The torus (torsion or rotation field) is a circular or donut shaped field. Everything in the universe is a torus (all is one, all is Atum) has a vortex in - vortex outward motion. It is present in human heart,  the eye, the brain, all cells, electromagnetism,  magnetic field and spin of the earth, oranges, apples, tornado's,... When humans interact through the torus they become crea-tors. It is imitated in sacred geometry (artificial overlay of the God matrix). In Atlantis the science and teaching of oneness were corrupted by dark occultists (mad scientists turned into satanists, conflict between the priests and the scientists, both fallen into dogmatic thinking). To recreate the old rivalry between priests and scientists, the torus was popularized by agents of the New Age Church like Spirit Science, Gregg Braden (Ancient Aliens, published by Louise Hay), Drunvalo Melchisidek, Nassim Haramein, Gaia, Thrive, Jack Sarfatti (Fundamental Fysiks Group, affiliated with Esalen), David Wilcock, Santos Bonacci (Flat Earth psyop), Nikolai Kozyrev, Electrical Universe, in Law of Attraction theories (you receive what you send out), theories of free energy inventions of Nikola Tesla, zero point energy, holographic reality, cymatics and UFOlogy (crop circles).  

A torus has a positive and negative curvature (Gaussian curvature), two poles, twin pillars of freemasonry.  It has 2 ellipsoids, forming an 8.

Energy can be focused (to a point) or dispersed (to a circle and infinity). An electromagnetic wave is a fluctuation, a flux (lux=light) of energy.

Like humans, planets, stars, galaxies and universes are conscious beings. Language was a downgrade from telepathic communication in multilayered symbols.

The multidimensional soul animates the heart in the torso of the human body that acts as a stargate (union male and female, in Egypt symbolized by letter H). like a high voltage cable attached to a low voltage device the body can only handle a certain amount of light or energy. The heart is a source of heat (upward fire energy).

Tor= bull, force of pulling and pushing, turning, tornado's. 2 cones in and out=horns of the bull god Baal.

Hermeticists taught that microcosm (atom and the human heart) works the same way as the sun in solar system (As Above So Below in Emerald Tablets).

The center point is the Flower of Life, Tiferet in the Tree of Life (knowledge of the druids, Kabbalists, witchcraft,..). A torus seen from above is the rose pattern of Venus, planet of love ('Divine Love' of the Platonists and rosicrucians).

The center point (the sun, the heart), the Flower of Life fits into a hexagon (El, the All duality of sun and Saturn).

The spiral of the 2 opposite counter forces or torrents (blue and red yin and yang, fire and water, Jupiter and Mars, Heaven and Hell, electricity and magnetism) is the symbol of the serpent.

The torus forms an horizontal 8 shape, symbol of infinity and time (letters trs=str Saturn).

History of the torus symbol in religion

From the moment people became dependent of agriculture, a religion was imposed of cow and bull worship to control the geometric grids of the  torus of earth and to cut off the connection to the mother planet. All symbols are simple representation of the bull, the 2 horned torus.

The Silver Gate (crossing of the ecliptic and celestial plane) is the regeneration of the torus field (symbiosis of sun and earth) are the horns of Taurus, the Bull of Heaven, celebrated on May Day (inverted to fire sacrifice to Baal), next to Orion masculine energy of the galaxy. It forms a -/+ field with the Golden Gate (Bab-Ilu, Babylon).

Sumerian priests held the pinecone symbol of the pineal gland. The upward and downward cones/horns became the horn of abundance, being 'horny' of hormones, under influence of the horned Devil, cones of ice cream, con(e)cepts, con(e)stant, con man, silicon, Cohens, Conner, conard, Draconi's,...

In the Egyptian religion atomic science became the worship of self created gods Atum (Akhenaten's god Aten, in Judaism Adonai), God/Adam in the bible, Atman,...

Bull god Osiris (Djed pillar) represent the masculine energy of the universe, Orion, axis of earth (green man of spring), the spine, standing phallus,..

Isis represented the feminine energy of the universe (Milkyway), Sirius, spin (creative potential) of earth, the womb,..

The 3 pyramids, aligned with 3 stars of Orion's belt, represent the inward vortex of the torus (As Above So Below).

In Hinduism the masculine and feminine was Shiva and Shakti.

The jews in Babylon wrote the Bible (bipolar bull) with astro-theological symbolism. God (Elohim: El, the All)  creating the universe in 7 days represents the 7 circles forming the Flower of Life pattern.

Mathematicians tried to measure the earth (geometry) to control the geometric fields of earth. The concept of angles was distorted into worship of angels. El= angle of 90 degrees.

René Descartes invented geometry with coordinates and equations. Gaussian curvature is the measurement of curve independent from Euclidean space. Gauss developed Gauss' Law about flux.

Hermeticists practiced sex magic open up dimensional portals to let entities of the God matrix influence and take over the human soul.

In 1784 Charles-Augustin Coulomb wrote about the concept of torsion balance (equilibrium point, Coulomb: the dove).

In Theory of Relativity of Albert Einstein (Al, the one, the unified field), gravity is explained as curvature of spacetime.

In the atom model of quantum mechanics (atom as a mechanical device) the atom is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons (circling around the core like planets around the sun).

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC=Lucifer) of CERN (horned god Cernunnos) in Geneva (Genesis of Eva) is 8 shaped.

Agents of the New Age Church teach a watered down version of Hermeticism, towards Ascension (soul harvest by the God matrix) as controlled opposition against the Science Church (dark occultists who can rule through slave education that humans don't have a soul or spirit).

Disinfo of Stanford (Lee Si-Che, Stargate Project),  Institute of HeartMath, Nassim Haramein scam TorusTech, Fundamental Fysiks Group of Elizabeth Rauscher (NASA),  Jack Scarfatti (Brandeis University), Electrical Universe,...

In 2011 Thrive was released featuring David Icke, Steven Greer (Zero point energy in the Disclosure Project psyop), Catherine Austin Fitts (administration of George HW Bush, CHD with jesuit Robert Kennedy Jr), Nassim Haramein (Gaia, Spirit Science), jesuit Daniel Sheehan, jesuit trained NASA astronaut Brian O'Leary, Deepak Choprah, G Edward Griffin (JBS, Anarchopulco), Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!), John Robins, Vandana Shiva, Jack Kasher,..

Donut symbolism is used in The Simpsons.

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