Vannevar Bush

Vannevar Bush was an engineer and mathematician who was vice-president of MIT and the Carnegie Institution in Washington, and played the role in the founding of Raytheon Company, the Office of Scientific Research and Development, the National Defense Research Committee and the Manhattan Project (the war industry) during the WW1 and WW2 ritual and in the founding of the National Science Foundation (the Science Church, Very Large Array in New Mexico). He was educated at MIT, Harvard and Tuffs College. He is used in UFO theories about Project Bluebook and Roswell Incident (also in New Mexico).

He worked on the first analog computer and was the teacher of computer engineer Claude Shannon and Frederick Terman ('father of Silicon Valley', symbolic cup of Isis).

He worked for General Electric, Carlyle Group management, intelligence and technology firm Booz Allen and was on the board of directors of AT&T and pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. Merck&Co synthesized MDMA and tested it at Edgewood Arsenal, linked to MK Ultra and played a role in setting up Fort Detrick (Operation Paperclip).

He was a member of Alpha Tau Omega (Frank Fortitta, Rob Estes, Greg Kinnear, Art Linkletter, Tennessee Williams), the Cosmos Club (Alexander Graham Bell of National Geographic, Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt, Robert Lowell, Rudyard Kipling, Walter Lippmann) and the Committee on the Present Danger.

Cameron Forbes (like Bush, S&B family) was chairman of the Carnegie Institute Washington. CIW pushed the eugenics agenda with Eugenics Record Office, with Harry Laughlin (co-founder of Pioneer Fund), supported by John Harvey Kellogg.

During the war he worked with Secretary of War Henry Stimson and Harvey Bundy (both S&B), Franklin Roosevelt and Henry Wallace. He was in contact with Winston Churchill and with Norbert Wiener (Macy conferences).

1945, the year of the dropping of the atom bombs and Bush's essay As We May Think (describing the memex device), was also the year of birth George W Bush.

He worked for the precessor of NASA, which originated in JPL of Jack Parsons and the transfer of nazi's of Operation Paperclip.

Boris Pash, supposedly part of Bush's Alsos Mission to spy on the nuclear project of Germany with Werner Heisenberg, was teacher at Hollywood High School. Howard Robertson (Robertson panel during Project Bluebook) also worked for the NDRC.

His staff (Boris Pash, Marshall Chadwell) worked at mind control Project Artichoke, the successor of Project Bluebird.

His essay on the memex anticipated Douglas Englebert's invention of the mouse and Ted Nelson's concept of hypertext. Englebert was also educated at MIT. Lyndon Johnson awarded him the National Medal of Science.

Bob Galvin of Motorola (named in the Roswell psyop) was awarded the Vannevar Bush Award.

Raytheon CEO Tom Philips funded The Family. In 2020 Gregory Hayes, trained at Cornell, became CEO of Ratheon.

Other recipients of the Vannevar Bush Award, established by the National Science Board, were Glenn Seaborg, Linus Pauling, Leon Lederman (all Nobel Prize winners),..

Matthew Modine played Vannevar Bush in Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer (2023) with Cillian Murphy as Robert Oppenheimer Emily Blunt Matt Damon Robert Downey Jr  Gary Oldman as Harry Truman Rami Malek Josh Hartnett Casey Affleck (Interstellar) Jason Clarke Tom Conti as Albert Einstein Christopher Nolan

born 3/11/1890.

died 6/28/1974.

George W Bush

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