Thrive (What on Earth Will It Take) is a movie and project of Foster Gamble of elite family Gamble (corporation Procter & Gamble) and Kimberly Carter, released in 2011 as controlled opposition and propaganda of the New Age Church. Its poster contained masonic one eye and blindfold symbolism (used in 1st Entered Apprentice degree). It focused on crop circles, extraterrestrials, the torus, free energy inventions of Nikola Tesla,... P&G owns Pampers, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Gillette, Braun, Duracell (pink rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming), Oral-B. It employed Dominican AG Lafley, Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin (trained at Catholic University of America, Lifetime with Ruth Westheimer).

James Gamble founded Procter & Gamble in Cincinatti Ohio in 1837 with William Procter. James Gamble died on 4/29/1891. William and Catherine married on 4/29/2011 (St Catherine's Day).  P&G was used in the fluoride agenda and bought Folgers Coffee (Dominican trained Abigail Folger used in the 911 Sharon Tate ritual). It collaborated with Disney (Pampers in Three Men and a Baby, Selena Gomez and Priyanka Chopra promote Pantene) and the Merck Group (drug experiments at Edgewood Arsenal). It also used mind controlled slaves of Girls Generation to promote Pantene. It sponsored the 2012 Olympics with William and Catherine.

Thrive featured David Icke (born 4/29), Steven Greer, Catherine Austin Fitts (administration of George HW Bush, CHD with jesuit Robert Kennedy Jr), Nassim Haramein (Gaia, Spirit Science), jesuit Daniel Sheehan, jesuit trained NASA astronaut Brian O'Leary, Deepak Choprah, G Edward Griffin (JBS, Anarchopulco), Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!), John Robins, Vandana Shiva, Jack Kasher,..

It used footage of Albert Einstein, Edgar Mitchell,.. Jodie Foster played in Contact (1997).

Foster Gamble created technology company MindCenter, participated in Anarchopulco and was promoted by FreemanTV and the Vinny Eastwood Show.

Kimberly Gamble appeared on Coast to Coast AM of jesuit George Noory.

Vandana Shiva appeared in Michael Moore's Planet of the Humans, The True Cost with Stephen Colbert and Mark Crispin Miller and Blue Gold (controlled opposition against the poisoning of water).

Brian O'Leary (AAAS) was trained by the jesuits, worked at Cornell University with Carl Sagan (Contact with Jodie Foster) and with New Age Church agents like Findhorn Foundation, Esalen, Omega Institute of Holistic Studies (Omega Point of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, OTO member Lon Milo DuQette).

Steven Greer played the main role in the Disclosure Project, Sirius documentary with jesuit Amardeep Kaleka, worked with Gaia and Project Camelot.

Jesuit trained lawyer Daniel Sheehan participated in the Disclosure Project and worked with jesuit William Davis to found the Christic Institute (Antichrist William), based on the teachings of jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, with hq in Washington DC. It filed a lawsuit against the American Nazi Party (game of dialectics) and was funded by the New World Foundation (Anita McCormick, Hilary Clinton). The institute was promoted by Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne (Laurel Canyon) and turned into the Romero Institute.

John Robbins (trained at Berkeley) is the son of Irv Robbins (Zeta Beta Tau), co-founder of ice cream company Baskin-Robbins (ads with pedophilia symbolism). His book Diet for a New America was promoted by Russell Simmons. He worked with PETA (rabbit AIW programming) and appeared in Super Size Me of Morgan Spurlock (MTV, Phi Gamma Delta) about McDonald's (controlled by Dominicans like Michael Quinlan, CEO Chris Kempczinski also on board of P&G).

Jack Kasher appeared in Secret Space UFO: Rise of the TR3B (black triangle ships, Phoenix Lights ritual in 1997) with Richard Dolan (Disclosure Project) and Secret Space UFO's Fastwalkers with Seth Shostak (Caltech, SETI Institute, Coast to Coast, Ancient Aliens).

Tina Imahara edited NBC propaganda Harmony (in collaboration with King Charles) and The Big Fix about the BP oil spill with media actor Omar Mateen (the staged Orlando shooting).

Olek Lyzwanski worked on JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg's Super 8 with Elle Fanning. Andy Day worked for Disney. Lensfire Films worked for Spielberg and Vice.

Writer Neal Rogin worked with Sting, for the Live Aid concert of Bob Geldof and for Disney Channel.

Producer Marshall Lefferts worked for the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

In 2013 Foster Gamble produced Take Back Your Power about the NSA spying scandal. He participated in the Ayahuasca trend.

He appeared in PGS: Intuition Is Your Personal Guidance System of Bill Bennett with one eye pyramid poster. It featured James Van Praagh (Gaia), Dean Radin (IONS of Edgar Mitchell), Judith Orloff (IONS, American Psychiatric Association, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute), Norman Shealy (Duke University School of Medicine like Ron Paul) and Lee Carroll (channeling, indigo children trend). Bennett directed Tempted with Burt Reynolds, Cut with Kylie Minogue and In a Savage Land with Rufus Sewell.

Thrive II This Is What It takes (2020) featured Sacha Stone, Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Gregg Braden (Gaia, Ancient Aliens), Emery Smith (Cosmic Disclosure series on Gaia with David Wilcock),..

Sacha Stone organized the New Earth Festival in Indonesia with G. Edward Griffin, Santos Bonacci and Del Bigtree. A New Earth is announced in the Book of Revelation.

Catherine Austin Fitts promoted jesuit Donald Trump as Saviour. Joshua Kushner, brother of Antichrist figure Jared Kushner (son-in-law of Trump) founded Thrive Capital, with jesuit Mukesh Ambani as investor. Arianna Huffington founded Thrive Global.

David Icke, Foster Gamble, Vandana Shiva, Nassim Haramein participated in the Conscious Life Expo event.

David Icke, Catherine Austin Fitts and Sacha Stone were used during the Covid19-ritual with Robert F Kennedy Jr, son Antichrist figure Robert F Kennedy, as she represent Catherine, wife of Antichrist William.

Controlled opposition