Water is a compound of chemical elements Hydrogen and Oxygen, that works as an energetic matrix (aether). Its formula H²O indicates it has one Hydrogen atom (Hydra water snake, element nr 1) and two Oxygen atoms (element nr 8, the ox= the Osiris bull). It can exist in solid (ice), liquid, gas and plasma form. It represents passive, feminine energy (water=mater, downward pyramid symbol of a womb) as polar opposite of fire (active masculine energy, upward pyramid), yin in opposition to yang (in sexual union in the Star of David).

Hydrogen and oxygen are the most abundant elements in the universe and the human body.

It acts as a solvent and is diamagnetic (repelled by a magnetic field), while iron is attracted by a magnetic field. The earth has a pole with magnetic field (the bar of Isis, city Paris built on the Paris meridian) with north pole and south pole, tropic of cancer (blue) and capricorn (red). As a downward pyramid it represents a negativity trinity (sea=3d letter c)

Earth is an ark (a well=well being). It consists mostly out of salt and fresh water (including the ice caps on Groenland and Antarctica). Water acts like a blueprint for manifested reality. Baptism is a sacred ritual in gnosticism (John the Baptist), Christianity, Islam,..

Everything originates from the O, the circle (water in French=eau, word heart and earth), leading to words with ea: heat, heart, beat, lead, create, head, thread, dead, bleak, leak, seal, deal, heal, meal, real, weather, ..

Spiral=spiritual. The spiral (swirl of golden ratio, whirling of the world) energy of deep water in oceans (H³O instead of H²O, negative ions) and mineral springs has healing life energy and is deliberately poisoned through mercury poisoning and in rituals like fracking (companies like Blackwater) and the BP oil Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010 as dimensional portal for negative entities (announced in 2010 the Year We Make Contact). Lower beings target higher energy beings to steal their energy.

Souls (multidimensional energy), when they incarnate (descend downward in lower dimensions), are born (=orb, breaking of the water, baybe=bay of water) through a flux field of ions and 'locked up' in bodies (biological 'cells') of solid matter in the earthly realm with blood  mostly made of water (like earth) containing DNA. Through their body their field is then used as energy battery (magnetic + and - pole), enhanced through bad food (geneticly modified, with heavy metals) to become energy food.

Saturn has rings of ice (ice crystals have a hexagon shape), connected to the seven chakra's and seven sins (Sin=moon).  It tunes people into a false reality.

Heat can convert (melt) energy from solid matter to liquid, gaseous form and its quintessence (aether=heater) by making the structure of its atoms less dense (upward ascending movement). In the case of water,  it can melt ice to a liquid and dissolve water into air (water vapour, clouds). Cold freezes water into ice. Water flows in transverse waves (in contrast with longitudinal waves) and sinks to the lowest point.

Water falls produce negative ions.

The moon was brought into orbit to cause the flood and to conquer the organic feminine energy of earth and to replace it with the synthetic dark energy of Saturn in its female form (Isis queen of ice, Ishtar, Lilith). The moon rules the tide of the oceans on earth. The Saturn-moon matrix is designed as an artificial womb for soul harvest.

Emotion (E=5th letter, 5th element) is spiritual energy, sometimes expressed through tears (tearing the dimensional veil, ripple effect). Human energy is harvested through rigid mental doctrines and religious programs and systems like the financial system (monthly cycle of the moon), acting out of selfishness (alpha brain waves to act as alpha male, out of touch with water, cut off from essence), blaming others, causing and perpetuating suffering, identifying with dimension of the ego-mind-personality (God matrix), running away from trauma's and put emotional energy in projections (moon: reflection).

Water is the home of fishes. The Vesica Pisces is a symbol of sacred geometry used in Christianity (Mary=Mare, the sea). Plants and trees (Tree of Life pattern) need sunlight and water to grow (photosynthesis). In the weather cycle/circle, water precipitates and evaporates (rise and fall), the rain of the clouds and the rivers make the soil (expression of the soul of earth) fertile.

The body loses its waste products through urine (through the life giving genitals) containing phosphorus. Mineral water (brands Gerolsteiner, Evian, Perrier) contains salt, sulphur compounds, calcium, magnesium, potassium,..

History of water manipulation

The ancients knew carbon, sulfur, iron, copper, silver, gold, tin, lead and mercury (mostly metals). The Zodiac wheel is divided into 3 fire signs, 3 earth signs, 3 air signs and 3 water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, in Minor Arcana the Queen, Prince and Knight of Cups).

The Sumerians worshiped Mercury as Enki (Ea), the Egyptians (Khem, the Black Land) as Thoth. Aristotle divided the world into 4 elements water (liquid), earth (solid), fire (heat) and air (gas). The caduceus represents the life giving energy of whirling water.

The Egyptians worshiped Atum, born out of primordial water Nu (mm pattern of sign Aquarius). The interaction of earth and the sky was seen as the sexual union of Geb and Nuit. The aquatic temple of Enki became the aquatic temple of Osiris.

The 3 pyramids of Gizeh are a mirror image of the three stars of the belt of Orion. The pyramid shafts were aligned with Orion and Sirius as they served as a stargate, sexual union of the male and female to electrify the water (water containing ankh, life giving energy). There was an inner earth water source in Lybia (now controlled by NATO).

The yearly death-rebirth cycle of the sun, was synchronized with the death-rebirth cycle of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Sirius and Orion and the inundation cycle of the Nile, representing the river of life, the Milkyway.

The Phoenicians ruled the Mediterranean Sea and introduced maritime law. Archimedes wrote On Floating Bodies and On Spirals (used to square the circle).

Alchemists, the cult of Al/EL try to poison the oceans of earth with mercury. They experimented with aqua regia (royal water), a mix of nitric and hydrochloric acid to dissolve gold and platinum. The alchemical wedding=wetting.

