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The United Kingdom (UK) or Great Britain is a country founded in 987. It has a population of 67 million people. It is governed by the Jesuits and families like Cecil, who created the League of Nations/United Nations. Its most populous city and capital is London (on the meridian) with 9 million people, that serves as one of the centers of the corrupt financial system. It has the Babylonian 8 pointed star of Isis/Ishtar as flag.

History of Britain

The first settlers (druid culture) in Britain build sites like Glastonbury and Stonehenge. Roman Emperor Hadrian conquers Britain in 134 and builds a wall that divides Britain from Scotland. The Normans conquer Britain in the Battle of Hastings. Gradually the York Rite develops. The Lancasters (Henry VIII, married to Catherine of Aragon) start the protestant Reformation, in opposition with the Jesuits.

After the War of the Roses, the House of Plantagenet (Lancaster and York) is succeeded by the House of Tudor. The Knights Templar make the City of London the center of their business empire. Elizabeth I is controlled by William Cecil (secret service of Francis Walsingham with occultist John Dee). The Cecils introduce the Hermeticism of the de Medici's (cult of Hermes/Mercury) in British universities as Oxford and Cambridge as New Learning.

The pirates of Francis Drake start to explore the world and the British Empire (claiming descent of Atlantis) starts to colonise the east coast of America, Guyana, India and South Africa.

John Dee orchestrates the Frederick and Elizabeth wedding (mixing of the Brunswick-Lunenburg bloodline with the Stuart bloodline), start of the House of Hanover.

The Tudor family is replaced with the House of Stuart and Orange Nassau. Charles II Stuart (Holy Grail bloodline of Scottish Rite masonry, mother of De Medici family) reclaims the throne in 1660 and under his authority the Royal Society is founded.

George I, Lord North with William Legge (Lord Dartmouth as Secretary of Colonies) play a role in the fake American Revolution, leading to the United States Declaration of Independance ritual.

George I is succeeded by George II, George III, George IV, William IV, Victoria (the Cecils create the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Massimo's create the Fabian Society), Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI.

The British Empire works with the Jesuits and the East India Company (City of London) to conquer India and China to monopilise the drug trade and to have a global empire (the Great Game or the Game of Shadows with Russia).

From Britain the Industrial Revolution spreads. The Templar banks of the City of London becomes the Bank of England with the Rothschilds as Vatican bankers.

1821 founding of The Guardian.

1859 The Royal Society and Huxley family spreads Darwinism.

1887 the Cecils create the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, select Aleister Crowley to become prophet of the Aeon of Horus.

1895 The Fabian Society founds the London School of Economics.

1909 secret service MI6 is founded with Mansfield Cumming-Smith.

Alfred Harmsworth (The Times), married to Mary Milner (Order of St John) works for Wellington House with Fabian HG Wells, jesuit AC Doyle (HOGD) to make propaganda for the British Empire. The Cecils (with help from the Milners and Huxley's) create the League of Nations/United Nations.

The British works with the House of Saud to control Palestina and the oil industry (John Philby).

HG Wells announces the world state in The New World Order, published by Frederic Warburg of MI6.

Victoria Saxe-Coburg (Order of St John) and Kyrill Vladimirovich spread antisemitism in Munich as preparation for Hitler's nazi party.

1932 Oswald Mosley (member of the Fabian Society and Other Club of Winston Churchill) creates a British fascist movement with JC Fuller of Aleister Crowley's A.A., Edward and Hastings Russell, John Philby,.. The British Union of Fascists makes propaganda with Wellington House, in alliance with the German fascists.

After the WW1 and WW2 ritual, the Left Wing Church and Multiculturalism becomes the official doctrine of the UN world state, with propaganda outlets like BBC. The British Empire presents itself as the moral victor, as the Light that defeated the Dark powers.

1945 the Labour government of Clement Attlee (LSE) introduces the welfare state, designed by William Beveridge (LSE, Fabian Society, Eugenics Society). Clement Atlee's writings are published by the Left Book Club of Zionist Harold Laski, wich publishes propaganda of the Congress for Cultural Freedom.

1946 propaganda office Information Research Department (IRD) is founded, as branch of the Foreign Office, with Ralph Murray (BBC), Christopher Mayhew (Labour Party, BBC), Frederic Warburg, George Orwell, actor Michael Redgrave.

1947 the Tavistock Institute is founded.

1948 the National Health Service is founded.

1967 ITV broadcasts The Prisoner. Elizabeth II is made queen, social engineering trends are introduced like Pop Culture (The Beatles, David Bowie, the so-called Swinging London scene with Mick Jagger, Michael Caine, Jean Shrimpton, James Bond movies,.. ), Punk Rock, Hip Hop.

