United Artists

United Artists is a Hollywood studio and propaganda machine of the Saturn cult in the US, founded in 1919 with DW Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and his wife Mary Pickford as PR-agents. It worked with cinematographer Charles Rocher of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Pickford was a member of the Hennessey family and indoctrinated with Christian Science. Mary Pickford's brother was married to Marilyn Miller, who later married Jack Donahue (Disney film Babes In Toyland with Anette Funicello). Chaplin married Mildred Harris worked for the film company of Frank Baum (Theosophical Society, Wizard of Oz)

Griffith had released Birth of A Nation, which glorified the founding of the KKK after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

History of United Artists

1919 Broken Blossoms DW Griffith. His Majesty, The American Douglas Fairbanks (father of Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Order of St John). When the Clouds Roll (broken mirror symbolism=split mind) Victor Fleming Douglas Fairbanks.

1920 Polyanna cinematographer Charles Rocher (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) Mary Pickford. The Mark of Zorro Douglas Fairbanks.

1921 The Love Light Mary Pickford Charles Rocher. Dream Street DW Griffith. Disraeli about Benjamin Disraeli (Rothschild). The Three Musketeers Douglas Fairbanks novel of Alexandre Dumas. J'accuse produced by Charles Pathé. Orphans of the Storm (about French Revolution) DW Griffith.

1922 A Doll's House play of Hendrik Ibsen. Robin Hood Douglas Fairbanks. The Man Who Played God George Arliss Mary Astor.

1925 Waking Up the Town Jack Pickford Norma Shearer (son educated at Le Rosey)

Little Annie Rooney (child Horus of the Aeon of Horus) Mary Pickford Charles Rocher (HOGD) Gordon Griffith.

1927 The Love of Sunya Gloria Swanson John Boles (intelligence officer). Resurrection Dolores Del Rio. College Buster Keaton. Two Arabian Knights Mary Astor (Theosophical Society) Boris Karloff produced by Howard Hughes. collaborations with Samuel Goldwyn og MGM.

1928 Sadie Thompson Gloria Swanson (mistress of Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy) Lionel Barrymore Raoul Walsh. Tempest John Barrymore.

1930 Abraham Lincoln Walter Huston (father of John Huston) Una Merkel Jason Robards. Hell's Angels Howard Hughes (Horus archetype like Jack Parsons) Jean Harlow Ben Lyon. The Devil to Pay! Myrna Loy.

1931 Tonight or Never Mervin LeRoy Gloria Swanson Boris Karloff. Arrowsmith Myrna Loy Richard Benett (New York American of Hearst)

1932 Scarface (=Horus) Howard Hawks Howard Hughes Paul Muni. Mr Robinson Crusoe Douglas Fairbanks. Rain Joan Crawford.

1933 The Private Life of Henry IV Charles Laughton Merle Oberon. The Bowery Raoul Walsh Jackie Cooper.

1934 Moulin Rouge Constance Bennett (daughter of Richard Bennett) The Boswell Sisters. distribution of 20th Century film The House of Rothschilds (era of rise of antisemitism in nazi Germany). Born to Bad (33 symbolism) Carry Grant.

1935 The Dark Angel (Lucifer) Fredric March Merle Oberon. Richelieu based on play of Edward Bulwer-Lytton about Cardinal Richelieu, George Arliss Maureen O'Sullivan (mother of Mia Farrow) Cesar Romero John Carradine (OTO)

1936 Modern Times Charlie Chaplin (as the Hanged Man) Paulette Godard. Little Lord Fauntleroy Freddie Bartholomew as child Horus.

1937 A Star Is Born Fredric March Janet Gaynor Adolphe Menjou, screenplay by Dorothy Rothschild. The Hurricane John Carradine Dorothy Lamour Mary Astor.

1938 Topper Takes a Trip Billie Burke.

1939 Wuthering Heights Merle Oberon David Niven Laurence Olivier produced by Samuel Goldwyn.

1940 Foreign Correspondent jesuit Alfred Hitchcock Joel McCrea (Hollywood High School, Pasadena Playhouse) George Sanders (Zsa Zsa Gabor) written by James Hilton. The Thief of Bagdad Conrad Veidt.

1941 The Great Dictator Charlie Chaplin as Adolf Hitler.

1942 Miss Annie Rooney Shirley Temple Dickie Moore Peggy Ryan. The Devil With Hitler Bob Watson as Adolf Hitler Joe Devlin as Benito Mussolini. I Married A Witch Fredric March Veronica Lake.

1943 distribution of Howard Hughes film The Outlaw with Theresa Russell. Jack London Virginie Mayo.

1944 Since You Went Away Shirley Temple.

1945 Spellbound Alfred Hitchcock Ingrid Bergman Gregory Peck Rhonda Fleming (Beverly Hills High School).

1946 A Night in Casablanco Marx brothers. Angel on My Shoulder Paul Muni.

1947 The Private Affairs of Bel Ami George Sanders Angela Lansbury. Copacabana Groucho Marx. The Roosevelt Story. The Paradine Case Alfred Hitchcock Gregory Peck.

