Turkey is an Islamic country founded as a republic in 1923. It has a population of 80 million people. It is governed by the Jesuits. Its most populous city is Istanbul, its capital is Ankara. It was ruled by the Ottoman Empire.

It is a member of the United Nations. It is the 20th largest economy of the world. Its flag is a crescent moon and star.

History of Turkey

9000 bc Göbekli Tepe (bull worship of Taurus and Pleiades).

7500 bc Catalhöyük civilization, statues of the mother goddess.

5000 bc Harrans build pincone like buildings (worship of the pineal gland).

2300 bc the Nesilim (Hittites, double-headed eagle symbol of their priest-king class) occupy Anatolia.

1600 bc code of the Nesilim law text (first justice system).

Seti I and Rameses II expell the Canaanite Aten cult of Akhenaten (Hyksos kings) and fight the Nesilim.

700 bc the Phrygians are conquered by the Cimmerians. The Greeks found cities Smyrna, Ephesus.

499 bc war between Greece and Persian Empire. The Nesilim (Hittites) become the Chatti tribe in Germany.

Christianity spreads in Turkey, Greece and the rest of Europe.

324 Constantin I renames Istanbul Constantinople as capital of the Byzantine Empire and establishes the Christian doctrine at the Council of Nicea (rule of priest-kings).

537 building of the Hagia Sophia (Isidor of Miletus, translator of Archimedes). Justinian I rules the Byzantine Empire.

1000 Seljuk Empire with double headed eagle symbol.

1520 Suleiman the Magnificent as Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Sephardic jews expelled from Spain migrate to Turkey.

1543 fall of Constantinople and Byzantine Empire, the Palaiologos dynasty (double headed eagle emblem) are defeated by the Ottomans.

1666 Sabbatai Zvi (born in Smyrna) declares himself Antichrist. In Constantinople, he and his followers are forced to convert to Islam, are known as Dönmeh (converts, crypto-jews).

1683 war with the Habsburgs of the Holy Roman Empire.

1750 Jacob Frank revives Sabbataenism in Poland and is in contact with the Donmeh (convert jews) in Turkey.

1768 war between Turkey and Russia.

1875 Great Eastern Crisis, economic collapse.

1908 Young Turk revolution (overthrow of Adulhamid II), Committee of Union and Progress with mason Midhat Pasha, Prince Sabahaddin (works with British agent John Bennett, student of GI Gurdjeff) and Mehmed Cavid (Donmeh or crypto-jew, follower of Sabbatai Zevi). The Young Turks are influenced by sociologist Emile Durkheim.

1909 Mehmet V as last sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1912 British and German bankers found the Turkish Petroleum Company.

1913 Greece achies sovereignty over Salonica. Greek Dönmeh migrate to Constantinople and Ankara.

1915 Armenian genocide (Donme Nazim Bey) of non-papal Christians.

1919 War of Independence.

1923 Treaty of Lausanne, Donme and mason Mustafa Atatürk as first president.

1930 Leon Trotsky during his exile in Turkey, writes his autobiography.

1960s Turkish emigration to Western Europe.

1981 fake assassination attempt of the Grey Wolves to threaten the pope.

2001 Recep Erdogan founds the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

2016 false flag attack at airport (the Isis ritual).


mason Mustafa Atatürk, Ismet Inönü, Celal Bayar, Cemal Gürsel, Cevdet Sunay, Fahri Korutürk, Kenan Evren, Turgut Ozal, Süleyman Demirel, Ahmet Sezer, Abdullah Gül, Recep Erdogan.

Prime ministers

Mustafa Atatürk, Refik Saydam, Hasan Saka, Adnan Menderes, Ismet Inönü, Nihat Erim, Süleyman Demirel, Turgut Ozal, Tansu Ciller (Yale University, Council of Women World Leaders), Büllent Ecevit, Abdullah Gül, Recep Erdogan, Ahmet Davutoglu, Binali Yildirim.