Truman Capote

Truman Capote was a mind controlled propaganda writer, used in the media and Hollywood film industry to push the gay agenda and play a role in the masque ball for Katharine Graham of 1966. He worked for Hearst, died in 1984, a month before birth Diana's child Harry (dressed in red like Rosemary's Baby). He was friends with writer Harper Lee, his neighbor in Monroville Alabama, who wrote How To Kill A Mockingbird in 1960 (hawk Horus - Harpocrates).

Truman= becoming a True Man, uniting the opposites black and white (president shriner Harry Truman dropped the atom bomb on 8/9/1945, date Sharon Tate ritual). Tahoor: Hebrew for clean, associated with 9th sphere Yesod (moon).

He was educated at Sachs Collegiate Institute (Goldman Sachs family) like Walter Lippmann, Henry Morgenthau Jr, Roy Lichtenstein, Vanessa Trump and Paris Hilton.

He wrote for The New Yorker (Dorothy Rothschild, Ernest Hemingway, Alice Munro, John Updike, JD Salinger, Hannah Arendt, Roald Dahl, Stephen King) of jesuit Condé Nast.

He was a friend of Dominick Dunne, also part of the gay agenda, who gave a Black and White ball in 1964. He later produced The Panic in the Needle Park with Al Pacino.

He was a friend of MI6 agent Christopher Isherwood.

Capote's novel In Cold Blood was published in 1966 about the Clutter murders of Perry Smith and Richard Hickock (Alfred Hitchcock), 2nd bestselling true crime novel after Vincent Bugliosi's Helter Skelter)

Like Aleister Crowley, he created his own mythology, fabricating stories, with lies as a form of art, blurring the line between fiction and reality. He had a feud with Gore Vidal, also part of the gay agenda, published by the Fabian Society (New Statesman) of the Massimo's.

His social circle of women, which he called his Swans (alchemical symbolism), consisted of: Slim Keith (mistress of Ernest Hemingway, wife of Howard Hayward), Lee Radziwill (sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and future mother-in-law of Carole Radziwill), C. Z. Guest (muse of Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and Diego Rivera), Gloria Guinness (married to an heir of the Guinness beer family), Marella Agnelli (Italian royalty and wife of Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli), Eleanor Friede (publisher of novels jesuit Elmore Leonard) and Babe Paley (style icon and wife of William S. Paley, founder of CBS).

He organized the famous Black and White masque ball in 1966 (Black-white programming of alters, year 18 the Moon Pisces associated with masks, the year Anton LaVey founded his Church of Satan) on 11/28 (date Ed Harris, the Demiurge in the Truman Show). The ball was based on of Shakespeare's The Tempest with Prospero, based on John Dee, creates a play within a play for his daughter Miranda, used in the alchemical wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth.

Another inspiration was the black and white dress scene in My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison (name child Harry) and Veronika Rothschild. The ball was dedicated to Katharine Graham of the Washington Post (Watergate media ritual), as it announced the wedding of Antichrist William and Catherine. Katherine Graham was a member of the Meyer family that controlled the Federal Reserve, died 7/17, date of Diana's nemesis Camilla Parker. The Manhattan Plaza Hotel at Central Park, was near the Dakota Hotel where Roman Polanski made his Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby with Mia Farrow.

Guests were: Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, Candice Bergen wearing a rabbit mask (Alice in Wonderland programming), Andy Warhol, Ladybird Johnson, Harry Belafonte, Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, Gloria Vanderbilt, Lauren Bacall, Prince Stanislas and Princess Lee Radziwill (sister Jackie Kennedy), Philip Johnson, Brooke Astor, Babe Paley (sister married to William Astor).

Lauren Bacall played in How to Marry a Millionaire with Marilyn Monroe. Babe Paley Cushing Mortimer was a daughter of neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing (Yale, Scroll and Key). She married William Paley (Zeta Beta Tau), founder of Columbia Broadcasting System of Colonna, whose previous wife was Dorothy Hearst. His daughter Amanda Mortimer, married Carter Burden Vanderbilt, Steve Ross CEO of TimeWarner and Charlie Rose.

