanic.

The Payne Whitney Psychiatric Club (the Mental Health industry) at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital (associated with Cornell, also funded by William Hearst) founded after his death in 1927 was named after him and employed Benjamin Spock (Scroll and Key, New Left, SANE with Bertrand Russell, Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe), Mary Jean Sherfey (student of Alfred Kinsey), Helen Singer Kaplan (teacher of Ruth Westheimer), Gerald Klerman (internship at Bellevue), Allen Frances (DSM-5) and Jolyon West (Cornell, MK Ultra). It hospitalized Robert Lowell, Marilyn Monroe, James Schuyler, Mary McCarthy (friend of Hannah Arendt),..It was mentioned in a song of Lou Reed.

Henry Melville Whitney was president of the Metropolitan Steamship Company.

Alexander Whitney was vice-chairman of the Progressive Citizens of America with Henry Wallace and Elliott Roosevelt.

Ray Whitney worked for the Information Research Department and later co-founded the Institute for European Defense and Strategic Studies with Stephen Haseler (LSE, The Heritage Foundation).

Hassler Whitney was a mathematician who founded singularity theory.

Richard Whitney was president of the NY Stock Exchange from 1930 to 1935.

Eli Whitney Debevoise II was a member of the Manuscript Society of Yale and worked for the World Bank.

They worked with Daniel Guggenheim and Juan Trippe of Pan Am.

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