Thelema (meaning 'True Will') is a doctrine, system of magic and religion of sodomy and pedophilia, developed by English occultist and MI6 provocateur agent Aleister Crowley, selected and trained by Robert Cecil (the family who ruled the British Empire for at least 500 years, and founded the League of Nations/United Nations), to play the role of prophet of the Aeon of Horus. AC is the archetype of the AntiChrist, Saturn 666 the Beast of the Book of Revelation. The Aeon of Horus, the age of the child is the climax of the conquering of earth in 3 steps.

In the 1890's Crowley became a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn of Samuel MacGregor Mathers. The club of occultists and masons was linked to the Society of Psychical Research with members like Everard Fielding, his later supervisor. Like Cecil agent John Dee, they were secret agents who used occultism as cover, an eccentric image of provocateur, to create a mysterious and iconic image.

Thelema celebrates decadence with as only law Do What Thou Willt and restriction as only sin. It contains elements of Taoism.

According to his mythology, he lived at Boleskine House in Scotland, to summon his Holy Guardian Angel (a term in Thelema, to describe the higher/deeper self).

Crowley married Rose Edith Kelly in 1903, as a rosicrucian alchemical marriage to end the previous Aeon of Osiris, similar to the rosicrucian Frederick and Elizabeth wedding (Lucifer=unity of opposites).

1904, the year 0 the Fool in the OTO 22 year calendar, is seen as the start of the Aeon of Horus (the modern age of childishness, perversity and drug abuse) with Crowley as its prophet. According to legend, after seeing a stele in the Boulaq museum in Egypt, stele nr 666, later called the Stele of Revealing, Crowley transcribed the Book of the Law (Liber Al vel Legis) under influence of an entity called Aiwass, his 'Holy Guardian Angel'. The main 'law' propagated in the text is the law 'Do What Thou Wilt'. The Book of the Law is the central text in Crowley's religion Thelema= true will.

Thelema has a numerological value of 93, a solar number. Thelema and Agape, Greek words for Will and Love both have 93 in numerology. Sacrifices are made out of 'love'-Love is the Law. Al/El= Saturn, Pan, the All. Aleph the Fool and Lamed Adjustment in an al-chemical wedding (Aleister, Alice in Wonderland, Al Pacino, Al Bundy, Woody Allen, Albert Einstein, Alex Jones,..).

The gods of Crowley's Thelema and his Book of the Law are a mixture of Egyptian gods and archetypes of the Book of Revelation:

- Ra Hoor Khuit (god of war) and Horus (in Greek Harpocrates, the introvert version of Ra Hoor Khuit, the child, the god of secrets and silence).

- Nuit (Egyptian sky and night goddess, infinite possibilities, female-passive, daughter of Chaos)
- Hadit (one point consciousness, male-active)
- Babalon (the Whore of Babylon from the Book of Revelation, female-active)
- Therion (the Beast from the Book of Revelation, male-passive, usually seen as Crowley himself)

In magic rituals Thelemites summon the 4 gods Babalon, Nuit, Hadit and Therion in a magic circle, instead of the 4 elements and 4 Archangels (4 letter word for God YHVH). Frater Perdurabo was Crowley's nickname.

Crowley founded the Astrum Argentum, the A.A., the Silver Star (Sirius).

According to legend, he performs sodomy sex magick rituals with Victor Neuburg in in 1909 the desert of Algeria, using the 30 Aethyrs of John Dee's Enochian system described in the Vision and the Voice. The Vision and the Voice is the second most important text in Thelema, an account of crossing the Abyss (term in kabbalism).

The most important tasks in Thelema are: formation of magical being or Body of Light, knowledge and conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel (in Crowley's case Aiwass). The holy guardian angel, higher will/true will, compared to the Atman in Hinduism, daemon in Gnosticism is an inversion of Tiferet the heart, the soul. The ritual to find the HGA is based on the ritual of Abramelin the Magi, that Crowley performed in the Boleskine house, which became a holy place in his religion. This 'angel' makes him aware of his True Will (Thelema) and assists him in crossing the abyss, crossing Da'ath in the dark night of the soul, night of Pan (procedure of six months Crowley described in liber Samekh and the 8th aethyr). Thelemites try to achieve Ego death through sex magic.

In Crowley's religion, the City of the Pyramids is a spiritual resting place for those who have successfully shed their attachments to the mundane world, the home to the adepts that have crossed the Abyss, having spilled all their blood in the Graal of Babalon. They have destroyed their earthly ego-identities, becoming nothing more than piles of dust (the remaining aspects of their True Selves without the self-sense of 'I'), take on the name Saint or Nemo (Latin for No-Man or No-One), or in the system of Astrum Argentum the name Master of the Temple (=Baphomet).