1949 Siren of Atlantis. Black Magic Orson Welles

Welles. A Kiss for Corliss Shirley Temple.

1951 The Man from Planet X. Oliver Twist Alec Guiness Diana Dors. The African Queen John Huston Katharine Hepburn Humpfrey Bogart. Othello Orson Welles.

1952 Mutiny Angela Lansbury. Moulin Rouge John Huston Zsa Zsa Gabor José Ferrer (Le Rosey).

1953 The Moon Is Blue Dawn Addams (married to Vittorio Massimo of the Massimo family that controls the jesuits) William Holden David Niven Otto Preminger. Act of Love Kirk Douglas.

1954 Romeo and Juliet Laurence Harvey. Liliacs in the Spring Errol Flynn.

1955 The Man Who Loved Redheads Moira Shearer Gladys Cooper. Not As a Stranger Frank Sinatra Robert Mitchum Gloria Grahame Lon Chaney Jr. The Kentuckian John Carradine Burt Lancaster Walter Matthau (Actors Studio).

1956 The Black Sleep John Carradine. Man From Del Rio Anthony Quinn.

1957 Voodoo Island Boris Karloff Elisha Cook Jr. The Pride and the Passion Cary Grant Sophia Loren Frank Sinatra. The Girl in Black Stockings Mamie Van Doren. Baby Face Nelson Mickey Rooney Carolyn Jones (married to Aaron Spelling) Elisha Cook Jr. 5 Steps to Danger Henry Kesler (Mormon Church) Sterling Hayden.

Paths of Glory Stanley Kubrick Kirk Douglas Adolphe Menjou (John Birch Society) Joe Turkel Christiane Harlan (related to nazi director Veit Harlan).

1958 Paris Holiday Bob Hope Fernandel Anita Ekberg. La Parisienne Brigitte Bardot. The Defiant Ones Tony Curtis Sidney Poitier.

1959 Alias Jesse James Bob Hope Rhonda Fleming (Beverly Hills High School). Some Like It Hot (one eye) Billy Wilder Marilyn Monroe Tony Curtis Jack Lemmon. The Great St Louis Bank Robbery Steve McQueen (Laurel Canyon) Charles Guggenheim (father of Davis Guggenheim).

1960 The Unforgiven John Huston Burt Lancaster. The Alamo Laurence Harvey.

1961 The Misfits John Huston Marilyn Monroe. The Young Savages John Frankenheimer Shelley Winters (The New School).

West Side Story Natalie Wood Rita Moreno music by Leonard Bernstein, based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (doll programming) Angela Lansbury. Judgement at Nuremberg (fake Nuremberg trial) Judy Garland Marlene Dietrich Burt Lancaster.

1962 The Road to Hong Kong Bob Hope Bing Crosby. Birdman of Alcatraz John Frankenheimer Burt Lancaster Telly Savalas.

The Manchurian Candidate Angela Lansbury Frank Sinatra Laurence Harvey Janet Leigh Henry Silva John Frankenheimer

1963 Dr No (first James Bond) Terence Young Sean Connery as MI6 agent Ursula Andress. The Great Escape Charles Bronson Donald Pleasence.

1964 From Russia With Love.

1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told Max von Sydow Charlton Heston José Ferrer. What's New Pussycat? Woody Allen Peter Sellers Romy Shneider. Help! The Beatles, Leo McKern. Thunderball.

1967 United Artists is backed by Transamerica Corporation (founded by Knight of Malta AP Giannini -Bank of America).

Eight on the Lam Bob Hope Phyllis Diller Shirley Eaton (Bond girl) Jill St John George Marshall.

1969 Midnight Cowboy (MC: mind control) Dustin Hoffman John Schlesinger Jon Voight Isabelle Collin Dufresne (Ultra Violet, Mormon Church) gay agenda

1971 Diamonds Are Forever Sean Connery Jill St John (Hollywood High School, married to Robert Wagner, who also married Natalie Wood and to Lance Reventlow who also married Disney MK Ultra victim Cheryl Holdridge) Lana Wood (Ruth Gordon) Jimmy Dean (related to James Dean) Bruce Cabot (King Kong) Charles Gray (Lou Adler's Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Devil Rides Out with Christopher Lee) as Blofeld, product placement of Playboy Clubs.

1975 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Jack Nicholson Danny DeVito Christopher Lloyd Louise Fletcher Milos Forman.

1976 Rocky Sylvester Stallone.

1979 Apocalypse Now Francis Ford Coppola Marlon Brando Martin Sheen.

1980 Raging Bull Robert De Niro Joe Pesci Cathy Moriarty. UA president Eric Preslow founds Orion Pictures.

Foxes Laura Dern Jodie Foster Sally Kellerman (Christian Science, Hollywood High School)

Heaven's Gate Michael Cimino Kris Kristofferson.

1981 UA is bought by MGM (Kirk Kerkorian).