Wes Bentley

Wes Bentley is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to push the gay-transgender agenda and AI-transhumanist agenda, to normalise pedophilia and drug addiction.

Bentley=the car used in the wedding of William and Catherine and the car of Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) in Batman Begins (William is a Cancer, the Chariot). He was educated at Julliard acting school like Kevin Spacey and Jessica Chastain. He plays the role of the Shadow, the Daemon (Damian in The Omen).

Astrological chart

born 9/4/1978, date Beyoncé, Damon Wayans, founding of Google, Walk the Line with Joaquin Phoenix, Virgo Knight of Disks decan Saturn, year of te Omen II, month before Boys from Brazil with Gregory Peck (The Omen) about a child of Adolf Hitler.

Dominants: Libra (Adjustment), Virgo, Leo- Venus (like Charles, Diana, Robert Kennedy, Beyoncé, rose, beauty, play Venus in Fur, Babalon associated with West), Mercury, Jupiter.

Jupiter in Cancer, Mercury and Lilith in Leo, Moon Venus Mars Pluto in Libra, Neptune (addiction) in Sagittarius, Uranus in Scorpio, Sun and Saturn in Virgo.


1998 Beloved (=scarlett woman)
1999 American Beauty Ricky Fitts Sam Mendes Kevin Spacey Thora Birch Mena Suvari (virgin - Whore of Babylon of Metropolis) Peter Gallagher Chris Cooper Annette Benning

2000 The Claim (Virgo the Hermit) Natassja Kinski Milla Jovovich

Carving Out Our Name: my big break jupiter=fortune
2001 Soul Survivors 9/7/2001, eyes Rosemary's Baby car crash
2002 the Four Feathers (4=jupiter) as Jack with Heath Ledger as Harry, Kate Hudson, red clothes rubedo, marriage William and Kate, remake of movie of John Farrow, father of Mia Farrow
2005 the Game of Their Lives, US soccer team
2005 Weirdsville, looking up
2007 Ghostrtider (the chariot) Nicolas Cage Peter Fonda
2008 the Last Word mercury writer, odd Winona Ryder
2009 The Tomb (S&B) writer, Michael Madsen Eric Roberts
2009 Dolan's Cadillac Christian Slater novel of Stephen King
2010 Jonah Hex (Adjustment - the Hierophant venus ruling taurus) Josh Brolin Megan Fox Michael Fassbender. Venus in Fur play, also movie of Roman Polanski.
2011 Rites of Passage Christian Slater
2011 There Be Dragons
2012 The Hunger Games archer, Seneca Crane (Roman Empire, died in bath) Jennifer Lawrence Woody Harrelson Philip Seymour Hoffman Stanley Tucci Donald Sutherland

2012 Stars in Shorts the star
2012 The Time Being Frank Langella (the Ninth Gate)
2013 Lovelace (Venus) Sharon Stone Billy Zane Amanda Seyfried Peter Sarsgaard James Franco as Hugh Hefner Chloé Sevigny Eric Roberts Hank Azaria
2013 Pioneer (diving in Abyss)
2014 Cesar Chavez Diego Luna America Ferrera John Malkovich Rosario Dawson
2014 After the Fall, the Fool the Star
2014 The Better Angels, young Abraham Lincoln (shot in theatre like James Holmes ritual) Diane Kruger (killing in movie theatre in Inglourious Basterds)
2014 Interstellar Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger) as Doyle Matthew McConaughey John Lithgow project Lazarus raising Osiris Matt Da(e)mon
2014 Welcome to Me Kristen Wiig princess of cups
2014 Amnesiac Kate Bosworth. American Horror Story.
2015 Final Girl gemini axe like The Shining zayin the Lovers Abigail Breslin lady in red
2015 We Are Your Friends Zac Efron (DJ, Venus: music)
2015 Knight of Cups Christian Bale Cate Blanchett Natalie Portman (blood bath in Heat)
2016 Pete's Dragon, Jack boyfriend of Grace (Lust the Beast)
2016 Broken Vows (broken glass=split mind, window hei)
2018 Mission Impossible Fallout Tom Cruise Ving Rhames.
2018 Yellowstone the hierophant Kevin Costner
2019 The Best of Enemies Sam Rockwell


Mind control