The music was played by the orchestra of Peter Duchin, raised by Averell Harriman of the S&B family Harriman, member of the Wise Men with John McCloy (CFR, president of the World Bank). Duchin married Brooke Hayward, previously married to Dennis Hopper.

Afterwards the list of invitees was published by the New York Times. The concept of elite parties and orgies was introduced in the public consciousness during the John Profumo media ritual in 1963 with stories about Cliveden of the Astor family, leading up to the JFK ritual ('the mother of all conspiracy theories'). The ball of Capote was very similar to the masque ball of Guy and Hélène de Rothschild at Chateau Ferrieres (Alice Miranda Rothschild) with Salvador Dali, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn as guests.

The ball and the alchemical wedding theme was duplicated in Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie, Eyes Wide Shut with Nicole Kidman, Polanski's The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp, The Dark Knight Rises with Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway (name wife Shakespeare), Marion Cotillard 9/30 like Capote).

In 1975 the NY Times published his novel 'La Côte Basque 1965', revealing secrets about his Swans, causing Ann Woodward (=Rosemary Woodhouse) to commit suicide (infidelity of William Woodward (WW=33, William V, fiction becoming real).

He was part of the jet set parties of NY nightclub Studio 54 of the Colonna's with Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, Brooke Shields, Debbie Harry, Elton John, Diana Ross,..

In 1979 Deborah Davis claimed in the biography of Katherine Graham, Katharine the Great that the CIA had a Project Mockingbird in the 50's to control the press and other media (70's era of Pluto, dark secrets in Libra, Watergate, Church Committee, Rockefeller Commission on MK Ultra,..).

She claimed the project was overseen by Cord Meyer, married to Mary Pinchot Meyer (mm=33), both friends of Katharine Graham. Mary Meyer later had an affair with JFK, who she met at a dance at Choate school. She died in a mysterious shooting in Georgetown on 10/12/1963 bday of Aleister Crowley (suspect Ray Crump, Meyer's biographer also wrote book about Donald Trump). Deborah Davis also wrote Party of the Century about Capote's masque ball.

Dominick Dunne's sister Dominique Dunne, known for her role in Poltergeist, was strangeled on 11/4/1982 (year birth William, dd=44, nr of Mass of the Phoenix).

Universal Studios had a studio set named Mockingbird Square used in movie How To Kill a Mockingbird with Robert Duvall, and Back To The Future with Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

He died in 1984, 7 days before birth prince Harry, presented to the press by Diana in red dress like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, 13 days after movie Amadeus with masque ball scene with Mozart and Salieri.

Astrological chart

born 9/30/1924, 93 nr of Thelema True Will, 24 nr of Jupiter, date death Catherine Eddowes (Jack the Ripper), Marion Cotillard, Monica Bellucci, Marc Bolan, death James Dean, Eric Stolz (masked robbery in Killing Zoe), Fran Drescher, Anthony Delon, T-Pain, death lawyer Robert Kardashian, Angie Dickinson (Ocean's 11 with Frank Sinatra), 14 days after Lauren Bacall, 1 day before president Jimmy Carter, Libra (Weighing of the Heart ceremony judged by Osiris).

Dom: Aquarius (the Star), Scorpio, Leo - Uranus, Neptune (conj Venus like Jay-z, Richard Gere, Sophia Loren), Venus.

Houses 7, 1, 9. 7: Venus conj Neptune in Leo (opp Mars in Aquarius), 1: Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Pisces (the Moon, black and white Isis), 9: Saturn and Moon in Scorpio. 4: Lilith in Taurus, 6: Pluto in Cancer, 8: Sun in Libra, 10: Jupiter in Sagittarius.

died 8/25/1984, date Friedrich Nietzsche, movie Wizard of Oz, Alexander Skarsgard, death Ted Kennedy, death Neil Armstrong, death Aaliyah, Tom Skerrit, George Wallace, Sean Connery (007=John Dee), day nr 237 (room nr The Shining).


