Tim Roth

Tim Roth is a British mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry, push the sodomy-gay agenda and announce the William and Catherine wedding. He admitted to be sexually abused, which is the theme of his directorial debut the War Zone. He supported political puppet Bernie Sanders (the Left Wing Church) and the Green Party (the Green Church).


Astological chart

born 5/14/1961, date George Lucas (Star Wars), Cate Blanchett, Sofia Coppola, Robert Zemeckis, d Rita Hayworth, Mark Zuckerberg, Danny Huston, d Frank Sinatra, movie Grace of Monaco, Taurus the Hierophant, year birth Diana and Barack Obama.

Dominants: Taurus (the Hierophant), Leo, Gemini (Tim=twin) - Saturn, Mercury, Mars.

Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aquarius, Venus in Aires, Neptune in Scorpio. Mars and Uranus in Leo, Mercury in Gemini, Pluto in Virgo, Sun and moon in Taurus, chiron in Pluto. 90 degrees squares like Charles Manson, considered as demonic gateways.


1982 Made in Britain skinhead Trev swastika like Antichrist Charles Manson

1984 The Hit Myron John Hurt Terence Stamp Stephen Frears music by Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) Eric Clapton
1985 Return to Waterloo Boy Punk
1988 A World Apart Harold Barbara Hershey
1988 To Kill a Priest Feliks Ed Harris Pete Postlethwaite
1988 Twice Upon a Time
1989 The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover Mitchel Peter Greenaway
1990 Vincent & Theo Vincent van Gogh (John Travolta Vincent from Amsterdam)
1990 Farendj Anton
1990 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Guildenstern (Gemini) Gary Oldman Richard Dreyfuss (Shakespeare's Hamlet, author of The Tempest about John Dee)
1991 Backsliding Tom Whitton
1992 Reservoir Dogs Freddy Newendyke (Mr. Orange, dutch: orange) Harvey Keitel Quentin Tarantino Michael Madsen (mm=33) diner scene like Pulp Fiction
1992 Jumpin' at the Boneyard Manny
1993 Bodies, Rest & Motion Nick Peter Fonda Eric Stolz Bridget Fonda
1993 El Marido perfecto Milan
1994 Heart of Darkness (=Apocalypse now)
1994 Captives Philip Chaney
1994 Little Odessa Joshua Shapira Edward Furlong Vanessa Redgrave
1994 Pulp Fiction (orange juice=33=sodomy) Quentin Tarantino Ringo (Ringo Starr The Beatles, Pumpkin=orange the fool, the sun) Amanda Plummer John Travolta Samuel Jackson Uma Thurman Bruce Willis Rosanna Arquette Mercury the Magician ruling Gemini the Lovers

1995 Captives Julia Ormond as Rachel Mark Strong BBC
1995 Rob Roy Archibald Cunningham (Archie Harrison)
1995 Four Rooms Ted Madonna ritual for goddess Diana Bruce Willis Quentin Tarantino Antonio Banderas Mercury the Magician/Magus

1996 No Way Home Joey
1996 Everyone Says I Love You Charles Ferry Julia Roberts Natalie Portman Edward Norton jesuit Alan Alda Woody Allen Drew Barrymore
1996 Mocking the Cosmos Myrodemnon / Myron
1997 Gridlock'd Alexander "Stretch" Rawland Tupac Shakur (posthumous film)
1997 Hoodlum Dutch Schultz (dutch: orange) Laurence Fishburne Andy Garcia
1997 Deceiver James Walter Wayland aug 31 1997 day death diana, murder elizabeth (=short black dahlia) Rosanna Arquette Ellen Bursteyn
1997 Animals with the Tollkeeper Henry
1998 Legend of 1900 Danny Boodman TD Lemon 1900
1999 The War Zone N/A Director Colin Farrell Ray Winstone Tilda Swinton
2000 The Million Dollar Hotel Izzy Goldkiss Uncredited
2000 Vatel Marquis de Lauzun
2000 Lucky Numbers Gig dinner with John Travolta Lisa Kudrow
2001 Planet of the Apes Tim Burton Thade Mark Wahlberg Helena Bonham Carter Estella Warren Paul Giamatti Kris Kristofferson Lincoln Memorial, about struglle of minorities, remake of movie released day before assassination MLK
2001 Invincible Hersche Steinschneider / Erik Jan Hanussen (the hierophant)
2001 The Musketeer Febre Man in Black Mena Suvari the Tower 4 days before 911
2002 Emmett's Mark John Harrett / Frank Dwyer
2003 Whatever We Do Joe Short film
2003 To Kill a King Oliver Cromwell Benedict Cumberbatch
2004 Battle of the Brave (Nouvelle-France) William Pitt
2004 The Beautiful Country Captain Oh With It "Chicken Louis" Farnatelli Short film
2004 Silver City Mitch Paine Chris Cooper Kris Kristofferson Daryl Hannah Billy Zane
2005 Don't Come Knocking Sutter
2005 Dark Water Jeff Platzer Jennifer Connelly Pete Postlethwaite John C Reilly (Elisa Lam media ritual)
2007 Even Money Victor
2007 Youth Without Youth Dominic (red rose)
2007 Virgin Territory Gerbino virgo
2008 Funny Games George (child Catherine) Naomi Watts Gemini 911 Sharon Tate murders
2008 The Incredible Hulk Emil Blonsky / Abomination (dna mutant) Edward Norton Liv Tyler 7/1 like Diana (Hulk movie in 2003 with Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly)
2009 King Conqueror King Pedro II of Aragon
2010 Pete Smalls Is Dead Pete Smalls
2012 Arbitrage Detective Michael Bryer
2012 Broken Archie (child Harry Archie Harrison aeon) Cillian Murphy
2012 Möbius Rostovski
2013 The Liability Roy
2014 Grace of Monaco Prince Rainier of Monaco (Order of Malta) Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly (car crash 1984, 15 years before Diana, Liv Tyler Grace in Armageddon)
2014 United Passions Sepp Blatter
2014 Selma as George Wallace (year after birth George, died 9/13 like Tupac Shakur) David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King (the Black Church) Oprah Winfrey Common Tom Wilkinson as Lyndon Johnson
2014 October Gale Tom jesuit Patricia Clarkson
2015 A Fall from Grace Detective Tabb (Grace Kelly)
2015 600 Miles Hank Harris
2015 Chronic David
2015 Hardcore Henry (hh=88 Mercury) Henry's Father
2015 Mr. Right Hopper
2015 The Hateful Eight (hh=88 Mercury) Quentin Tarantino Oswaldo Mobray/English Pete Hicox Samuel Jackson Kurt Russell letter Lincoln Jennifer Jason Leigh the Hanged Man like David Carradine and Robin Williams
2017 1 Mile to You Coach Jared.
2017 Twin Peaks the Return David Lynch Gary Hutch Hutchens (Jack Rabbit like Jack Rabbit Slim) Kyle MacLachlan Naomi Watts
2018 The Con Is On Peter Fox (fox=mercury, trickster, air travel) Uma Thurman Crispin Glover
2018 The Padre The Padre (the Hierophant) Nick Nolte.

2019 Luce Peter Edgar
2019 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 911 Sharon Tate ritual 1969 Charles Manson (deleted scenes)


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