Hebrew letter mem (one of the 3 mother letters with aleph and shin, associated with Tarot card the Hanged Man) means water, origin of the word memory. The Jordan in Israel was to the Jews what the Nile was to the Egyptian, a symbol of the River of Life.

The Romans used their irrigation system of aquaducts for lead poisoning.

Baptising rituals with Holy Water (from Holy Grail, holy well in Glastonbury's King Arthur mythology) were used in Christianity as symbol of spiritual rebirth and Luciferianism of the Cathars (worship of John the Baptist, ion field of the heart). Mary=mare, the sea. Christianity was a religion of water sign Pisces.

Pope Urban VIII (Barberini) ordered jesuit trained Evangelista Torricelli (student of Galileo Galilei) to study running water.

In freemasonry young initiates were called water boy and tasked to mop the floor. Most water is used in agriculture (the meat industry).

The British Empire gained power through the steam engine (heated water dropped from a high point to a low point, generating a wheel) and through its Navy. It had a monopoly on the tea trade.

The pirates of Francis Drake ruled the oceans with Saturnian Skull and Bones symbol. Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo.

1725 George I (House of Hanover) founds the Order of the Bath.

1738 Daniel Bernouilli (Royal Society) Hydrodynamica

1767 Joseph Priestly (friend of mason Benjamin Franklin) invents sparkling (carbonated=666) water.

1778 first bottle of Badoit.

1783 soft drink industry with Thomas Henry (Royal Society) and Johann Schweppe (soda drink Schweppes). William Ramsay (Order of the Bath) isolated helium, neon, krypton and xenon.

1840s California Gold Rush, with mercury poisoning in water as result.

1878 founding of Cosmos Club in Washington with geologists and members of US Navy, jesuits, S&B and National Geographic.

1881 first hydroelectric station at Niagara Falls.

1888 founding of Gerolsteiner Brunnen, providing water for the English Saxe-Coburgs and German immigrants in Chicago.

1898 Louis Perrier sells his spring to St John Harmsworth, brother of Lord Rothermere (Order of St John, WW1 propaganda).

1906 founding of the US Food and Drug Administration.

1912 the Titanic ritual (steam turbine invented by Charles Parsons), sacrifice (sacred fire and ice) to Isis queen of ice. Sigmund Freud's theory of the conscious and subconscious (active-passive, fire-water).

1930's Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt built the Hoover Dam (sacrifice of 112 men, water as dimensional portal, depictions of black sun, particle accelerator).

1937 discovery of superfluids (fluid with zero viscosity, no resistance to deformation) in helium-4. Oddfellow John Mulholland plays a role in the water wars of Los Angeles.

1945 fluoride is added to the public water supply. Percy Spencer (Royal Navy, Raytheon, MIT Radiation Laboratory) introduces the microwave oven to 'deaden' the water in food. Wilhelm Reich's research on cloud busters.

CERN tries to open the Abyss of Revelation 911 as a dimensional portal (Aquarius as return of Enki the Waterbringer).

Harold Urey (Cosmos Club) worked on creating 'heavy water' containing deuterium instead of hydrogen, through electrolysis. It was producing during the P-9 project of the Manhattan Project.

1947 techniques like hydraulic fracturing (fracking) were used, invented by Harold Hamm (campaign of Mormon Mitt Romney), Aubrey McClandon (NBA club Oklahoma City Thunder, the sport industry).

1948 chemical experiments at Edgewood Arsenal (EA) at Aberdeen Maryland.

1950s US Navy research on cybernetics (Ron Hubbard's Diabetics).

Umbrella symbolism is used in trauma based mind control (darkening and killing the water of the subconscious) to attach shadow beings (umbra: shadow).

1967 Raytheon introduces the microwave oven. Hans Jenny (follower of Theosophist Rudolf Steiner) publishes on cymatics.

1968 National Science Foundation starts the Deep Sea Drilling Project ('to prove the theory of plate tectonics'). The NSF funds diver Jacques Cousteau.

The US Environmental Protection Agency passed the Safe Drinking Water Act.

1970s Watergate ritual. Danone (partially owned by BlackRock) buys Evian.

1984 the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System project in Lybia (Muammar Gaddafi). Perrier is bought by corporation Nestlé, also the owner of Contrex, S. Pellegrino and Vittel.

1995 Waterworld Kevin Costner Dennis Hopper.

1996 founding of World Water Council in Marseille France with agents of the UN, World Bank, AquaFed, International Union for Conservation of Nature, founded by Julian Huxley (WWF). Erik Prince (US Navy) founds Blackwater (the war industry).

2004 Masaru Emoto The Hidden Messages of Water. Emoto was used in movie What the Bleep Do We Know?! (the New Age Church, Center for Inquiry as debunker) with JZ Knight and John Hagelin. He worked with Peter Sturrock (Stanford, CERN).

2005 Dark Water Jennifer Connelly.

2006 Coca Cola (666 logo) buys Apollinaris.

2008 Blue Gold: World Water Wars with World Future Council Maude Barlow and Vandana Shiva (Thrive), narrated by Malcolm McDowell.

2010 leaking of oil (hydrocarbon) during the BP oil spill ritual to distort the deep water energy of earth. clean water campaign with Matt Damon, Bono,..

2011 Fukoshima ritual in Japan to poison the oceans with nuclear waste. the Isis ritual with Jihadi John as John the Baptist figure.

2013 Diane von Furstenberg's campaign for Evian. In Nigeria the WHO makes fresh water only available to people with a RFID chip.

Internet of Things, data stored in the Cloud (water). internet meme=mem, water.

2017 death of Prince, water falls of Niagara colored purple for birthday Elizabeth II.