1948 Other Voices, Other Rooms Idabel based on Harper Lee (like Dill in How To Kill a Mockingbird was based on Capote)
1949 A Tree of Night and Other Stories
1950 Local Color
1951 the Grass Harp
1953 Beat the Devil (the Devil) screenplay directed by John Huston Humphrey Bogart Jennifer Jones parody of the Maltese Falcon with Mary Astor, United Artists
Terminal Station Jennifer Jones Columbia Pictures
1958 Breakfast at Tiffany's
1959 commentary for a book of Richard Avedon (The New School, Harper's Bazaar)
1961 Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn
1966 In Cold Blood murders of Herbert Clutter in Kansas (Wizard of Oz), 2nd best 'true crime' novel after Vincent Bugliosi's Helter Skelter about the 911 Sharon Tate ritual. 1/17, 10 days after birth Carolyne Kennedy, wife of JFK Jr, 3 months before Time issue 'Is God Dead?'.
With Love from Truman documentary (James Bond From Russia With Love, movie watched by JFK in 1963)
1967 In Cold Blood Robert Blake (Lost Highway) Columbia Pictures music by Quincy Jones (married to Polanski's girlfrien Natassja Kinski, producer of Michael Jackson)
1976 Murder By Death David Niven (Eye of the Devil with Sharon Tate) Alec Guiness (Star Wars) Eileen Brennan James Coco Peter Sellers Nancy Walker, parody of detective mystery (Scorpio Death) 6/23 St John's Eve, date death Maureen Sullivan, mother of Mia Farrow. shot in Warner Bros Burbank Studios (Truman Burbank in the Truman Show). 1977 Annie Hall Woody Allen Diane Keaton cameo in park (also cameo of jesuit Marshall McLuhan)

Truman Capote in popular culture

1980 The Shining Jack Nicholson ball in the Overlook Hotel
1986 Answered Prayers posthumous based on Babe Paley and Nancy Slim Keith

1988 Capote biography by Gerald Clarke (born 6/21 like William), who also wrote Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland.

1991 Yasmin Aga Khan (2nd child of Rita Hayworth and UN representative Aly Kahn) hosts a Black and White ball
1993 marriage of Donald Trump and Maria Maples at the Plaza Hotel with OJ Simpson as guest (like Wallis Simpson at Capote's ball)
1996 In Cold Blood CBS miniseries Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight masked robbery of Heath Ledger) Sam Neill (Antichrist in The Omen III)
1997 Truman Capote's Christmas Memory Patty Duke (in Valley of the Dolls with Sharon Tate and Rosemary's Baby 2) Piper Laurie (Twin Peaks)
Truman Capote by George Plimpton (Philips Exeter, present at the Robert Kennedy assassination ritual)
1998 The Truman Show Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank Ed Harris 11/28 date of Truman's masque ball
1999 (7/16 day of plane crash JFK Jr) Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman at ball, masque ball in dream sequence (Pisces imagination, dreams), 33 years later, filmed at Mentmore Towers of the Rothschilds.

2000 The Audrey Hepburn Story Jennifer Love Hewitt as Audrey Hepburn Michael J Burg (born in Kansas) as Capote
2001 Vanilla Sky Tom Cruise wakes up at the Dakota with Audrey Hepburn at his tv screen, wears a mask in the rest of the movie.
2005 Capote portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman Catherine Keener as Harper Lee Bob Balaban Mark Pellegrino Chris Cooper 9/30, 81 years after birth Capote
2006 Infamous Toby Jones (born in 1966) as Capote Sandra Bullock as Harper Lee Daniel Craig (James Bond) Sigourney Weaver Gwyneth Paltrow

Christie's Auction House recreates the Black and White ball at Rockefeller Center.

2012 (year after wedding William and Catherine) The Dark Knight Rises (the James Holmes Phoenix ritual with Kenneth Branagh as Prospero/John Dee) Marion Cotillard as Miranda (Prospero's daughter in The Tempest) 9/30 like Truman Capote.

2014 Philip Seymour Hoffman dies (last film Mocking Jay=Harper Lee's Mockinbird), Lauren Bacall dies at the Dakota.

2017 The Post Steven Spielberg Meryl Streep (Miranda in the Devil Wears Prada) as Katharine Graham

2020 the Corona ritual as the Capote masque ball (marriage of opposites, black and white).


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the 911 Sharon Tate ritual

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