Walter Lippmann

Walter Lippmann was a jewish advisor of Woodrow Wilson. He was educated at elite school Sachs Collegiate Institute (Goldman Sachs) and Harvard under William James (TS), George Santayana and Graham Wallas (Fabian Society, LSE). His fellow students were Gertrude Stein (patron of Pablo Picasso), WEB Du Bois (The New School, NAACP), Felix Frankfurter (American Civil Liberties Union) and Max Eastman (ACCF). His teacher George Santayana was a close friend of the Russell family (Bertrand Russell, S&B) and also the teacher of Zionist Horace Kellen.

Like Santayana, he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He was a member of the Emanu-El Congregation of NY like Joseph Seligman, Simon Rothschild, Adolf Ochs (The NY Times), Paul and Felix Warburg, Joan Rivers, Jeff Zucker (NBC), Alan Greenberg, Solomon Loeb, Lyman Bloomingdale, David Sarnoff (RCA), Michael Bloomberg.

He founded the Intercollegiate Socialist Society in 1904 with Upton Sinclair, Clarence Darrow (ACLU) and Jack London (Bohemian Club, eugenics advocate, San Francisco Examiner of Hearst).

He founded leftist magazine The New Republic in 1914, with Herbert Croly (CCNY, Harvard, wife worked for The NY Times) and Walter Weyl (son trained at LSE). It was funded by Dorothy Payne Whitney (S&B family). It was pro Stalin and from 1948 had Henry Wallace (33d vice-president) as editor. It published Dorothy Parker, Harold Laski (Zionist, The New School, Harvard, LSE), Midge Rosenthal Decter and Arthur Garfield Hays (ACLU).

He worked with Mabel Dodge in Greenwich Village.

He wrote Public Opinion in 1922, a year before Edward Bernays' Crystalizing Public Opinion and The Phantom Public in 1925.

He was a member of the New York Socialist Party, CFR and the Mont Pelerin Society with William F Buckley Jr and Norman Thomas. He coined the term 'stereotypes' (used in the Multiculti Church) and 'Cold War' (media scare of Russia).

The New Republic also published Delmore Schwartz.

In the 60's his Intercollegiate Socialist Society became the Students for a Democratic Society with jesuit Michael Harrington and Tom Hayden, married to Jane Fonda, who participated in the Chicago 7 media ritual with Abbie Hoffman and Bobby Seale of the Black Panthers).

The CIA provocateur agents of the Weather Underground Organisation were a Greenwich Village offshoot of the Students for a Democratic Society (Bernardine Dohrn, Susan Rosenberg) and worked with the Black Panther Party and CIA agent Timothy Leary. They applauded the Sharon Tate murders of Charles Manson in a speech.

He was mentioned in a song of Phil Ochs (Greenwich Village, Youth International Party of Abbie Hoffman).

His daughter Evelyn Dewey was involved in the Women's Trade Union League.

The New Republic was later bought by Chris Hughes of Facebook, trained at The New School and by Win McCormack (Center for American Progress).

born 9/23/1889.

died 12/14/1974.

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