Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a diagram based on sacred geometry used in kabbalism that is seen as a blueprint, a map of how the universe and how the multidimensional human psyche works and how the personality, stuck in a physical body and the material world, can eventually restore the connection to divine feminine (inverted into the God program or Lucifer).

The death-rebirth cycle of the soul is synchronised with the cycle of the sun and earth, nature with its trees (the Fool's journey in Tarot).

In Kabbalism it is studied in conjunction with astrology and Tarot. In the mystery schools of Atlantis, nature was celebrated as a green man, a living world tree (in Egypt Osiris).

In Norse mythology the tree is called Yggdrasil and has 9 spheres (the number of a vacuum and singularity). In shamanism the tree serves as a spirit ladder. The tree has a theoretical, meditative and magical aspect. In Sumer (abgallu priests seven chakras), Babylon, Kabbalism and later the New Age religion, the cult of Saturn has inverted this concept into another pineal gland cult and the tree of life is a tree of death with 10 spheres.

Kabalah: 'to receive', the kaba is the cube of Saturn, for them it is a way to contact spirits. The renaissance humanist de Mirandola founded the tradition of Christian Kabbalism.

The initiate starts at the bottom and climbs, works his way up the tree, to reunite with an external 'god' YHVH. This is pictured as following the serpent, the kundalini energy. The 10 sepiroths + the 22 paths that link them, are numbered as the 32 paths. The tree is also the DNA strand, a tree with 22 branches (the tree in the bible refers to the races who had genetic knowledge, in islam the tree of immortality). The 22 paths are connected with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, who also have their own meaning. The 3 mother letters (aleph, mem, shin), 7 double letters and 12 single letters are connected to the 3 elemental signs (air water fire), 7 planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) and 12 zodiac signs.

The tree has three pillars -three paths, the left brain intellectual path of Severity, the right brain artistic, poetic path of Mildness and the Royal middle path of Equilibrium.

Atziluth is the world of Emanation (element fire). Beriah is the world of Creation (element air). Yetzirah is the world of Formation (element water). Assiah is the world of Action (element earth).

The 9 sepiroth above Malkuth, the material world are divided into 3 triads:
- the Supernal divine triad (Kether, Chokmah, Binah- Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva -in christianity Holy Trinity of Father, Son, Holy Spirit=mother Mary)
- the Ethical, psyche or soul triad (Chesed, Geburah, Tiferet)
- the Magical astral triad (Hod, Netzach and Yesod). The abyss =original sin, fall of consciousness that causes gaps in knowledge of self. It is the task of the initiate to align these 3 and unite them.

Apart from the physical body (Malkuth), the Personality has three aspects, Will (creative emotions), Intellect and Memory (subconscious), linked to Netzach (Venus), Hod (Mercury) and Yesod (Moon).

The first step is going to the inner world, explore the subconscious, reconcile conscious ego with the dark subconscious and start balancing emotions and intellect.
The structures of the personality are examined through the path 28 the emperor, path 30 the sun (the ego), path 27 (balancing personality, male and female).

The next step is connecting with the Higher Self, with the heart (Tiferet, the sun, the soul). The process of examining links with individuality, involves going through a dark night of the soul through path 25 art (the inner light as golden dawn), path 26 the Devil (going from intellect to intuition) and path 27 Death (letting go of the ego), a process where personality seems to fall apart, leading to a spiritual death- rebirth.

The Sephiroth are sometimes conjoined as the Star of David, 2 interlaced triangles around Tiphareth. The soul or Higher Self or Individuality is symbolised by a downward pointing triangle (Chesed, Geburah, and Yesod) which projects into incarnation its Lower Self or Personality, symbolised by the upward pointing triangle (Daath, Netzach, and Hod).

The opening up to mystical consciousness has its correspondence with piercing the Veil of Qesheth between Yesod and Tiphareth. This Veil is symbolised in rainbow colours and indicates the light of Tiphareth being refracted through the astral or emotional sphere. The next step is Crossing of the Gulf' through a leap of Faith, the power to act as an individual without reliance on others.

From Chesed lies the 'Secret Path' to Daath, symbolised by the empty room. The experience of spiritual loneliness, dissolving all previous conceptions of God have until nothing is left, and the soul feels it is on the point of destruction through isolation. In Luciferianism, the 11th sphere is the door to the 11th step, instead of uniting with 'God', becoming a God.


The Qlippoth

The qlippoth are the opposites of the 'holy' sepiroth, the harlots, the shells, husks, or peels that surround and conceal them. The orders of demons are personifications of vices, synonymous with idolatry (the rocks), and with Sitra Achra, the other side, tree of death, the realm opposite to the divine, realm of Satan (our shadow self, our evil twin, symbolised by night creatures like the owl, the bat,..), the other side of the door of Daath. Kings of Unbalanced Force, the Kings of Edom, 'who ruled before there was a king in Israel'. The 22 qlipphotic tunnels are catalogued in Nightside of Eden 1977 by Crowley follower Kenneth Grant. As the Kabbalistic tree of life is actually the tree of death, an inverted tree of life, this kabbalistic tree of death represents the demonisation of the feminine earth, where the hole becomes hell.