Watergate was a media ritual in 1972, with the Washington Post, media actors Katherine Graham, Howard Hunt, James McCord (CIA), Doug Caddy of William F Buckley's YAF, jesuit Gordon Liddy, lawyer jesuit Daniel Sheehan and judge jesuit Eugene Sullivan.

Larry O Brien was an associate of Howard Hughes (Horus archetype). Katharine Graham was a member of the Trilateral Commission, attended Vassar College like her friend Jackie Kennedy, was closely associated with Yale and University of Chicago of Rockefellers. She was the daughter of Eugene Meyer (Federal Reserve, World Bank), brother of Bob Graham (CFR).

Katherine Graham was a friend of Truman Capote, who organized the Black and White ball for her in 1966.

Pluto (Shadow, dark secrets) and Uranus (alien, otherworldly) in Libra: The media created a mystery story of 5 plumbers (the plum is a masonic symbol) who break into the headquarter of the Democratic National Committee: James McCord, Virgilio Gonzalez, Frank Sturgis, Eugenio Martinez.

HR Haldeman and John Erlichman, the aides of Richard Nixon were indoctrinated with Christian Science.

Rose Mary Woods played the role of the High Priestess (Diana, Rosemary, Catherine, 1972 was year 2 the High Priestess).

Virginia Graham wrote Manson, Sinatra and Me.

Nixon's advisor Charles Colson was named as one of the Watergate 7. He was a member of Beta Theta Pi with dragon symbol, like Ken Kesey (MK Ultra), John McCloy, John Warner, George Pepper, Adam West, Jon Boles, Phil Brown, jesuit Jay Chandresekhar, Robert Reed, Charles Koch, Alan Ladd Jr and Owen Young. He founded the Prison Fellowship. His role in the Watergate ritual was the subject of movie Born Again, played by Dean Jones.

The ritual ended with the resigning of Nixon 8/9/1973 (date of 911 Sharon Tate ritual) to be replaced by Gerald Ford.

Watergate was a subject of movie Nixon of Oliver Stone (who also made JFK) with Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris.

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