The New School

The New School is a leftist institute in Greenwich Village New York, founded by John Dewey in 1919, as part of Columbia University of the Colonna family of Roman emperors. It had ties to the Frankfurt School.

During WW2 Henry Murray (who later worked with Ted Kaczynski at Harvard) made a report on Adolf Hitler for OSS director William Donavan, in collaboration with The New School and Ernst Hanfstaengl (friend of William Hearst, Roosevelt family, Walter Lippman).

Wilhelm Reich taught at The New School.

It collaborated with the Actors Studio of Elia Kazan (ACCF) in Hell's Kitchen.

It played a role in the CIA controlled Civil Rights Movement and hippie counterculture of the 60's (cultural marxist programs of the Left Wing Church, the Black Church).

It was founded by Alvin Johnson, Charles Beard (New Deal socialism of Roosevelt, married to feminist Mary Ritter), James Harvey Robinson (New History, revionist), Horace Kallen (Zionist, Harvard, friend of Woodrow Wilson) and John Dewey. Zionist Harold Laski was one of the first lecturers.

John Dewey invented the euphemism 'pragmatism' for cultural and moral relativism, worked at the University of Chicago of John Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundation, had Steven Clark Rockefeller as biographer and was a friend of Henri Bergson of the SPR, related to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He worked for CIA front Congress for Cultural Freedom.