The A.A. published The Equinox with writings of Crowley, Victor Neuburg, Frank Harris (Saturday Review with HG Wells and GB Shaw), Leila Wadell, John Yarker (Rite of Memphis-Mizraim) and drawings of Austin Osman Spare. It contains pieces about yoga, hashisj, geomancy.

As a modern prophet of the sodomy religion of the Templars and Cathars, he interpreted the pineal gland, the Eye of Horus as the anus, promotes Luciferian illumination through sodomy. His famous horns of Pan (=Saturn) pose represents a symbol in NOX evocation (forces of darkness), where the arms represent the legs and buttcheecks.

Crowley wrote Book 4, written in Naples, about the 4 magical creatures of the cardinal signs: man, lion, bull, eagle, also in the Wizard of Oz. It consists of: I Meditation (Asana, Pranayama, Yama, Nyama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi) II, Magick Elemental Theory, III Magick in Theory and Practice, IV Thelema (later added book of 1936 'Equinox of the Gods').

Like John Dee was the 'Magician' who united the Brunswick-Luneberg and Stuart bloodlines to create the Moonchild George I, Crowley was the prophet who wrote the novel Moonchild (or the Butterfly Net, manual to create a Monarch butterfly mind controlled slave), announcing the marriage of Charles Mountbatten and Diana Spencer-Churchill, the modern mother-moon goddess in pop culture, resulting in the birth of Antichrist figure prince William, born 6/21, cusp of Cancer, ruled by the moon (William and Catherine wedding to produce the Moonchild George).

In the novel 2 lodges, a Black Lodge and a White Lodge, fight over a Moonchild (theme of David Lynch Twin Peaks with Sheryl Lee), with himself as Cyril Grey and Isadora Duncan as Lavinia King.

In 1922 Crowley moved to Sicily and lived in the Abbey of Thelema, as a temple of his 'Do What Thou Wilt' philosophy. His 'Diary of a Drug Friend' (Crowley was a user of heroin) was a blueprint for the CIA counterculture of hedonistic rock 'n' roll icons (William Burroughs, Jim Morrison, Hunter Thompson, Sid Vicious, Kurt Cobain), the founding of the Left Wing Church.

The Abbey of Thelema is a concept of François Rabelais who wrote Guargantia and Pantagruel.

The same year Wilfred Talbot Smith formed a Thelemic community in California with Jane Wolfe, which later became the Agape Lodge in Pasadena. He met with pedophile Charles Frederick Russell in San Francisco.

JCF Fuller, member of Crowley's A.A., joined Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists.

Crowley stressed the importance of laughter in his religion, hence the popularity of comedy and the archetype of the Joker. Mason Victor Hugo wrote '93 (1793 was an important year in the French Revolution) and The Man who Laughs, inspiration for the Joker.

Jack Parsons led the OTO Agape Lodge in Pasadena from 1942. Crowley initiated Kenneth Grant and made him his secretary.

In 1946 Thelemite Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology cult, performed the Babalon Workings in the Mojave desert in California, which according to legend, leads to Jack Parsons meeting red haired Marjorie Cameron, the archetype of the Whore of Babylon, in Thelema Babalon.

When Crowley died on december 1 1947, Karl Germer took over the OTO. Kenneth Grant founded the New Isis Lodge, mixed Crowley's Thelema with the theme extraterrestials and the works of HP Lovecraft (imagination and image-making faculty as most important in magic, used in the Hollywood programming of subconscious).

 Kenneth Anger and Alfred Kinsey (Institute for Sex Research) visited Crowley's abbey in Sicily in 1955. Parson's JPL became NASA.

Thelma and Louise with Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon and Brad Pitt contained Thelema symbolism of following the True Will. The women in Baywatch were called Babes (Thelemite term Babe in the Abyss).

The 911 Twin Towers ritual contained 93 symbolism (flight United 93, hitting 93d floor, first attack on WTC in 1993).

Jay-z who promotes the Do What Thou Willt philosophy and released The Blueprint on 9/11, was used as distraction in the Illuminati hoax (Crowley's OTO had one eye pyramid logo).

Controlled opposition Michael Tsarion and Mark Passio promoted Thelema as a form of Natural Law. Disney film Finding Nemo contained Abyss symbolism.

The Isis ritual took place in St Denis Paris (announced in the Dark Knight trilogy of Christopher Nolan and Nathan Crowley), associated with nr 93.

Lon Milo DuQuette (performed with Sammy Davis Jr) wrote The Magick of Thelema.

Martin P Starr wrote WT Smith and The Thelemites.

Aleister Crowley

the Aeon of Horus