Time is a propaganda magazine of the Saturn cult (Saturn=planet of time), used in the media industry, founded in 1923 by Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce and Britton Hadden (both educated at elite school Hotchkiss and members of Skull and Bones). It as owned by Time Inc, Time Warner and the Meredith Corporation of Marc Benioff (CFR, WEF, cloud computing company Salesforce, Giving Pledge of Bill Gates, Lesbians Who Tech).

Luce was also a member of the Century Group with Allen Dulles, Henry Sloan Coffin (S&B), James Warburg, James Bryant Conant (Harvard) and of the Pilgrims Society with Allen Dulles, Averell Harriman and Elihu Root. He was married to Dame of Malta Clare Booth Luce (CFR, CPD).

Hadden was member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity like Knights of Malta Gerald Ford and William Randolph Hearst, JP Morgan, Theodore Roosevelt, S&B members George HW Bush and George W Bush. Robert Livingston Johnson, vice-president of Time Inc, was president of Temple University in Philadelphia and campaigned for John Dewey (The New School).

A lot of Federal Reserve bankers worked for Time: grandson of Thomas Lamont (CFR), Henry Davison Jr (S&B, married to the daughter of James Stillman of Citibank, son of Henry Davison S&B, brother of CIA agent Trubee Davison S&B), Artumus Gates (S&B, married to the daughter of Henry Davison),..

People featured on its cover: Frederick Trubee Davison (S&B), John Jock Payne Whitney (S&B), Alexei Rykov, Montagu Norman, Adolf Hitler, Erich von Ludendorff, Joseph Stalin, Rudi Gernreich (Swinging London, partner of Harry Hay OTO), Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Jim Carrey, Julian Assange, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon,.. The M of Time is often used to give devil horns to the person on the cover.

1936 Henry Luce buys Life magazine.

1957 promotion of Gordon Wasson (LSE of Fabian Society, JP Morgan, CIA) and magic mushrooms in Life magazine.

1963 the JFK ritual, images of the Zapruder film.

1966 Is God Dead? (death of God announced by Friedrich Nietzsche), used in Roman Polanski's Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby.

promotion of the Swinging London scene.

1969 Apollo moon landing media ritual.

1977 Patty Hearst media ritual with MK Ultra doctors.

1986 the Iran Contra affair media ritual with Oliver North (WACL)

1987 editor Jason McManus (CFR)

1989 Time Inc merges with Hollywood studio Warner Bros.

1995 Paul Sagan (CBS, Moderna) as president of new media.

1996 Time merges with Turner Broadcasting System of Ted Turner (CNN) and Warner Bros. Time Warner also controls the music industry (jesuit John Stankey). Richard Parsons of Time Warner, friend of David Rockefeller and member of the CFR, merges AOL (Hoechst family of IG Farben) and TimeWarner into AOL Time Warner Inc.

2006 Climate Church propaganda with starving ice bears.

pushing of the gay-transgender agenda

2018 Time is purchased by Marc Benioff (CFR, cloud computing company Salesforce, Oracle Corporation, Business Roundtable, WEF, Giving Pledge of Bill Gates, mentored by Colin Powell CFR, related to David Benioff of HBO series Game of Thrones).

Promotion of fake March of Our Lives protests. Introduction of media actor Donald Trump and the term 'fake news' to increase censorship. Is Truth Dead? cover (Postmodernism).

2020 the Covid19-ritual, announcement of the Great Reset.

2021 transgender agenda with Elliot Page

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Skull and Bones