The Prisoner

The Prisoner was a British tv series of 17 episodes, broadcast on ITV from september 1967 (after the Summer of Love in Haight-Ashbury) to february 1968, made to normalise mind control symbolism (masonic black and white floors, umbrella's, rainbow patterns, 6 eye signs).


It was produced by ITC of Russian Lew Grade, who had worked with Judy Garland (mind control movie Wizard of Oz) and had a talent agency with Joe Collins (Colonna), agent of The Beatles, father of Jackie and Joan Collins. ITC also produced Space 1999 with Martin Landau, Bond girl Catherine Schell, Christopher Lee and designer Rudi Gernreich (partner of OTO member Harry Hay).

ITC worked with producer Hannah Weinstein. She was educated at New York University in Greenwich Village, worked in campaigns for Fiorella LaGuardia, Franklin Roosevelt and Henry Wallace (friend of Nicolas Roerich of Theosophical Society and Andrija Puharich). She wrote speeches for Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles.

She established her production company Sapphire Films, funded by the American Communist Party and made series for ITV with Lew Grade of ITC. She founded Third World Cinema Corporation with James Earl Jones. Her daughter Paula Weinstein married Mark Rosenberg.

ITC also produced The Last Unicorn with Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lee. It produced The Pink Panther franchise and The Muppet Show (doll programming, later sold to Disney). It also produced nazi movie The Eagle Has Landed (Donald Pleasence as Heinrich Himmler), The Boys from Brazil about nazi ratlines with Gregory Peck as Josef Mengele (book of Ira Levin of Rosemary's Baby) and Capricorn One of Peter Hyams (sequel to 2001 AS0 with Candice Bergen) with OJ Simpson about a staged space flight. It used MGM studios and the Pinewood Studios of Rank Organisation (James Bond franchise).

It produced On the Golden Pond with Jane Fonda (The Blue Bird, reference to Project Bluebird).

It also helped to release Can't Stop the Music with the Village People (gay agenda of the Greenwich Village project), written by Alan Carr (Studio 54 scene, manager of Tony Curtis, Cass Elliott and Michelle Pfeiffer).

The Prisoner

The storyline was based on the Special Operations Executive experiments at Inverlair Lodge in Scotland (book William Morgan The OSS and I).

The Village is also a reference to Greenwich Village.


- Angelo Muscot (appeared in Magical Mystery Tour of The Beatles, as Oompa Loompa in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and in Jonathan Miller's BBC version of Alice in Wonderland with Peter Sellers, Leo McKern, music of Ravi Shankar of Esalen Institute)
- Denis Shaw (The Avengers, Danger Man, The Mummy with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing)
- Leo McKern (The Omen)
- Patrick McGoohan (GOO=007, John Drake in Danger Man, Orson Welles play Moby Dick - Rehearsed, played in Ice Station Zebra, used in mind control of Howard Hughes, in Escape from Alcatraz with jesuit Clint Eastwood, Hell Drivers with Sean Connery)
- Peter Swanwick (The Avengers, Danger Man, John Huston's African Queen, The Devil Rides Out of MI6 agent Dennis Wheatley with Christopher Lee)
- Derren Nesbitt (Danger Man, Room on Top with Laurence Harvey)

Most actors worked on Danger Man about a secret agent (help from Ian Fleming). ITC also produced The Saint with Roger Moore and Peter Grant (manager of Led Zeppelin with Jimmy Page). Director Don Chaffey was born 8/5 like John Huston.

Pat Jackson worked for the Ministry of Information. Screenwriter George Markstein also wrote the screenplay of The Odessa File (1974) about nazi ratlines of the Odessa network and worked with Graham Greene (a friend of Kim Philby at MI6, published by Max Reinhardt, whose wife would later marry Laurence Harvey).

Director Peter Graham Scott made Landfall with Laurence Harvey (mind control movie The Manchurian Candidate).

Alan Moore's V for Vendetta contained a reference to The Prisoner.

The Truman Show (1998) with Jim Carrey, Ed Harris and Natasha McElhone contained many similarities to The Prisoner.

In The Matrix (1999), during a chase of Neo, a woman is seen watching the show.

The Simpsons parodied the series in a 2000 episode.

In 2009 a remake was made with Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen for AMC networks of the Dolan family.

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