Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is the capital the United States, founded as the new Rome (Potamac river=Tiber creek). It has a population of 690.000 people. It is used as a center of the political puppet show with agents of the Left Wing and Right Wing Church, governed by freemasons and the Jesuits, who also control the Hollywood film industry, media industry and music industry.

The Colonna (Dupont, descendants of Roman emperor Julius Caesar) family also controls Columbia Pictures-Sony, Columbia University, Columbia Records, Colombia,.. Christopher Columbus was an agent of the House of Castile (Dominicans). Washing=universal solvent water, Mary. The dove (columbo) is an alchemical symbol of the washing-whitening stage, ruled by Venus the Lightbringer.

It contains the headquarters of Amazon, Atlantic Council, American Red Cross, American University of the Methodists, Brookings Institution, Business Council, Business Roundtable, Carnegie Institution, Cato Institute, CSIS, Environment Protection Agency, FBI, National Geographic, The Heritage Foundation, World Bank,..

It is located on a leyline of NY, Boston, Stonehenge,..

Like Rome (religion) and City London (St Paul's designed by Christopher Wren, capitalist financial system) it is a city state with obelisk to worship Baal that controls the war industry= Revelation 16 'and the Great City (Babylon) was divided in three parts'.

History of Washington DC

1764 American Revolution (masonic lodges of Philadelphia) starts at april 19, the date of sacrifice to Baal.

1776 Declaration of Independence during aphelion (independent from the sun) of Sirius in Philadelphia, with freemasons Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, jesuit Charles Carroll (cousin of John Carrol).

1777 George Washington meets with jesuit Marquis de Lafayette in Philadelphia.

1782 use of the Great Seal with eagle.

1789 jesuit and Archbishop of Baltimore John Carrol founds Georgetown University with eagle emblem.

George Washington as first US president. Washington was related to George Legge, 1st baron of Dartmouth, friend of British pm Lord North and member of the Society of the Cincinatti with jesuit Baron von Steuben. Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of Treasury (cousin of Alexander Hamilton who taught Sanskrit to Friedrich Schlegel). Lafayette designs the Declaration of Rights of Man with one eye pyramid symbol.

1790 Residence Act establishes Washington as capitol.

1791 mason Pierre L'Enfant (trinity father-mother-child with Rome and City of London) designs the city map of Washington (based on sacred geometry) with inverted pentagram (Goat of Mendes), Knights Templar cross, unicursal hexagram, square and compass (Saturnian Star of David) and owl and one eye pyramid symbol. His father worked for Louis XV, Holland Lodge No. 8. Lafayette Park named after jesuit Marquis Lafayette.

1793 construction of US Capitol Hill building (religion of capitalism, Capitol of Rome, cup of Isis and phallus of Osiris like St Peter's in Rome).

1799 death of George Washington, succeeded by John Adams (APS).

1800 Congress moves from NY and Philadelphia to Washington. Library of Congress.

1812 Burning of Washington (including collection of Library of Congress), war with Britain.

1821 founding of George Washington University.

1831 jesuit astronomer James Curley starts teaching at Georgetown.

1832 statue of George Washington in As Above So Below pose like Baphomet.

1846 founding of the Smithsonian Institution (Isis Horus Set black sun logo of the jesuits) with John Adams and Marquise Lafayette and the US National Museum.

1848 masonic ritual of first cornerstone of the Washington Memorial on july 4. The obelisk represents the phallus of Baal, column of power of the Colonna family.

1855 completion of the Smithsonian Institution Building (the Castle). opening of St Elizabeths hospital (Government Hospital for the Insane, the Mental Health Industry).

1861 American Civil War between northern and southern states, which results in the 2nd Industrial Revolution,  caused by the steam, rail and steel industry and mass production (Nouveau Riche of Mellon, Carnegie, Goldman, Rockefeller families). The US dollar became the main currency of the global financial system.

