Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is a Native American mind controlled actress-singer used by Disney in the music industry and the Hollywood film industry to play the archetype of the Dark Feminine, Lilith (Meghan Rachel Markle), the Whore of Babylon and to announce the Sandy Hook ritual. She is a member of the Hillsong Church cult. She dated Zac Efron (normalisation of alcoholism, Transcendental Meditation trend). She played Dorothy in a Wizard of Oz pmay in 1999.

She attended the wedding of Kaycee Stroh and Ben Higginson at the Salt Lake Temple of the Mormon Church with Kenny Ortega, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale.

She has a butterfly tattoo (Monarch butterfly symbolism).

She was signed to William Morris Agency and Creative Artists Agency.

She was in a relationship with Austin Butler, who played Tex Watson of the Manson Family in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and in Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place with Selena Gomez. He was born in Anaheim (location of Disneyland).

She was used in the Covid19-ritual.

Astrological chart

born 12/14/1988, date Jane Birkin, d Verna Felton, Natasha McElhone, Sandy Hook.

Dom: Capricorn (the Devil), Scorpio, Taurus - Pluto (like Zac Efron), Sun, Saturn.

Houses 5, 4, 3. 5: Sun in Sagittarius, Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune in Capricorn, 4: Venus in Scorpio, 3: Pluto in Scorpio.


2003 Thirteen Noel Holly Hunter Rachel Evan Wood(like Meghan Rachel Markle) Deborah Kara Unger Fox Searchlight
2004 Thunderbirds Tin-Tin Kyrano Bill Paxton Ben Kingsley based on series of ITC Entertainment (The Prisoner)
2006 High School Musical Kenny Ortega (gay agenda) Zac Efron Ashley Tisdale Alyson Reed (programmed with Alice in Wonderland in Disneyland) Kaycee Stroh (Mormon Church) Bart Johnson (Mormon Church) Corbin Blue Disney
2006 The Suite Life of Zach and Cody Ashley Tisdale
2006 V Hollywood Records (Disney)
2008 High School Musical 3: Senior Year
2008 Identified
2009 Bandslam Sa5m Lisa Kudrow (NBC show Friends) Gaellan Connell (born 5/19 date wedding Meghan Markle) as fan of David Bowie Aly Michalka (Easy A with Emma Stone) Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate
The Ultimate Idol Herself Documentary
2011 Beastly (the Devil) Lindy Taylor Alex Pettyfer (Sylvia Young Theatre School) Mary-Kate Olsen Neil Patrick Harris (gay agenda) CBS Films
2011 Sucker Punch Blondie Zach Snyder Abbie Cornish Oscar Isaac Jena Malone Jon Hamm Warner Bros
2012 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Dwayne Johnson Michael Caine Josh Hutcherson Jack Black New Line Warner Bros
2012 Spring Breakers Candy Harmony Korine James Franco Selena Gomez Rachel Korine (like Meghan Rachel Markle) Ashley Benson (gay agenda, rapper G-Eazy) Gucci Mane
2013 Choose You Ex-girlfriend Short film
2013 The Frozen Ground Nicolas Cage John Cusack 50 Cent
2013 Machete Kills Robert Rodriguez Danny Trejo Amber Heard Michelle Rodriguez Cuba Gooding Jr Mel Gibson Antonio Banderas Lady Gaga Alexa Vega
2013 Gimme Shelter Agnes "Apple" Bailey James Earl Jones Rosario Dawson Brendan Fraser Ronald Krauss (worked for Roger Corman)
2015 Freaks of Nature Lorelei Denis Leary Nicholas Braun (Disney)
2016 Grease Live Fox Julianne Hough (Mormon Church) as Sandy
2017 So You Think You Can Dance Fox
2017 Reminding Me Shawn Hook
2018 Dog Days Tara Eva Longoria Tig Notaro (gay agenda) Nina Dobrev
2018 The Princess Switch Stacy De Novo / Lady Margaret (twin alters) Netflix
2018 Second Act Jennifer Lopez Leah Remini (Scientology)
2019 Polar Camille Jonas Akerlund Mads Mikkelsen Johnny Knoxville Richard Dreyfuss Netflix
2019 The Knight Before Christmas Brooke Winters (pink sky) Emmanuele Chriqui Netflix
2020 Bad Boys for Life (pink sky) Kelly Will Smith Nicky Jam Joe Pantoliano DJ Khaled
2020 The Princess Switch: Switched Again Stacy De Novo / Lady Margaret / Fiona (mirror alters) Sam Palladio Ricky Norwood Netflix
2021 My Little Pony: A New Generation (rainbow=Wizard of Oz programming, Hasbro franchise) Sunny Starscout Voice role James Marsden Kimiko Glenn (Orange is the New Black) Liza Koshy James Marsden Elizabeth Perkins Phil LaMarr Sofia Carson (Disney) Netflix
2021 Tick, Tick... Boom! Karessa Johnson Andrew Garfield Black Thought (The Roots) Netflix
The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star


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