Vladimir Nabokov

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov was a Russian-American propaganda writer, used to push the pedophilia agenda in the nihilist program Modernism. He was educated at Cambridge. He worked for Playboy and was professor of Russian literature at Cornell University. His grandfather Dimitry Nabokov was a mason and Minister of Justice under Alexander II Holstein-Romanov. His father, also named Vladimir Nabokov, was a mason and assassinated on 3/28/1922 by Piotr Chabelsky-Bork (Aufbau Vereinigung with Alfred Rosenberg). He worked with Michael Josselson, Henry Murray and WH Auden at the Morale Operations of the O.S.S. of William Donovan (later CIA). His cousin Nikolaj Nabokov worked for Josselson's CIA front Congress for Cultural Freedom with Bertrand Russell and the Ballets Russes with Igor Stravinsky (controversy as marketing technique). In 1955 he published the novel Lolita (Lilith). It was promoted in The Sunday Times by Graham Greene.

The Sunday Times also employed MI6 agent Ian Fleming and used Monarch slave Jean Shrimpton. Greene was the cousin of MI6 agent Christopher Isherwood who helped creating a gay scene in Berlin. The British edition was published by Zionist George Weidenfeld (BBC, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, married to Sandra Payson Whitney), who founded Grove Press with Ann Getty. Grove Press published Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, William Burroughs' Naked Lunch and Eugene Ionesco.

He had an obsession with butterflies (Monarch butterfly symbolism). He translated Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland in Russian.

Like Samuel Beckett, William Burroughs, Terry Southern (screenwriter of Dr Strangelove, Polanski movie The Magic Christian) and Crowley-follower Alexander Trocchi (friend of LSD dealer Michael Hollingshead who supplied LSD to Burroughs and Polanski) he was published by Olympia Press of Maurice Gauridias. Olympia Press used Harriet Sohmers (relationship with Susan Sontag) as translator.

His other publisher James Laughlin (New Directions Publishing) was educated at Le Rosey and published Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams and Tennessee Williams. He was a friend of Gertrude Stein.

He promoted Ulysses of James Joyce.

He died in 1977, the year Roman Polanski raped and sodomised Samantha Gailey, a 13y old girl in bath in the house of Jack Nicholson on Mulholland Drive, close to where the Rev 911 murder of his wife took place in 1969, 8y earlier (John Mulholland born 911). It was also the house of Anjelica Huston, daughter of John Huston, friend of the Black Dahlia killer George Hodell.

MK Ultra slave Marilyn Monroe played 'Lolita' in 'Let's make love'. Lolita was marketed as a trope in pop culture in Japan.

born 4/22/1899, date Jack Nicholson, Vladimir Lenin.

died 7/2/1977, 1 day after birth Liv Tyler.

Nabokov in pop culture

1962 Lolita Stanley Kubrick Sue Lyon (University High School) James Mason Shelley Winters (The New School) Peter Sellers (relationship with wife of Lou Adler) pink programming MGM
1997 Lolita Jeremy Irons