Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman is a mind controlled Monarch sex slave, used in the Hollywood film industry to play the Venus-Whore of Babylon archetype like Diana and Catherine (born on st Catherine day, date of the wedding of Catherine with William) in the Harvey Weinstein media ritual.

Tahoor: Hebrew for clean, elegant, associated with sphere Yesod (moon). She is the daughter of Robert Thurman, Buddhist scholar at Columbia University and model Neena von Schlebrugge.

Robert Thurman created the Tibet House US with Richard Gere (born 8/31 date of death Diana) and Philip Glass. His first wife was Marie-Christophe de Menil of the French de Menil family of art collectors, friends of Andy Warhol.

Neena von Schlebrügge married jesuit CIA agent Timothy Leary at the Hitchcock estate of CIA family Mellon (entourage of Allen Ginsberg, Michael Hollingshead). Leary was Uma's godfather (also godfather of Winona Ryder). She was a resident of Greenwich Village, like Leary's friend Allen Ginsberg. She was a model for Vogue.

She was trained at Professional Children School (Scarlett Johansson, Macaulay Culkin, Tuesday Weld, Jena Malone, Sara Jessica Parker, Christopher Walken, Paris Hilton),  elite school Northfield and Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

She was mind controlled with Alice in Wonderland programming (Jack Rabbit Slim).

She worked for Ford model agency, posed for Harper's Bazaar (Hearst) and Vogue (Polanski raped a girl in Jack Nicholson's house after a Vogue photoshoot).

Her first husband was Gary Oldman. Her second husband was Disney actor Ethan Hawke, educated at Carnegie Mellon University, whose first film was with River Phoenix. They played together in movie Gattaca, which announced the eugenics agenda.

Like Ethan Hawke, she was a resident of Chelsea Hotel (Gary Oldman played in 3 movies filmed at the hotel).

Her child with Ethan Hawke (Horus) is Maya Hawke. She is an alumni of St Ann School in NY like Jennifer Connelly and Stella Adler School of Acting (the New School). She played a member of the Manson Family (the 911 Sharon Tate murder ritual) in Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Robin in Stranger Things about a girl that escapes from a mind control project of the government. She was engaged to André Balazs (Cornell, Quill and Dagger), whose first wife Katie Ford trained Kristen DeBell (sex comedy Alice in Wonderland).

Her 3d husband is Arpad Busson, who was educated at Le Rosey like Dodi Fayed, connected to Gianni Agnelli and had relationships with Farrah Fawcett and Elle McPherson (Victoria's Secret, role in Batman and Robin). He is the chairman of ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), a charity publicity stunt with Antichrist William V. He is related to Joanna Harcourt-Smith, Timothy Leary's wife.

Uma Thurman promoted political puppet Hilary Clinton and played a role in the media ritual with Harvey Weinstein (Me Too), announcing the social distancing prison society.

Astrological chart

born 4/29/1970 st Catherine day, date wedding Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, wedding William and Catherine, Beatrix son Willem Alexander of the house of Orange (she played Beatrix Kiddo), David Icke, Jacob Rothschild, d Alfred Hitchcock, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daniel Day-Lewis, André Agassi (Brooke Shields), earth sign Taurus the bull osiris, ruled by Venus, year 0 the Fool, year after the 911 Sharon Tate ritual

Asc: Virgo (hermit journey search osiris), mc: Taurus (prince of disks). Dom: Taurus (bill bull, the Hierophant), Gemini (the Lovers), Virgo (the Hermit)- Mercury (witty), Venus (rules Libra, Ishtar associated with rabbits), Neptune (illusion, escapism, addiction).

9, 10, 6. 1: Virgo, 2: Pluto in Virgo, Uranus in Libra (adj queen of swords), 3: Jupiter in Scorpio (betrayal death), 4: Nept in Sagitt (opposite) mc Taurus 6: Moon in Aquarius (like Diana), 7: Pisces, 8 (Shadow): Chiron (wounded healer) in Aries, 9: sun, saturn, mercury in taurus, 10: Mars and Venus in Gemini, 11: Cancer, 12: Lilith in Leo (Lust).


1987 Kiss Daddy Goodnight Laura (sodomy as the Kiss of Life-Death, Samuel Jackson in movie Long kiss goodnight, transformation Geena Davis)
1988 Johnny Be Good Georgia Elkans (song prom Back to the Future Marty McFly)
1988 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Venus/Rose Terry Gilliam (made Alice in Wonderland movie 'Jabberwocky') Robin Williams
1988 Dangerous Liaisons Cécile de Volanges (dangerous years first movie of Marilyn Monroe, dangerous mj)
1990 Where the Heart Is Daphne McBain (Queen of Hearts, arrow of Cupid on the Lovers card, Jackie Kennedy hat), Christopher Plummer shitty (Chitty Bang Bang) Crispin Glover Suzie Amis (married to the son of Lauren Bacall) 2/23 date Norma Jean became Marilyn Monroe.
1990 Henry & June June Miller/Mansfield (treated with electroshocks) Fred Ward (Naked Gun 33 1/3) as writer Henry Miller Maria de Medeiras (mm=33, girlfriend Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction) as Anais Nin
1991 Robin Hood Maid Marian (mm=33, archer arrow) Kevin Coster Mary Mastrantonio Morgan Freeman Christian Slater Alan Rickman Sean Connery
1992 Final Analysis Diana Baylor (Diana Spencer) golden gate bridge
1992 Jennifer 8 Helena Robertson
1993 Mad Dog and Glory Glory (dog days Sirius) Robert De Niro Bill Murray
1993 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (poster clock=Alice in Wonderland programming) Sissy Hankshaw John Hurt Crispin Glover Keanu Reeves Rain Phoenix (sister of River Phoenix) Heather Graham Gus Van Sant (dutch: orange) Roseanne Barr Ken Kesey (MK Ultra, OFOTCN) book of Tom Robbins 7/22 like prince George, CIA drug culture of Terence McKenna
1994 Pulp Fiction (orange juice=33=sodomy), Quentin Tarantino Miramax (mm=33) Mia Wallace (mw=33) John Travolta Bruce Willis Samuel Jackson Tim Roth Rosanna Arquette Eric Stoltz. Jack Rabbit Slim Alice in Wonderland programming, with Marilyn Monroe, the dance of Diana and John Travolta in 1985, play within a play of The Tempest and Truman Capote ball.

