Timothy Leary

Timothy Francis Leary was a jesuit trained psychiatrist and CIA agent, used in mind control experiments with LSD and other drugs, and in the media to create a mythology around the counterculture of the 60's (the New Age Church). He played a role in the Summer of Love media ritual in San Francisco, a year after Anton LaVey founded his Church of Satan.

He married his first wife Marianne Busch in 1944 (drug fiend Aleister Crowley had a relationship with Bertha Bush). He was educated at Harvard like George W Bush and Obama. Aleister Crowley played the role Dionysus-Iacchus- Christ, wrote 'Diary of a drug friend', a blueprint for the hedonist rock icons of the 60's and 70's. Leary's work expanded on the research of Harry Sullivan of St Elizabeths Hospital in Washington (connection to Ron Hubbard's Scientology).

In 1957 Gordon Wasson and his magic mushroom research was promoted in Life Magazine, the start of the fake psychedelic culture of the 60's.

In 1960 Frank Barron (educated at Berkeley) founded the Harvard Psychedelic Drug Research, similar to the CIA drug research of Project Bluebird, Artichoke and MK Ultra in the 50's. Michael Hollingshead introduced Leary to LSD, like he would give LSD to Roman Polanski, John Lennon, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Keith Richards and Alan Watts.

1962 Harvard funded the Concord prison experiment and Walter Pahnke's Good Friday experiment with psilocybin at Marsh chapel of Boston University with rose window with depiction of Jesus, under supervision of Leary and Richard Alpert (dean mentor of Martin Luther King, the Dionysian side of JFK). Other participants were Ralph Metzner and Holocaust survivor Nina Gabrol (12/8/1918- 12/13/1999). Nina Gabrol played a role in neutralising the anti-war movement with other hippie CIA agents like Yoko Ono.


In 1963, year of the JFK ritual (also day of death Aldous Huxley, writer of the Doors of Perception), Leary and Alpert moved to the Milbrook estate of Peggy Hitchcock Mellon (Paul Mellon also CIA). They received guests like Michael Hollingshead, Ken Kesey (MK Ultra), William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, John Perry Barlow (The Grateful Dead), Michael Bowen and members of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love (cannabis symbol and swastika like the Aryan Brotherhood), the so called hippie mafia of Orange County (Robert Hadley Stark), with William Mellon Hitchcock as patron (William V=the Daemon, the Shadow).

William Mellon Hitchcock was part of the Cliveden set of the Astor family, that helped to create the Round Table and Council On Foreign Relations and were part of the Profumo media scandal with 19y old model Christine Keeler (Pluto in Virgo).

Nicolas Sand and Tim Scully (Scully like Steve Jobs Apple collegue John Scully) made Orange Sunshine LSD (orange=33=sodomy), used in the cult of Charles Manson. Nicolas Sand was the son of Soviet spy Clarence Hiskey connected to Columbia University and the Manhattan Project. Peggy Hitchcock's husband Walter Bowart wrote Operation Mind Control (Ayin the Devil).

Leary married model Neena von Schlebrugge who worked for Harper's Bazaar of the Hearst family, specialised in mind control.

He founded the League for Spiritual Discovery in Greenwich Village with Nina Gabrol, associated with other CIA agents of the Esalen Institute like Abraham Maslow, Alan Watts, jesuit Jean Houston (advisor Hilary Clinton), jesuit Margaret Mead, with a LSD based meditation center in Manhattan. He played a role in a senate hearing, answering questions of Ted Kennedy about LSD.

Michael Hollingshead founded the World Psychedelic Center on King's Road and spread the LSD trend in the Swinging London scene of JP Getty, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Roman Polanski, Eric Clapton, Joseph Berke (worked with RD Laing of Tavistock),..

In 1966 Gordon Liddy also jesuit played a role in the fake drug raid on the Hitchbrook Estate. Leary had connections to mythologist Robert Graves (gay agenda) and William Sargant (mind control experiments at Maudsley and st Thomas Hospital London).

In 1967 he played a role in the Human Be-in in San Francisco, where he spread the phrase 'Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out' of jesuit trained media guru Marshall McLuhan. The event with one eye (pineal gland) pyramid poster, with concerts of CIA bands The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, with the Hell's Angels as security, was organised by Michael Bowen. Bowen's grandmother was member of the Theosophical Society and his mother was the lover of gangster Benjamin Siegel. He was a friend of Samson de Brier who played in movies with Whore of Babylon archetype Marjorie Cameron and with Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper, who played in the CIA LSD commercoal The Trip.

Leary's national fame grew in the Summer of Love media ritual with Lenore Kandel (The New School of the Colonna's, Kenneth Anger movie with Anton LaVey). With Albert Hoffman he became a guru of the New Age religion, promoting LSD as a wonder drug (political puppet Richard Nixon of the Right Wing Church and Gordon Liddy as nemesis, Saturn in Aquarius). Richard Nixon called him 'the most dangerous man in America', like the media branded Crowley as 'the Wickedest Man in the World' (according to Nietzsche's quote 'a true man loves danger and women' =Uma Thurman).

The same year he married Rosemary Woodruff (1 year before Mia Farrow played mother of the Antichrist Rosemary Woodhouse in Rosemary's Baby).

1968 The CIIS was founded in San Francisco with people like Ralph Metzner, Stanislav Grof (connected to mother Courtney Love, wife of Kurt Cobain), Angela Davis (student of cultural marxist Herbert Marcuse, the Black Church), Alan Watts, Chani Nicolas (gay agenda), Douglas Vakoch (Vanderbilt University, SETI researcher, Carl Sagan, Steven Greer, Paul Allen who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates), Starhawk (feminism, neopaganism), jesuit Brian Swimme, jesuit Richard Tarnas (Esalen Institute).