Diana Spencer/Stuart is glorified in the media as the modern moon/mother goddess and prince Charles pretends to hand over power in China.

Mind controlled musicians Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Elton John, Take That, The Spice Girls, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Harry Styles,..

2001 After the 911 Twin Towers ritual, Fabian Tony Blair starts a war in Afghanistan with George W Bush (S&B of the Russell family). Kate Hudson of Bertrand Russell's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament plays the role of controlled opposition against the war with the Muslim Association of Britain of Anas Altakriti (The Guardian, Muslim Brotherhood Iraq) and Jeremy Corbyn.

Channel 4 broadcasts Big Brother (announcement of Orwellian society) and series about Darwinism with Richard Dawkins. Gay agenda with Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry, Graham Norton, Sacha Baron Cohen,..

2011 the William and Catherine wedding,

2012 the London Olympics.

The brothers David and Ed Miliband, who served in Gordon Brown's cabinet, are the sons of Ralp Miliband, student at LSE of Harold Laski.

2018 founding of fake anti-establishment movement Extinction Rebellion by Tasmin Omond (Green Party, transgender agenda).

2020 the Corona ritual, in anticipation of coronation of king William V.

Prime Ministers

Robert Walpole (Order of the Bath), Spencer Compton, Henry Pelham, Thomas Pelham, William Cavendish (Cecil bloc), John Stuart, George Grenville, Charles Watson-Wentworth, William Pitt, Augustus Fitzroy, Frederick North, William Pitt the Younger, Henry Addington, Spencer Perceval, Robert Jenkinson, George Canning, Frederick John Robinson, Arthur Wellesly (mason), Charles Grey (mason), William Lamb, Robert Peel, John Russell (grandfather of Bertrand Russell), Edward Smith-Stanley, George Hamilton-Gordon, Henry John Temple, Benjamin Disraeli (Rothschild), William Gladstone (mason, Edward Grey, member of the Coefficients of the Fabian Society), Robert Cecil, Archibald Primrose (Rothschild), Arthur Balfour (SPR), Henry Campbell, HH Asquith, David Lloyd George, Andrew Bonar Law, Stanley Baldwin, Ramsay MacDonald (Fabian Society), Neville Chamberlain,
- Winston Churchill (Leo Amery of Milner Group and Coefficients)
- Clement Attlee (LSE of Fabian Society, Royal Society, Labour Party with Zionist Harold Laski)
- Anthony Eden
- Harold Macmillan
- Alec Douglas-Home
- Harold Wilson
- James Callaghan
- Margaret Thatcher (Le Cercle, Hoover Institution)
- John Major
- Tony Blair (Fabian Society)
- Gordon Brown (Berggruen Institute)
- David Cameron (Bullingdon Club, Ditchley Foundation)
- Theresa May
- Boris Johnson (Bullingdon Club, brother of Jo Johnson ECFR, Rishi Sunak Goldman Sachs).

Propaganda outlets

- BBC: Richard Sharp (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs), jesuit Mark Thompson, David Clementi (Rio Tinto of the Rotschilds)

- Channel 4: Richard Dawkins, Sacha Baron Cohen,..

- Daily Mail and General Trust: Harmsworth family who work for the British Ministry of Propaganda since Hitler

- New Statesman: Fabian Society, Russell Brand,..

- News UK (The Times): Rupert Murdoch (Atlantic Council), Rebekah Brooks (friend of Tony Blair), Jason Cowley (The Guardian)

- Press Holdings (Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph): Frederick Barclay

- Reach (Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Express, the Right Wing Church): founded by Alfred Harmsworth (Mary Milner, RIIA).

- Scott Trust Limited (The Guardian, The Observer): Richard Kerr (CIA), Vivian Schiller (CFR), Paul Myners (Rothschild, Bank of England), Tom Happold (LSE, Fabian Society), Edward Taylor-Scott (LSE of Fabian Society), Natalie Nougayrède (ECFR), Albert Scardino (Marjorie Scardino AC), Emily Bell (Open Society Foundations), Robert Gavron (married to daughter of Zionist T.R. Fyvell, friend of George Orwell), Jeff Forshaw (married to founder of Extinction Rebellion),..

- Telegraph Media Group: Conrad Black (CFR, TC, 1001, Hollinger), from 2004 Frederick Barclay (the Very Group).

- The Economist Group: Agnelli, Rothschild, Cadbury, Schroder, Marjorie Scardino (Atlantic Council, married to Alan Scardino of The Guardian)..

- The Independant: Lebedev family

- Vivendi (Universal Music Group, Canal+, DailyMotion): owned by Boloré, Blackrock, Societé Generale,..



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