1995 A Month by the Lake Miss Beaumont (Marjorie Cameron lived in Beaumont) Vanessa Redgrave
1996 Beautiful Girls Andera Natalie Portman (Mia Wallace haircut in Léon) written by Scott Rosenberg
1996 The Truth About Cats & Dogs Noelle Sluarsky Jamie Foxx
1996 Duke of Groove Maya Short film
1997 Batman & Robin Dr. Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy Arnold Schwarzenegger jesuit Chris O'Donnell George Clooney Alicia Silverstone Elle Macpherson Jesse Ventura
1997 Gattaca Irene Cassini (DNA pillars, Ethan Hawke (one eye of horus) Jude Law, announces the eugenics program of the Covid19-ritual).
1998 Les Misérables Fantine
1998 The Avengers Emma Peel av lightning Sean Connery
1999 Sweet and Lowdown Blanche Woody Allen
2000 Vatel Anne de Montausier
2000 The Golden Bowl Charlotte Stant Kate Beckingsale Anjelica Huston Nick Nolte Lionsgate Disney
2001 Tape Amy Randall
2001 Chelsea Walls Grace (Grace Kelly, Tim Roth in Grace of Monaco) Vincent D'Onofrio Rosario Dawson Ethan Hawke Kris Kristofferson
2003 Kill Bill: Volume 1 The Bride (murder Sharon Tate) David Carradine OTO, who played in Kung Fu: the Movie with Brandon Lee and with Timothy Leary in Roadside Prophets. The suit she wears is the suit of Bruce Lee who worked with Sharon Tate. Rape scene in hospital room 402 (42 nr of rainbows dissociation) with Michael Bowen Jr. Mars and Venus in Gemini the Lovers.

Michael Madsen Daryl Hannah Vivica Fox Lucy Liu.
2003 Paycheck (erasing of memories, story of PKD) Dr. Rachel Porter (Meghan Rachel Markle) Aaron Eckhart (Rachel in The Dark Knight) Ben Affleck Paul Giamatti
2004 Kill Bill: Volume 2 Beatrix Kiddo / The Bride

kills David Carradine with five point heart exploding technique (Heath Ledger died in Five Points).
2005 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Kushana (voice) English dub Shia LaBeouf Mark Hamill
2005 Be Cool Edie Athens (athena) dancing with John Travolta as Chili Palmer, on stage (wedding William and Catherine) Danny DeVito Harvey Keitel Christina Milan André Benjamin Dwayne Johnson Anna Nicole Smith (Vera Palmer/Jayne Mansfield archetype) Steven Tyler The Pussycat Dolls
2005 Prime Rafi Gardet
2005 The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie Herself
2005 The Producers Ulla the empress venus Will Ferrell
2006 My Super Ex-Girlfriend Jenny Johnson / G-Girl red car
2007 The Life Before Her Eyes Diana McFee (Diana Spencer) Evan Rachel Wood
2008 The Accidental Husband Emma Lloyd Colin Firth Keir Dullea
2009 Motherhood Eliza Welsh
2010 Percy Jack-son & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (lightning of the Tower, the magician, perseus, sodomy of Jack Parsons, announcing London Olympics ritual) Medusa iphone Logan Lerman Sean Bean Rosario Dawson
2010 Ceremony Zoe
2012 Bel Ami Madeleine Forestier, Smash (Marilyn Monroe)
2012 Playing for Keeps Patti King
2013 Movie 43 Lois Lane Segment "Super Hero Speed Dating"
2013 Nymphomaniac Mrs. H Lars Von Trier (Antichrist) Shia LaBeouf Charlotte Gainsbourg Jamie Bell Stacy Martin Christian Slater Connie Nielsen Willem Dafoe
2014 The Mundane Goddess Hera Short film
2014 The Gift Miss Anderson Short film
2014 Jump Wendy Short film
2015 Burnt Simone
2018 The Con Is On Harriet Fox (air sign virgo, plane mercury=air travel trickster) the high priestess, dog Sirius Tim Roth
2018 The House That Jack Built Lady 1 (Jack Parsons, Jack Rabbit Slim) Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Matt Dillon Bruno Ganz (Adolf Hitler in Downfall) Lars von Trier
2018 Down a Dark Hall Madame Simone Duret
2018 The War with Grandpa Robert de Niro Christopher Walken Cheech Marin


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