Leary was present at the fake anti-war protest and Bed-In of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in january 1969 at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel (room 702= Dakota Hotel at 72nd Street).

In the aftermath of the 911 Sharon Tate ritual that announced the birth of Diana's son William, the media reported that Diane Linkletter jumped out of a window on 10/4/1969 under influence of LSD, and Leary was used in a pro-contra LSD discussion with Art Linkletter (Sagittarius Art, uniting opposites).

He was the godfather (the early 70's was the era of The Godfather movies) of Nena von Schlebrugge's daughter Uma Thurman and Winona Ryder (Parsons lived at Winona Boulevard), who played in A Scanner Darkly of Richard Linklater, based on story of Philip K Dick, and in Stranger Things with the daughter of Uma Thurman about a secret mind control project of the government.

In the 70's (era of Pluto in Libra, year of fake Charles Manson and Jim Morrison trial, Sand and Scully indicted) Leary was given a ten year sentence for possessing marihuana, with a fake escape attempt with help from the Weather Underground (fake liberation movement with the term white privelege) and Black Panthers. Jean Houston wrote Mind Games, promoted by John Lennon, who also made an abum named Mind Games.

While he pretended to be on the run, fleeing to Europe like Roman Polanski, he had an affair with Joanna Harcourt-Smith, the aunt of Arpad Busson who married Uma Thurman, friends with the Rolling Stones, Gunther Sachs, Salvador Dali and Aga Khan. They traveled to Afghanistan, where they were arrested and extradited (Pluto in Libra).

The CIA counterculture heroes played the role of Pluto, the Shadow, purging and cracking open what's repressed: the hypocrisy of the Vietnam war, the fake Watergate scandal with Leary' s nemesis jesuit George Gordon Liddy (Richard Nixon administration).

John D Marks wrote CIA and the Cult of Intelligence with CIA agent Victor Marchetti, start of the MK Ultra - Church Committee/Rockefeller Commission media ritual.

In 1977 Leary wrote the foreword of Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger, with the one eye pyramid symbol also on poster of the Human Be-In in 1967, spreading the Illuminati hoax and disinfo about Sirius (the Blazing Star in freemasonry). Leary was also friends with Carol Rosin, spokesperson of Werner von Braun (Operation Paperclip), part of Steven Greer' Disclosure Project and Sirius documentary, his nemesis Gordon Liddy appeared on Sirius XM (Leary's son Zach Leary was a guest on Joe Rogan Experience). He visited Studio 54.

In 1983 he published his autobiography Flashbacks, with conspiracy theories about Mary Meyer, the mistress of JFK.

His godson Joy Ito started Media Lab at Massasuchetts Institute of Technology. Henry Murray who also participated in the MK Ultra experiments of Harvard, worked with Ted Kaczynsky (Unabomber).

Leary appeared in a documentary about the drug addiction of Red Hot Chili Peppers guitar player John Frusciante, who recorded the RHCP debut album in Laurel Canyon.

He played a small role in Roadside Prophets of Adam Horowitz (the Beastie Boys who worked with RHCP producer Rick Ruben), Flea (RHCP, the River Phoenix ritual), John Cusack, Don Cheadle and David Carradine (arrested in Laurel Canyon under influence of peyote).

Astrological chart

born 10/22/1920, date Catherine Deneuve (in Polanski's Repulsion), Deepak Choprah, Lynette Fromme (Manson Family of Charles Manson), Christopher Lloyd (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), date Charlie's Angels.

Asc: Sagittarius (religion), mc: Virgo. Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Scorpio (Death, ego death), Sagittarius - Jupiter (benevolent father Osiris associated with DMT, like Tate, Mansfield), Saturn, Mercury.

Houses 12, 3, 9. 12: Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, 3: Moon in Aquarius, Uranus (rebellion, eccentric) in Pisces (imagination), 9: Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo (opp Moon and Uranus).

died 5/31/1996, date first Hilton, Brooke Shields, Colin Farrell, Lea Thompson (BTTF).


1957 The Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality
1964 The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead
1967 Start Your Own Religion
1968 The Politics of Extacy
1968 High Priest (the Hierophant)
1973 Ash Ra Temple Seven Up album
1977 Neuropolitics: The Sociobiology of Human Metamorphosis (Robert Anton Wilson) 1983 Flashbacks (foreword of William S Burroughs)
1989 From Psychedelics to Cybernetics tapes of lecture with Terence McKenna

Timothy Leary in popular culture

1968 Dragnet episode William Bentley based on Leary

1979 Hair (hippie musical of jesuit Gerome Ragni) mentions Leary

1981 Nice Dreams Cheech and Chong cameo of Leary who gives key to the universe (Jupiter St Peter) Columbia Pictures

1989 Moonlighting Bruce Willis Cybill Shepherd cameo

1995 French Exit Madchen Amick

1999 Conceiving Ada about consciousness transfer with Tilda Swinton (digital mind control of Scientologist Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky) Karen Black (LSD tripping prostitute in Easy Rider with Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper) produced by Henry Rosenthal

In the Line of Fire John Malkovich as Mitch Leary, mind controlled assassin like Harvey Lee.

The Number 23 (nr 23 enigma of Discordian Robert Anton Wilson) Mark Pellegrino Jim Carrey visits Danny Huston as dr Sirius Leary.

2004 The Men Who Stare at Goats based on Stargate Project George Clooney Kevin Spacey Ewan McGregor (mentioning of Leary).

2005 Lost the Others Dharma Initiative based on John Lennon and Richard Alpert.

2016 Stranger Things Winona Ryder (sensory deprivation tank scene, invented by Leary's friend John Lilly).

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