Wernher von Braun

Wernher von Braun was a German rocket scientist, trained to play the archetype of Horus (rocket=phallus, masculine Mars energy) in the Aeon of Horus like Adolf Hitler, Howard Hughes, Charles Lindbergh and rocket scientist Jack Parsons. He was transferred through Operation Paperclip and worked for NASA, which originated in JPL of Parsons.

His father served in the cabinet of Knight of Malta Franz von Papen.

He was educated at Technical University of Berlin, like nazi Gottfried Feder (Thule Society), Klaus Riedel (V2 program), Arthur Rudolph (Saturn V), Ludwig Wittgenstein, Chaim Weizmann and NASA rocket scientist Kraft Arnold Ehricke.

He was also educated at Humboldt University of Berlin like Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Grimm brothers, Karl Marx, GWF Hegel, Walter Benjamin (Frankfurt School) and Max Weber.

He was a member of Tau Beta Pi like Frank Capra (Caltech, Hollywood), Linus Pauling, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Robert Crippen (Kennedy Space Center), Francis deSouza (Illumina, Disney), Buzz Aldrin, Lee Iacocca (Chrysler), Michael Bloomberg, Seymour Cray (supercomputers),...

In 1945 he was visited by Qian Xuesen of Jack Parsons' Suicide Squad.

He was transferred to the US through Operation Paperclip with other nazi scientists Kurt H. Debus, Ernst R. G. Eckert, Kraft Arnold Ehricke, Otto Hirschler, Hermann H. Kurzweg, Fritz Mueller, Gerhard Reisig,..

According to his mythology he used a book of Arthur C Clarke to convince JFK to plan a moon mission.

He worked for NASA as director of the Marshall Space Flight Center to design the Saturn V, that would propel the rockets of the Apollo missions. He posed for a picture with JFK (Pluto the Shadow in Gemini, Operation Paperclip is often used in conspiracy theories about the JFK ritual).

With Heinz Haber and Dick Tufeld (CBS show Lost in Space) he collaborated with Disney Man In Space, directed by Ward Kimball (propaganda film Education for Death the Making of a Nazi). In the Man in Space episode she showed a wheel like spaceship like the spaceship set used in 2001 ASO.

The character Dr Strangelove in Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, played by Peter Sellers, was based on von Braun. The screenplay was written by Terry Southern.

His assistant Carol Rosin was a friend of Timothy Leary and was used in the Disclosure Project psyop of Steven Greer.

In 2019 Thomas Kretschmann played von Braun in Project Blue Book of History Channel (executive produced by Robert Zemeckis) with Aidan Gillen (The Wire, Game of Thrones, Maze Runner) as Allen Hynek, Neil McDonough (Sigma Chi like Parsons), Michael Imperioli, character based on Ingo Swann (Stargate Project),Bob Gunton as Harry Truman, Caspar Philipson as JFK.

Astrological chart

born 3/23/1912, date Stanley Armour Dunham, Michelle Monaghan, Catherine Keener, Keri Russell, Damon Albarn, Alfred Milner, d Elizabeth Taylor.

Asc: Gemini, mc: Aquarius. Dom: Gemini (the Lovers), Aries, Taurus - Mars, Pluto, Mercury.

1: Pluto in Gemini, 11: Mercury and Sun in Aries, 12: Mars in Gemini, Moon and Saturn in Taurus.

died 6/16/1977, date Katharine Graham, Tupac Shakur, Francis Parker Yockey, Catcher in the Rye, Alice Bailey, Daniel Brühl, d Helmut Kohl.

Howard Hughes

Aeon of Horus