Victor Hugo

Victor-Marie Hugo was a French propaganda writer and mason, used in program Romanticism. His patron was Louis XVIII Bourbon. In 1831 he wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame (church with gargyoles, built by Knights Templar) with characters Quasimodo (=the Fool), Esmeralda (= emerald tablet of Thoth) and alchemist Claude Frolio. The Notre-Dame was dedicated to Virgin Mary and the location of the coronation of Henry VI Lancaster and Napoléon. In 1862 he wrote Les Misérables about the 1832 June Rebellion (subject of social injustice as populist propaganda). In 1869 he wrote The Man Who Laughs during his Jersey Exile (after Napoleon III became king).

The work tells of a secret association in Spain, of nomads named the Comprachicos, who existed in the 14th and 15th Centuries. They would kidnap children, or buy children from people forced into a life of poverty. They would take these children and, through body manipulation and/or psychological torture, turn them into circus oddities, for the benefit of the Nobility.

Mark Twain wrote a parody of The Man Who Laughs, equating the protagonist Gwynplaine with Andrew Johnson, vice-president of Abraham Lincoln (shot in theater).

The Hunchback of Notre Dame mentions alchemist Nicolas Flamel.

He was a member of the Parisian Club des Hashishiens (experiments with hashish) with Jacques-Joseph Moreau (Hashish and Mental Illness), Arthur Rimbaud, Honoré de Balzac, Gérard de Nerval (Romanticism), Alexandre Dumas, Théophile Gautier (theory of modernism with mason John Ruskin), Paul Verlaine, jesuit Eugène Delacroix, jesuit Charles Baudelaire (Decadance movement)

He was a friend of Franz Liszt. Auguste Rodin made a portrait of him. He was a member of the Académie Française, established by Cardinal Richelieu.

He was in contact with Louise Michel, a fake anarchist used during the Paris Commune.

His brother Abel Hugo married Julie de Montferrier who had studied with Jacques-Louis David.

He wrote Ninety Three about the French Revolution in 1793 (93 is the most important number in Crowley's Thelema).

He was used in Pierre Plantard's Priory of Sion hoax.

born 2/26/1802.

Dom: Pluto (conspiracy theories).

died 5/22/1885.

Victor Hugo in popular culture

1897 short film of the Lumière brothers.

1917 Les Misérables film of Frank Lloyd, produced by William Fox.

1923 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Universal Pictures Lon Chaney Ernest Torrence (Hook in Peter Pan).

1928 The Man Who Laughs was made into a film with Conrad Veidt and Mary Philbin.

1935 Les Misérables Frederic March

1937 Les Misérables Orson Welles.

1939 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Maureen O'Hara RKO.

1940 first appearance of Batman's nemesis the Joker (the Fool, the Wildcard), based on The Man Who Laughs.

Hugo Strange is a Batman character in Arkham Asylum.

1947 Black Dahlia ritual, Elizabeth Short is found with Glasgow smile.

1952 Les Misérables 20th Century Fox Debra Paget Sylvia Sydney (The Omen II)

1956 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Anthony Quinn Gina Lollobrigida Boris Vian.

1966 The Man Who Laughs MGM Lisa Gastoni as Lucrezia Borgia.

1967 Like Jean Cocteau, Hugo based part of this story on Beauty and the Beast. In L'Or du Rennes (alchemical gold) disinfo agent Pierre Plantard named Hugo and Cocteau as members of the Priory of Sion, with Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton as members.

1969 100 years after The Man Who Laughs, Sharon Tate was found in the Hanged Man position (associated with Christ), smiling (the 911 Sharon Tate ritual).

1975 The Story of Adèle H. Isabelle Adjani as Adèle Hugo.

1976 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Warren Clarke (A Clockwork Orange)

1978 Les Misérables produced by Lew Grade Anthony Perkins Angela Pleasence (daughter of Donald Pleasance) Ian Holm.

1982 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Anthony Hopkins Derek Jacobi (gay agenda) Tim Piggot-Smith.

1995 Les Misérables Jean-Paul Belmondo

1996 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney Tom Hulce Demi Moore Kevin Kline Kirk Wise (Beauty and the Beast).

1997 The Hunchback Richard Harris Salma Hayek.

1998 Les Misérables Liam Neeson (Batman trilogy) Geoffrey Rush Claire Danes Uma Thurman (Batman and Robin)

2000 Les Misérables Gérard Depardieu John Malkovich Virginie Ledoyen Asia Argento Jeanne Moreau Charlotte Gainsbourg.

2002 The Hunchback of Notre Dame II Disney Jennifer Love Hewitt Haley Joel Osment.

2003  Dan Brown uses the Priory of Sion hoax as plot element in The Da Vinci Code, linked to holy grail myths (Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's Holy Blood Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner Bloodline of the Holy Grail) and Rennes-le-Chateau (inverted pentagram, Joker Heath Ledger died in Five Points).

2006 The Da Vinci Code movie of Ron Howard  with Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou, with the Louvre in Paris as setting as location of murder in a pentagram.

The Black Dahlia Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight) Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett watch The Man Who Laughs.

(2011 Hugo of Martin Scorcese Ben Kingsley as George Meliés)

2012 Les Misérables Russell Crowe Hugh Jackman Anne Hathaway (Dark Knight Rises) Amanda Seyfried Eddie Redmayne Helena Bonham-Carter Sacha Baron Cohen (Hugo)

The Man Who Laughs Gérard Depardieu Emmanuelle Seigner (wife of Polanski).

the Joker