- Abraham Foxman (CCNY, Anti-Defamation League)
- Ai Weiwei (Chinese provocateur agent)
- Alex Honneth (director of the Frankfurt School)
- Alexey Brodovitch (Harper's Bazaar, teacher of Richard Avedon)
- Alexander Goldenweiser (studied under cultural relativist Franz Boas)
- Alexander Wang (fashion industry, clothes for Michelle Obama and Ivanka Trump)
- André Breton (wrote the Surrealist Manifesto, based on Freud's theories of the subconscious)
- Ani DiFranco
- Anne Meara (Hollywood actress, mother of Ben Stiller, played in The Boys From Brazil, written by Ira Levin of Rosemary's Baby)
- Ben Gazzaro (Actors Studio, Hollywood actor, collaborator with John Cassavetes)
- Bertrand Russell (Russell family, Earls of Tavistock, LSE of Fabian Society, Congress for Cultural Freedom)
- Betty Friedan (the Feminst Church)
- Bill Donahue (Catholic League with jesuit Virgil Blum)
- Bill Evans
- Bradford Shellhammer (gay agenda)
- Bradley Cooper (jesuit, Hollywood actor, movie with Lady Gaga)
- Chris Hughes (Facebook, The New Republic)
- Christopher Hitchens (New Atheism, Four Horsemen with Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Daniel Bennett, The Nation)
- Corliss Lamont
- Donna Karan (DKNY fashion industry)
- Douglas Rushkoff (Occupy Wall Street)
- Edward Hopper (art scene, artists colony of Huntington Hartford)
- Eleanor Roosevelt (wife of FDR who introduces New Deal socialism in US, while Adolf Hitler introduces national socialism in Germany)
- Elliot Tiber (gay agenda, Woodstock festival)
- Elsie Parsons (student of Franz Boas, friend of Theodore Roosevelt)
- Erich Fromm (Frankfurt School)
- Eugene O'Neill Jr (S&B, jesuit university Fordham)
- Franklin Delano Roosevelt III
- Hage Geingob (jesuit, president of Namibia)
- Hannah Arendt (NY Intellectuals)
- Harold Laski
- Harry Belafonte (RCA, Civil Rights Movement of MLK)
- Heinrich Blücher (Communist Party of Germany, husband of Hannah Arendt)
- Horace Kallen (Zionist, SPR, ACLU)
- Jack Kerouac (Beatniks with William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg)
- Jacques Derrida (jesuit, postmodernism, deconstruction)
- Jacob Dylan (son of Bob Dylan, one semester)
- James Baldwin (Actors Studio, gay agenda, The Nation, Civil Rights Movement, book with Margaret Mead)
- Jason Bateman (Hollywood actor)
- Jasper Johns (art scene)
- Jesse Eisenberg (Hollywood actor)
- Joel Schumacher (Hollywood director, Batman franchise, The Wiz)
- John Cage (dance school with Merce Cunningham and Franziska Boaz, Velvet Underground with Lou Reed, scene of Andy Warhol and Nico)
- John Dewey
- John Henrik Clarke (Black Power movement, Freedom of Paul Robeson)
- John Keynes (economist, the Other Club with Winston Churchill)
- Jonah Hill (Hollywood actor)
- Jonas Mekas (avant-garde films with Andy Warhol)
- Judith Butler (feminist)
- Jurgen Habermas (Frankfurt School)
- Karen Horney (neo-Freudian, relationship with Erich Fromm)
- Lee Strassberg (Actors Studio with Elia Kazan ACCF)
- Lenore Kandel (friend of Jack Kerouac, Human Be-In with Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg, in Kenneth Anger's movie Invocation of My Demon Brother with Anton Lavey, Mick Jagger and Bobby Beausoleil, follower of Charles Manson, actor in the 911 Sharon Tate ritual)
- Leo Steinberg (NY art critic, The New Yorker, the art scene)
- Leo Strauss (German Zionist movement with Hannah Arendt, friend of Walter Benjamin and Carl Schmitt)
- Kevin Smith (Hollywood actor)
- Marc Jacobs (gay agenda, the fashion industry)
- Margaret Mead (Tavistock)
- Mario Puzo (Hollywood screenwriter, The Godfather with Marlon Brando, glorification of Colonna controlled mafia)
- Mark Ruffalo (artist in residence at The New School of Drama)
- Marlon Brando
(Hollywood actor, The Godfather)
- Max Wertheimer (Gestalt psychology, fellow student of Kurt Lewin)
- Maya Wiley (council of NY major Bill de Blasio, NAACP, NBC, Open Society Foundations of George Soros)
- Natali Germanotta (sister of Lady Gaga, Born This Way Foundation, HarperBazaar of Hearst)
- Norman Rockwell (illustrator)
- Paul Dano (Hollywood actor, partner of Zoe Kazan)
- Paul Rand (logo designer)
- Piet Mondrian (art scene, De Stijl)
- Pippin Parker (sister of Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker)
- Reggie Workman (jazz musician, worked with John Coltrane)
- Richard Avedon (friend of James Baldwin, photographer for Vogue and HarperBazaar of Hearst of underage girls Natassja Kinski and Brooke Shields)
- Richard Bernstein (pragmatism, classmate of Susan Sontag, Civil Rights Movement)
- Richard Plant (the Pink Triangle)
- Rob Zombie
- Robert Glasper (jazz musician, music with Kanye West)
- Robert Lowell
- Rod Steiger (Hollywood actor, On the Waterfront with Marlon Brando)
- Ruth Benedict (partner of Margaret Mead)
- Ruth Kligman (relationship with Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning)
- Ruth Westheimer (sex therapist, Lifetime)
- Shep Gordon (manager of Alice Cooper, Debbie Harry)
- Shimon Peres (jesuit, Le Cercle, pm Israel)
- Shelley Winters (Actors Studio, Stanley Kubrick's pedophilia movie Lolita)
- Shigeko Kubuta (art scene with Yoko Ono)
- Sidney Hook (CCF, CFW, ACCF, student of John Dewey at Columbia)
- Simon Critchley (Occupy Wall Street)
- Slavoj Zizek (marxist, Occupy Wall Street)
- Stacy Farber (Degrassi: The Next Generation with Drake)
- Sufjan Stevens
- Tennessee Wiliams (A Streetcar Named Desire, CCF)
- Tony Curtis (Hollywood actor, The Beatles Sgt Pepper's cover with Crowley, married to Janet Leigh who played in John Frankenheimer's The Manchurian Candidate)
- Vanessa Wruble (anti-Trump Women's March on Washington)
- Walter Matthau (Hollywood actor, Actors Studio)
- W.E.B. Du Bois (NAACP)
- W.H. Auden (gay agenda, worked with Christopher Isherwood and Igor Stravinsky)
- Wilhem Reich (orgone therapy, 'father of the sexual revolution')
- Will Wright (The Sims, X Prize Foundation)
- William F Buckley Jr (the Right Wing Church)
- Woody Allen (Hollywood director, contributor to The Realist of Paul Krassner, Greenwich Village scene of the 70's, Studio 54 scene, pedophilia agenda)


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