Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber is a media actor, used to spread disinfo about extraterrestials in the Conspiracy Church and the New Age Church. In 1987 he wrote Communion (Grey alien archetype popularized by Aleister Crowley). He worked with jesuit controlled Coast to Coast AM of Art Bell. He also wrote The Hunger (1981), Majestic (1989, Roswell psyop), Billy (1990, pedophilia), The Coming Global Superstorm (1999, with Art Bell, the Climate Church), Omega Point (connection 2012 and Book of Revelation).

The Hunger tells the story of a vampire named Miriam Baylock with Lamia as mother (Crowley's Grey entity Lam).

He introduced the concept of parallel universes (linked to the belief of dark occultists, that by magic rituals they open up dimensional portals, gateways to parallel universes).

He was a member of the Gurdjieff Foundation.

He appeared on Channel 4 show After Dark with Buzz Aldrin (moon landing).

born 6/13/1945, date John Forbes Nash, Malcolm McDowell, Stellan Skarsgard, Tim Allen, Lolita, Olsen twins.

Whitley Strieber in popular culture

1981 Wolfen (one eye, dog/wolf star Sirius) Albert Finney Diane Venora Tom Waits Orion Pictures
1982 Forbidden Zone (parallel universes) Viva (Andy Warhol scene) Joe Spinelli
1983 The Hunger David Bowie Susan Sarandon Catherine Deneuve Dan Hedaya Willem Dafoe Tony Scott MGM
1989 Communion (pink sky) Philippe Mora Christopher Walken as Strieber
1993 Babylon 5 Grey aliens named the Striebs Warner Bros.
2004 The Day After Tomorrow Roland Emmerich Jake Gyllenhaal Dennis Quaid Ian Holm 20th Century Fox
2009 Race to Witch Mountain (cameo) Dwayne Johnson as Jack BrunoAnnaSophia Robb Cheech Marin William Birnes (The Day After Roswell with Philip Corso, Ancient Aliens, Coast to Coast) Kim Richards Hilton Disney
2016 Hunters Syfy Julian McMahon (son of pm Australia)

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