Venice is a city in Northern Italy. The Venetians were descendants of sea faring Phoenicians (cult of Venus the Lightbringer Lucifer the Morning Star). Venus rules love, feminine beauty, sweetness and money.  In Egypt Isis, in Babylon Ishtar was association with lions (lionsgate of Nebuchadnezzar II)=> winged lion of St Mark (cardinal sign Leo). Important Venetian families: Moro, Loredan, Barbo, Faliero, Fascari, Giustiniani, Dandolo, Venier, Morosini, Mocenigo, Cappello, Zorzi, Da Ponte, Bono-Giusto, Cornaro (Roman Patrician family Cornelia), Orseolo (bear symbol), Salamon, Bembo, Brandolini d'Adda, Conti/Contini, Casanova,..

History of Venice

400 Roman family Moro (origins in Mauritania Morocco, Albinus Maurus) founds Venice.

726 the Doge as leader of Venice (cap based on white crown of Egypt). revolt against Byzantine Empire. Marriage of the Sea (Isis-Mary) ceremony on Ascension Day.

810 Republic of Venice. relics of St Mark the Evangelist bought from Alexandria. in rivalry with other maritime empires Genua and Pisa.

rise of Black Venetians or Black Nobility (Colonna, Sforza, de Medici, Torlonia, Saccheti, Borghese, Chigi, Giustiani, Aldobrandini, Conti, Orsini, Pallavicini with  double-headed eagle symbol).

1000 Venice is one of the largest cities of Europe with 60.000 inhabitants. Loredan family gains wealth through spice and silk trade and slave trade with North Africa.

1094 St Mark's Basilica (with Loredan coat of arms), attached to the Doge's Palace (dome/cup and phallus, Venice=vagina-penis).

1162 carnaval (veil of the flesh) festival with masks (code of secrecy).

1172 Great Council.

1202 Fourth Crusade, conquest of Constantinople.

1205 Candia family of Savoy rules Venetian colony Crete. Black Venetians have a monopoly on sugar (Venus is associated with sweetness). The Knights Templar acquired sugar during the crusaders, imported it from Tyre (Phoenicia).

1256 wars with Genua.

1268 Doge Lorenzo Tiepolo establishes the jewish 'ghetto' in Venice.

1277 Genoese trade with Bruges Flanders (called Venice of the North).

1300 Marco Polo visits Mongol Empire China (Yuan dynasty of Kublai Khan).

conflict between Ghibeline (Hohenstaufen) and papal Guelph (red cross) faction.

1307 Ottopasso De Preposulo negotiates peace between Guelphs and Ghibelines. Palaiologos dystany rules Constantinople.

1376 Pietro Cornaro as Lord of Argos (Greece). Cornaro's use Arab slaves on their sugar plantations on Cyprus.

1431 pope Eugene IV (rival of the Colonna's) writes a papal bull to establish jewish ghetto's in Europe. He appointed Lawrence Justinian as bishop and Nicholas V as cardinal.

1453 fall of Constantinople. John Argyropoulos translates Greek texts into Latin and moved to Italy where he teaches German kabbalist Johann Reuchlin, Leonardo da Vinci, Pietro and Lorenzo Medici.
1464 The Venetian Pope Paul 2 (Pietro Barbo, nephew of Eugene IV) lets jews participate in the horse races of Carnaval.

1466 The Venetians build a Stairs of the Giants.

1472 Cristofo Moro as Doge.

1482 Venice as printing capitol of the world with printers as Aldus Manutius (the Phoenicians spread the first bibles), a friend of Pico della Mirandola, who prints ancients Greek texts of Aristotle, Aristophanes, Euripides (translated by Erasmus) and Dante Alighieri.. Giustiani descendants of emperor Justinian I (Olimpia Giustiani married Maffeo Barberini-Colonna).

The Barbo family becomes the Barbo von Waxenstein family in Carniola (Austria-Hungary of Habsburgs).

1499 Venetian printer Aldus Manutius publishes Hypnoerotimachia Poliphilio (The Dream of Polyphilius, name Thelema, later used by François Rabelais and Aleister Crowley) of Dominican monk Francesco Colonna .

1508 War of the Holy League, victory over the papal states.

1516 Doge Leonardo Loredan, married to Morosina Giustiniani, establishes the jewish ghetto. Dominican Agustino Giustiniani visits Erasmus in Holland.

1532 first printing of the Babylonian Talmud. The Loredans and Eugene IV act as patrons of Venetian school of painters Titian (Venus of Urbino, Salome with the head of John the Baptist), Giovanni Bellini,  Paolo Veronese,.. during the so-called Renaissance (Medici's in Florence, Sforza's in Milan).

1540 founding of the jesuit order.

1546 Rosicrucian movement in Venice.

1566 the jewish Venetian del Banco family moves to Warburg (Westphalia Germany), becomes the Warburg family.

1571 Holy League (Sebastiano Venier) defeats Ottoman Empire.

1578 after the death of his first wife Joana Habsburg, Francesco I de Medici marries Bianca Capello-Morosini.

1598 William Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice. The Lombard banks start working with Hamburg and Amsterdam.

1602 founding of Dutch East India Company (VOC, modeled after the opium trading British East India Company) with hq in Amsterdam, slave trade in Indonesia, start of modern capitalism. Family of Frederick V flees to Holland. Armenian trader family Sceriman. Rabbi's Leone de Modena and Simone Luzzato. Charles de Lorme introduces the plague doctor mask.

