Tribe of Dan

Tribe of Dan is one of the 12 Tribes of Israel in the Bible, representing the 12 signs of the Zodiac with the Tribe of Dan as 13th tribe, water sign Scorpio close to 13th sign Ophiuchus the Snakeholder and the Golden Gate. Dan is a child of Jacob and Bilhah (Rachel's slave). Goddess Danu= Anu (the sky) who birthed the Anunaki. Constellation Eridanus is a river that springs from Orion's foot (Nile in Egypt, Jor-dan in Israel). The Nephilim giants became the Irish Tuatha De Dannan who built burial mounds, the Phoenicians ruling the Mediterranean Sea and the long haired Tribe of Dan with eagle, serpent, owl and scales symbol. They  inhabited Denmark, Swe-den, Sar-din-ia, region of the Donau, Su-dan and Greece as the long haired Spar-tans (descendants of Danaus). 

Lepenski vir at the Donau (Dan) in Serbia was built in 9500 bc.

In the Book of Judges Samson of the Tribe of Dan defeated a lion like Herakles (Tarot card Strength, controlling the solar lion, in older cards Forza with a broken pillar). Hair represent the rays of the sun, which during winter under influence of Saturn, loses his light, his hair. Laylah (night) consumes the sun like Judas betraying Jesus (also paid in silver, metal of the moon), Judith decapitating Holofernes and Salomé decapitating John the Baptist. The Talmud claims Dalilah tempted Samson through sex (Lust), cutting off hair is a symbol of chastity.

Dan is a city in Israel on the 33d parallel like Tyre and Babylon near Mount Hermon where the Fallen Angels landed and the Jor-dan.

The Book of Daniel describes the captivity of jews in Babylon. In the Book of Revelation the Tribe of Dan is not mentioned, leading to the interpretation that the Antichrist will come from the Tribe of Dan.

Aeschylus play The Suppliants describes the arrival of the Danaids in Argos. Apollo's sister was moon goddess Diana.

Aten became Adonai and Athena. Mother Mary was called the Donna or Madonna.

The long haired Merovingians ruled France and Germany. dancing =Danse Macabre, dance of the scorpion of Scorpio.

In Royal Arch degree of freemasonry the initiate passes the red veil of Taurus, white veil of Leo, blue veil of Scorpio, purple veil of Aquarius.

Tribe of Dan symbolism

1321 Dante Alighieri Divine Comedy

1776 Illuminati owl symbol Daniel Itzig.

1872 Daniel O'Connell Bohemian Club with giant owl.

1947 eagle of CIA (Scorpio: dark secrets, betrayal). mafia with bosses called the Don.

1961 the Beast from the Sea (world of politics) John Kennedy.

1968 Erich von Dänicken Chariot of the Gods. Vietnam War with jesuit Daniel Berrigan.

1976 The Omen Damian.

1980 The Shining Danny.  Blythe Danner.

1982 Diana (of Tribe of Dan-Merovingian bloodline) gives birth to Antichrist figure William V (Fifth Kingdom of Book of Daniel) during solar eclipse on summer solstice.

1985 dance John Travolta and Diana in blue velvet dress (blue veil of Scorpio). Purple Rose of Cairo Jeff Daniels Danny Aeiello.  Ghostbusters Dana. Blue Velvet Dennis Hopper David Lynch (Dune).

1988 Twins Danny De Vito.  Dan Aykroyd.  Danny Glover. Gremlins II Daniel Clamp announcing Donald Trump

Metallica (scales symbol on And Justice For All) Black Album with 666 serpent Danish Lars Ulrich (alchemy with heavy metals).

1993 Last Action Hero Danny. Lars von Trier Dancer in the Dark.

1998 The Big Lebowski Donny. That 70's Show Eric and Donna.

1999 Man on the Moon Danny DeVito.

2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Daniel Radcliffe. Disclosure Project Daniel Sheehan. Mulholland Drive Dan Hedaya. Ocean's Eleven Danny Ocean. Catherine Danes.

2002 Gangs of New York Daniel Day-Lewis.

2005 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown. Danny Houston. Daniel Craig as James Bond. Blood Diamond Danny Archer.

2007 There Will Be Blood Daniel Day-Lewis Paul Dano.

2008 Inglourious Basterds Daniel Bruhl. Barack Obama child of Stanley Ann Dunham.

Sweeney Todd (ToD: Tribe of Dan). Dan Winter.

2010 Shutter Island Teddy Daniels. Don Cheadle in Kendrick Lamarr's DNA.

2011 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Daniel Craig Rooney Mara.

2012 Prometheus Danish Noomi Rapace. the James Holmes Phoenix ritual Danny Boyle with William and Catherine.

2016 Antichrist figure Donald Trump.

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