1865 masonic Killing of the King ritual with Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth (anti-Catholic Know Nothing or Native American Party like Albert Pike =Scottish Rite) at Ford Theater between obelisk and Capitol Hill (Charles Augustus Leale of Bellevue Hospital Medical College as the first doctor at the scene). Wilkes used the phrase Sic Semper Tyrannis, used in the assassination of Richard III, motto of Virginia (holds the Spear of Destiny=Shake-Speare).

1867 Howard University.

1871 Joseph Henry (Smithsonian) founds the Philosophical Society of Washington.

1878 John Wesley Powell founds the Cosmos Club (cc=33). Powell was part of the US Geological Survey with Henry Gannett (co-founder of the National Geographic).

1882 the Dupont (Colonna) circle. Lincoln Memorial.

1887 founding of Catholic University of America (Catholic Church, known as Little Rome). Gonzoga University of the jesuits.

1889 jesuit Edward Easton (Cosmos Club) founds Columbia Phonograph Company (later Columbia Records).

1893 American University of Methodists.

1896 first Episcopal bishop of Washington.  St Elizabeths houses animals of the Smithsonian, later brought to National Zoo.

1897 Trinity Washington University.

1905 Dominican House of Studies across Catholic University (area known as Edgewood).

1906 elite school The Madeira School.

1910 the Smithsonian establishes the National Museum of Natural History.

1911 House of the Temple (on map of DC at the top of the pyramid). founding of African-American pedophilia cult Omega Psi Phi at Howard University.

1917 propaganda office Committee on Public Information.

1922 Vannevar Bush founds Raytheon Company with hq in Arlington Virginia.

1923 US Naval Research Laboratory.

1930s Chinese immigration (Chinatown).

1931 masonic George Washington Monument.

1933 founding of the Business Council. Adolf Hitler's architect Albert Speer designs Germania, identical to Capitol Building. Batman franchise of DC Comics.

1941 9/11 start of building of the Pentagon (pentagram shaped like Villa Farnese, family that founded the jesuits). expansion of the population during WW2, urban renewal project, L'Enfant Plaza.

Like the nazi's in the concentration camps, St Elizabeths conducts research with mescaline and electroshocks during WW2.

William Alanson White (Cosmos Club) mentors Ron Hubbard (George Washington University, US Navy, Scientology, rituals Jack Parsons), LSD dealer Owsley Stanley, jesuit Anthony Kidman (father of Nicole Kidman who married Scientologist Tom Cruise)

1944 creation of the World Bank.

1945 inauguration of Harry Truman. creation of the IMF. Winfred Overholser programs Ezra Pound with insulin shock methods at St Elizabeths.

1946 the Smithsonian creates the National Air Museum near L'Enfant Plaza and the Smithsonian building, in collaboration with US Army and US Navy and the National Museum of American History (used as programming centers).

1947 the OSS and Georgetown Set becomes CIA.

1948 mind control experiments at Edgewood Arsenal Maryland (suburb of Washington).

1950 Project Bluebird in Bethesda Maryland (suburb of Washington).

1952 UFO psyop with Edward Ruppelt (Project Bluebook with Josef Allen Hynek) and Roger Ramey (Roswell incident ritual).

1959 NASA establishes the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland (Goddard was a friend of Oddfellow Charles Lindbergh).

1961 inauguration of JFK (Kennedys= Scottish Rite masons who work with the Disney's).

1963 Martin Luther King Jr media ritual (fake Civil Rights movement) at obelisk.

Katharine Graham (nicknamed Katharine the Great) as head of the Washington Post.

1964 Dr Strangelove or How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Bomb.

1967 St Elizabeths becomes part of the National Institute of Mental Health.

1968 Planet of the Apes franchise (Paul Dehn, trained at the Farm with MI6 agent Roald Dahl).

1969 inauguration of Richard Nixon. Ralph Gerard (Phi Lambda Phi, grandson of rabbi Yaakov Gesundheit, Edgewood Arsenal, Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences) founds the Society for Neuroscience in Washington.

