Video game

Video game  is a weapon of mass distraction of the Saturn cult in alliance with the media, the war industry,  porn industry, Transhumanist Church, to create extra layers of control and manipulation (pineal gland symbolism, Saturn matrix). In Greece Olympic gaming=gay men. It represents a simulation- false reality created by the gnostic Demiurg. Video games are mainly produced in US and Japan.

History of video games

1889 Nintendo playing cards company.

1950 Norbert Wiener develops cybernetics, Ron Hubbard develops Dianetics.

1958 Brookhaven National Laboratory creates Tennis for Two.

1959 Nintendo starts working with Disney, involved in MK Ultra mind control (MouseKeteers of the Mickey Mouse Club).

1961 Spacewar! of MIT.

1968 Sword of Damocles of Ivan Sutherland (MIT, Caltech, University of Utah). RAND Corporation game theory of John Forbes Nash.

1972 Atari game Pong. arcades =Arcadia land of Pan. Magnavox (later Philips) game console Odyssey (2001 A Space Odyssey).

1974 Nintendo game Wild Gunman.

1977 VR research at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

1978 Space Invaders (based on War of the Worlds)

1979 Eric Howlett's Large Expansive Extra Perspective system. Philip K Dick's novel Maze of Death.

1980s rise of internet. Nintendo Game & Watch. Namco game Pacman. CIA uses Atari games to train soldiers. legend of Polybius mimcing LSD trip.

1981 Donkey Kong. Castle Wolfenstein (castle programming, year of ritual of Michael Aquino at Wewelsburg castle) Muse Software (RobotWar, Titan Empire) based in Baltimore Maryland, concept of stealth (undetected) game play.

1983 David Cronenberg's Videodrome Brian O'Blivion based on Marshall McLuhan. War Games Matthew Broderick Walter Parkes (Men in Black, Dreamscape Immersive).

1984 Jack Tramiel (Holocaust survivor as victim of Josef Mengele in Auschwitz, Commodore International) founds Atari Corporation. I, Robot.

1985 new LEEP system of Scott Fisher (Atari) at NASA's Ames Research Centre in Silicon Valley. Jaron Lanier (Atari of Nolan Bushnell, Mormon Church) co-founds VPL Research to produce Virtual Reality goggles and wired gloves. Lanier is a member of the Global Business Network of Peter Schwartz (SRI International) and Stewart Brand.

Atari's personal computer. Nintendo Entertainment System. Tetris. Nintendo game Super Mario Bros (magic mushrooms, Mushroom Kingdom= MK Ultra dissociation, tunnels of the qlippoth).

1986 Christopher Weaver founds Bethesda Software (Lockheed Martin and Project Bluebird in Bethesda Maryland, rainbow logo). The Legend of Zelda. Dragon Quest.

1987 Acclaim Entertainment (rainbow logo, collaborated with Haim Saban) in Glenn Cove NY (the Nine). Infocom The Lurking Horror (based on HP Lovecraft).

1989 Nintendo's Game Boy (child used by pedophiles) and Power Glove, manufactured by Mattel (Barbie), promoted in The Wizard with Fred Savage. Michael J Fox plays Wild Gunman in Back to the Future 2.

1991 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game Sonic the Hedgehog (ultrasonic frequencies of MK Ultra), Dr Eggman Robotnik as villain. Gulf War in Iraq, broadcast non-stop by CNN, called 'the video game war'.

1992 Midway Games Mortal Kombat (MK Ultra, for Nintendo Ultra 64) jesuit trained Ed Boon NetherRealmSudios (Warner Bros) Shaolin monks like Wu Tang Clan Enter the 36 Chambers. Wolfenstein 3D (first-person shooter) of id Software.

Capcom Street Fighter II the World Warrior. Iraq war broadcast on CNN, nicknamed 'the video game war".

1993 id Software Doom John Cormack (CTO of Oculus), moons of Mars as portal to Hell, used to program the shooters of Columbine High School. Joe Lieberman (friend of Knight of Malta William Buckley) David Walsh (WHO) as antagonists of video game industry. FIFA International Soccer. Super Mario Bros (reptilians, tunnels as dimensional portals) Bob Hoskins John Leguizamo Dennis Hopper Samantha Mathis Lance Henriksen Disney.

Sony Playstation. Louis Rosenberg founds Immersion Corporation, works with Nintendo.

1994 DreamHack events. Lockheed Martin and General Electrics develop Sega Model 2 and 3.

1995 Mortal Kombat Paul Anderson (Resident Evil) Christopher Lambert (married to Diane Lane and Sophie Marceau) Bridgette Wilson (Miss Universe, married to Pete Sampras).

1996 Nintendo game Pokémon.

1999 Mortal Kombat Gold Dreamcast.

2000 Playstation 2.

2001 Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto III. Tomb Raider Angelina Jolie.

2003 Activision Call of Duty.

2005 Bethesda Softworks Call of Ctulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (Lovecraft). 50 Cent Bulletproof Vivendi Universal Games Terry Winter. Ghostbusters the Video Game.

2006 Nintendo introduces the Wii. Wii Sports.

2009 Spencer Halpin Moral Kombat.

2011 Mojang Studios (Microsoft) game Minecraft. Fortnite of Epic Games  (Tim Sweeney, Tencent)

Charles Hamilton (Interscope) programmed with Sonic.

2012 The Walking Dead.

2014 Video Games Sean Astin. Wolfenstein the New Order (New World Order, red eye symbolism) Bethesda Softworks Brian Bloom (TMNT, Captain America, Dollhouse, Oz, The A-Team, Vampirella, character of Forrest J Ackerman) Nina Franoszek (The Pianist of Roman Polanski, Patty Duke in Beyond the Sea) as Frau Engel (League of German Girls) Gideon Emery (Mossad=Gideon's spies, played Victor von Doom, Moon Knight)

2017 Jumanji. Wolfenstein II the New Colossus (giants, full moon symbolism) for Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch, XBox, references to Haunebu-V (Die Glocke), Roswell and Area 51 (linked in books like Joseph P Farrell's Roswell and the Reich) Gideon Emery Peter Macon (Kingdom of Planet of the Apes), year of Unite the Right rally. Ghost Recon T.I.

2019 Alternate Reality Game Qanon.

2020 Sonic the Hedgehog Jim Carrey as mad scientist Robotnik James Marsden Tika Sumpter Neil McDonough.

Cyberpunk 2077 (video game, transgenders, copy minds through neural links=Elon musk's Neuralink) Gavin Drea as V Keanu Reeves Grimes.

Virtual reality

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