The Warburg family is a family of jewish German investment bankers, descendants of jewish Venetian del Banco family (Black Nobility) who moved to Warburg (Westphalia). They played a role in creating the Federal Reserve and Atlantik-Brücke. Like the Rothschild and Schiff family, they push Illuminati agenda's.

Moses Marcus Warburg founded M.M. (=33) Warburg & Co in 1798. Like the Rothschilds, they had ties to the Italian banking family Torlonia.

Siegmund Warburg married Théophilie Rosenberg (Bohemian rosicrucians).

His grandson Simon George Warburg founded SG Warburg & Co in London (connected to MI6 and Hialmar Schacht).

In 1911 Otto Warburg became president of the World Zionist Organisation.

Paul Warburg founded the Federal Reserve with Nelson Aldrich and married Nina Loeb. He and Frankfurt banker Jacob Schiff worked at Kuhn Loeb & Co with British agent Otto Kahn and funded the Russian Revolution to impose Marxism in Russia. Max Warburg represented Germany at the Paris Peace Conference, Paul Warburg represented the US. He served on the board of IG Farben. Like Edward and Frederick Warburg he was educated at Middlesex School (Henry Cabot Lodge Jr, Edward, William von Meister, William Hurt, Steve Carell, Kevin Systrom of Instagram) in Massachusetts.

With Jacob Schiff and Isaac Seligman he founded the New York Foundation with David Heyman, Henry Fairfield Osborne, Arthur Sulzberger,.. It funded Neurological Institute of NY, NY Heart Association, Howard University, NAACP, Congress of Racial Equality, The New School, American Prison Association, NY State Psychiatric Institute, National Association of Mental Health, Maimonides Medical Center, Jazzmobile, Albert Einstein College of Medicine,..

NY banker Felix Warburg (Kuhn Loeb & Co) funded the Metropolitan Museum of Art, married the daughter of Jacob Schiff and granddaughter of Solomon Loeb. Their daughter married the son of Simon Rothschild.

Paul, Felix and Simon Rothschild were all members of the Congregation Emanu-El like Joseph Seligman, Adolf Ochs (The NY Times), Walter Lippmann, Joan Rivers, Jeff Zucker (NBC), Alan Greenberg, Solomon Loeb, Lyman Bloomingdale, David Sarnoff (RCA), Michael Bloomberg,..

Otto Heinrich Warburg worked at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (funded by Rockefeller Foundation) and was given the Nobel Prize of Physiology or Medicine in 1939.

Gerald Warburg married the daughter of jesuit Condé Nast (Vogue).

Daphne Warburg married the son of Jakie Astor.

Sidney Warburg wrote 'Hitler's secret backers' in 1933, promoted by Knight of Malta Franz Von Papen.

James Warburg was advisor of Franklin Roosevelt, a member of the CFR and the Century Group with Allen Dulles (CIA, CFR), Dean Acheson (Georgetown Set, Scroll & Key, Secretary of State, World Bank), Ernest Hopkins (Dartmouth College) and Henry Sloan Coffin (cousin of William Sloane Coffin). He was married to Kay Swift, a composer of Radio City Music Hall of Rockefeller Center, part of the Tin Pan Alley music publishers network in NY with Johnny Mercer, Budd DeSilva who started Capitol Records (=Capitol of Rome).

Felicia Schiff Warburg was married to Robert Sarnoff, son of David Sarnoff (Philips Academy, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, RCA and NBC).

Andrea Warburg married Sidney Kaufman.

Frederic Warburg worked for the British MI6 propaganda service Information Research Department (founded in 1946) and published the works of George Orwell and Fabian HG Wells (announcement of the world state in The New World Order). He also published Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, co-written by Rudolf Hess.

In 1952 Eric Warburg co-founded the Atlantik-Brücke.

In 1963 James Warburg funded the Institute of Policy Studies of Marcus Raskin (aide of McGeorge Bundy S&B, Ford Foundation) and Richard Barnet (aide of John McCloy, Ford Foundation). Noam Chomsky (RESIST with William Sloane Coffin and Allen Ginsberg) worked for the IPS.

In the early 70's Ronald Grierson, the director of SG Warburg was Director-General of Industry in the European Commission. They funded the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry with CIA front the Rockefeller Foundation.

Jane Green Warburg wrote for Cosmopolitan of Hearst, The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, and covered the William and Catherine wedding.

Ken Juster (CFR, TC, Under Secretary of Commerce under George W Bush) later worked at Warburg Pincus.

Marie Warburg (AB) is married to Michael Naumann, who worked for Der Spiegel and Die Zeit and became Secretary of Culture.

Daphne Warburg married Jakie Astor.

In 1985 EM Warburg invested in company Mattel (Barbie dolls).

SG Warburg was renamed UBS Warburg in 1995.

Timothy Geithner (CFR, TC, RAND, Group of Thirty, Federal Reserve NY, Secretary of Treasury under Barack Obama) is president of Warburg Pincus.


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