1971 founding of Center for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown University. program Hardcore-Straight Edge with Ian McKaye and Henry Rollins (sexually abused, American University).

1972 The Washington Post starts the Watergate media ritual.

1973 Jesuit Edwin Feulner founds The Heritage Foundation with David Brock, Midge Rosenthal Decter, Roger Pearson (WACL),...

The Exorcist (demon Pazazu=Baphomet) jesuit William Peter Blatty (announcing Antichrist William).

1974 the Mormons open their Washington DC Temple. founding of the Business Roundtable (Raytheon, IBM,..).

1976 opening of the new National Museum of American History with Michael Collins (Colonna) as director. It contains the George Washington statue in Baphomet pose, the Apollo 11 module (moon landing of NASA), model of the USS Enterprise of Star Trek, an ambulance of the Red Cross and the Dumbo attraction of Disneyland. Its Lemelson Foundation collaborates with MIT. Sun Myung Moon (Unification Church) gives speeches at Washington.

1982 Unification Church founds The Washington Times (the Right Wing Church) with staff of The Washington Star. The UC is linked to the Heritage Foundation through Victims of Communism.

1987 founding of The Carlyle Group. Martin Harwit (Cornell) as director of the National Air and Space Museum, produces Blue Planet (collaboration with IMAX and Lockheed) and Cosmic Voyage (narrated by Morgan Freeman). John Hinckley (assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan) is treated at St Elizabeths.

1988 Franklin scandal psyop of The Washington Times with disinfo about satanism and pedophilia about a child prostitution ring

1990s hardcore punk scene of Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Scream with Dave Grohl, Black Flag with Henry Rollins,..

1993 opening of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum with Eli Wiesel, with hexagonal hall (symbol of Saturn) near the obelisk, in collaboration with the Smithsonian.

1995 Fritz Springmeier names the DC area as one of the main programming centers in The Illuminati Formula. Cathy O'Brien names the National Air and Space Museum as programming center.

Lockheed Martin (the War Industry) hq at Bethesda Maryland.

1996 Independence Day Will Smith. Cathie Black (Trinity Washington University) as chairman of Hearst Magazines (mind controlled celebrities in Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan).

1997 Robert Zemeckis Contact end scene in Washington (Diana and Charles married at St Paul's). 24h in Cyberspace exhibition at the National Museum of American History. Roy Bridges (BSA, Langley research Center) as director of KSC.

2000 Million Family March, sponsored by Unification Church and Nation of Islam.

2001 the 911 Twin Towers ritual, false flag attack on The Pentagon (jesuit general David Wherley).

2003 Cristian Samper (Wildlife Conservation Society), as director of National Museum of Natural History.

2004 Minority Report with Tom Cruise (Born on the 4th of July).

2005 jesuit Christine Gregoire as governor of Washington.

2009 inauguration of Barack Obama (announced by Denzel Washington) and jesuit Joe Biden.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (fallen angels, Lucifer, Nephilim, one eye pyramid symbolism, franchise of Hasbro) Shia LaBeouf Megan Fox  John Turturro Ramon Rodriguez (Wheeling University of jesuits) scene at National Air and Space Museum with Enola Gay (atom bomb).

Dan Snyder of the Washington Redskins worked with Barry Diller, Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner. Georgetown jesuit Ted Leonsis (the sport industry) owns the Washington Wizards who play at Verizon Center (Saturn logo).

2014 Captain America Winter Soldier.

2016 Pizzagate psyop with Comet Ping Pong on Connecticut Avenue, John Podesta (trained at Georgetown) and Tony Podesta. James Alefantis was described by Time and GQ as an influential person in the Democratic Party and had a relationship with David Brock of Media Matters for America (gay agenda with EqualMatters).

2017 inauguration jesuit Donald Trump, fake Women's March (the Feminist Church, pink programming) with Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson,...

2019 Angel Has Fallen (fallen angel Lucifer).

2021 the Capitol attack farce (Qanon psyop) with Nancy Pelosi (trained at catholic Trinity Washington University.

United States