1607 Claudio Monteverdi (master of the chapel in basilica of San Marco) opera L'Orfeo (Orpheus going to underworld), dedicated to Francesco Gonzoga-Medici, brother of cardinal and Knight of Malta Ferdinand I Gonzoga. The opera genre spreads to the rest of Italy, France, Germany and UK.

1618 Thirty Years' War, dutch troops spread bubonic plague in Venice (concept of quarantaine), leading to a decline in population and power. Pietro Alberti arrives in New Amsterdam (Manhattan).
The Guelph faction becomes the House of Hanover.

Historian Paolo Sarpi corresponds with Francis Bacon and William Harvey.

1630 Loredans welcome jews in Venice. Giovanni Loredan founds the Loredan Academy (Accademia degli Incognito), which plays an important role in Italian opera (libretto's for Claudio Monteverdi).

1660 alchemist Federico Gualdi moves to Venice.

1670s writings of Chaim Moshe Luzzato, claiming to 'channel' Moses and Abraham. He becomes a diamond cutter and Kabbalah student in Amsterdam.

1688 Francesco Morosini as Doge.

1689 House of Orange (William III, married to Mary II Stuart), supported by the Black Guelphs, takes over Britain, Rothschilds (intermarried with Aldobrandini's, Brandolini's) as bankers of the Vatican through Bank of England.

1719 Napoleon conquers Venice (seen by the jews as liberator. rise of tourist industry and rococo design. Baroque music of Antonio Vivaldi.

1758 jesuit trained pope Clement XIII.

1794 Scottish Rite mason Giacomo Casanova (friend of Madame Pompadour, JJ Rousseau, Michelle Imperiali, Count of St Germain, Charles Joseph prince de Ligne) and writes his autobiography.

1797 Francis II (Habsburg-Lorraine) abolishes carnival.

1815 Arthur Wellesly is allowed to defeat the French army of Napoleon. Congress of Vienna, Swiss banks (red cross of Guelph faction) remain neutral territory to fund European wars. The Duponts (related to Da Ponte's) play a role in the Louisiana purchase. House of Hanover becomes the Saxe-Coburgs that still wear crowns with Phoenician purple.

1819 Science of Judaism movement with Samuel Luzzato, Leopold Zunz, Heinrich Graetz and Heinrich Heine.

The Casanova family ('New House'=New World Order symbolism) settled in England as the Cazenove family and established the investment bank Cazenove which later was sold to JPMorgan for over a billion.  Cazenove Capital Management was a multi-billion dollar asset management firm purchased by the Schroders. They are intermarried with the Fitz-James Stuarts. Antoine Charles Cazenove was a Swiss consul to the United States.

Black slaves are housed in 'ghetto's' in NY, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago.

1848 Five Days of Milan (1st Italian War of Independence) with Emilio Dandolo and Emilio Morosino. House of Savoy holds title Prince of Venice.

1865 Zionist Luigi Luzzatti founds the Banca Populare di Milano.

1885 Adriano Lemmi, friend of Francesco Crispi, becomes grandmaster of the Grand Orient of Italy, located at the palace of the Giustiniani family (descendants of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I).

1895 Venice Biennale (art scene).

1905 founding of Venice in Los Angeles.

1910 Luigi Luzzatti as pm of Italy.

1912 Thomas Mann pedophilia agenda Death in Venice. Crowley's Thoth deck 8 Adjustment Libra ruled by Venus, wearing the Columbina mask.

1913 Paul Warburg helps founding the Federal Reserve and funds both sides of WW1 (Federal Reserve NY was modeled after the Florentine palaces of the Medici's).

1925 Richard Kalergi (descendant of Black Venetians) Praktischer Idealizmus.

When the Casanova's are banished from Italy for bringing the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini to power, they settle in Geneva Switzerland (House of Savoy has close ties to Genoa and ruled in Geneva beginning with Count Amadeus V of Savoy).

1932 Venice Film Festival. Venetian blinds used in film noir.

1938 Peggy Guggenheim collects art at Palazzo Venier dei Leoni.

1942 deportation of Venetian jews.

1965 CIA band The Doors (Jim Morrison) is formed in Venice LA.

1970s Venetian mafia (Mala del Brenta, Felice Maniero). Count Leone Contini Bonacossi and Giustiniani-Contini's own the mafia clan of Eduardo Contini (Romano, ties to Rome). Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy Prince of Naples supervises the Camorra in Naples.

1976 Fellini's Casanova Federico Fellini Donald Sutherland.

1981 Achille Casanova as vice-chancellor of Switzerland.

1999 Eyes Wide Shut based on Hypnoerotimachia Poliphilio, Venetian masks scene representing Osiris and 42 judges.

Coco Brandolini d'Adda (related to Gianni Agnelli) works for Harper's Bazaar.

2005 Casanova Heath Ledger (the Joker, the Fool) Lena Olin.

2008 Corina Casanova as Chancellor of Switzerland.

2009 Assassin's Creed set in Venice.

2014 Netflix series Marco Polo. disinfo of John Coleman, Wes Penre (Khazars theory).

2016 Bernard Cazeneuve pm of France.

2017 Jessica Chastain marries Gian Luca Di Preposulo (family from Bergamo Lombardy, fashion brand Moncler, partially owned by BlackRock).