Wall Street

Wall Street is a street in the financial district of New York, that serves as a center of the corrupt capitalist financial system. The district contains the NASDAQ, the Wall Street Journal, headquarters of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bear Stearns, Merril Lynch and Deutsche Bank. The bull of Wall Street represent modern worship of Baal-Moloch.

History of Wall Street

1600s The Dutch colonists found New Amsterdam.

1664 British colonists rename the city New York.

1703 the Federal Hall is built.

1730 During the Atlantic slave trade, King George II (House of Hannover) creates a slave market at Wall Street (wall=symbol of Saturn, planet of restriction and control). The Bank of England in the City of London is the leading financial center.

1792 opening of the New York Stock Exchange. Buttonwood Agreement, securities are traded by registered brokers (competition with financial center in Philadelphia).

1837 Samuel Morse launches the telegraph.

1884 Charles Dow starts trading stocks, introduces the Dow Jones Average, a system for tracking market activity. Thomas Edison (TS) provides electricity in NY.

1910 founding of Salomon Brothers.

1913 the Federal Reserve is created.

1929 Great Depression.

1933 Glass-Steagall Act, seperation of deposit banking from investment banking.

1949 Richard Donchian founds Futures Inc (system of limits and stop-loss orders).

1967 Abbie Hoffman publicity stunt.

1971 launching of the NASDAQ, owned by Nasdaq Inc. Michael Bloomberg works for Salomon Brothers.

1985 Ray Dalio as CIO of Bridgewater Associates. John Guttfriend (Lawrenceville School, Salomon Brothers) is nicknamed the King of Wall Street.

1987 Wall Street Charlie Sheen Michael Douglas. Black Monday.

1991 Warren Buffett as chairman of Salomon Brothers.

1997 Asian financial crisis.

1998 collapse of hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management Group, Salomon Brothers (Building 7 as headquarter) merges with Citigroup.

1999 Rage Against the Machine music video of Sleep in the Fire filmed by Michael Moore at Wall Street (predictive programming of Donald Trump as president). Repealing of the Glass-Steagall Act, no more separation between deposit and investment banking.

2008 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers causes financial crisis. Bernie Madoff (ex-president of NASDAQ) media ritual.

2011 fake protests of Occupy Wall Street (slogan We Are the 99%) on 9/17 (Batman Day) organised by Adbusters, associated with fake anarchist David Graeber (Philips Academy), Chris Hedges (RT), Slavoj Zizek, climate activist Bill McKibben, Matt Taibi of Rolling Stone, Simon Critchley and Douglas Rushkoff (The New School), given extra publicity by Jay-z, Kanye West, Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine),..

2012 The Dark Knight Rises Bane (Tom Hardy) attacks the NYSE of Wall Street.

2013 Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo di Caprio as Jordan Belfort, Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill.

2014 jesuit Tom Farley as president of the New York Stock Exchange.

2017 Adena Friedman (The Carlyle Group) as CEO of Nasdaq Inc.


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