The Love Boat

The Love Boat was a tv show broadcast from 1977 to 1986 on ABC (Disney), about a cruise ship, produced by Aaron Spelling (=casting spells, jewish, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty, Beverly Hills 2010, Melrose Place), used to program children (mentioned in Fritz Springmeier's The Illuminati Formula) with sodomy symbolism (Marine Corps, Scientology, Rosemary is raped on a ship in Rosemary's Baby). Love= Chesed, sphere of Jupiter (Wheel of Fortune).


Gavin McLeod (Radio City Music Hall like Jan Peerce, Mary Tyler Moore Show, High Time with Bing Crosby and Tuesday Weld, The Party with Peter Sellers)

Bernie Kopell (Bewitched)

Fred Grandy (Fantasy Island)

Ted Lange (school of Frank Oz, Stephen Bechtel and Clint Eastwood)

Lauren Tewes (Fantasy Island, The Doom Generation, Charlie's Angels)

Ted McGinley (Fantasy Island, Married with Children, Revenge of the Nerds with Robert Carradine)

Ellen Corby (Bonanza, The Waltons)

Judy Norton (Playboy, Scientology, The Waltons, Stargate SG-1)

Mary Elizabeth McDonough (The Waltons)

Barbara Anderson (Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Bonanza)

Robert Jayne (jewish, The A-Team, Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II)

Lorne Hyman Green (jewish, Bonanza, Battlestar Galactica, The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, The Wizard of Oz of Topcraft)

Samantha Eggart (The Collector)

guest actors: Ray Bolger, Nanette Fabray, Lana Clarkson, Will Geer (The Waltons, sex magic cult OTO), Scatman Crothers, Jane Wyman, John Ritter, Bonnie Franklin, Annette Funicello, Jill St John, Tom Hanks, Michael J Fox, Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch), Maureen McCormick (The Brady Bunch), Loretta Smit (M.A.S.H.), Frankie Avalon, Melissa Gilbert, John Forsythe (Dynasty), Barry Nelson, ..

song by Jack Jones (Capitol Records) written by Charles Fox (jewish)

1998 Love Boat The Next Wave Stacey Travis (The Big Bang Theory) Joan Severance (Elite modeling agency, Max Headroom, Roger Corman's Black Scorpion) Corey Parker (Actors Studio) Phil Morris (Star Trek, Atlantis the Lost Empire) Kyle Richards

2022 The Real Love Boat Jerry O'Connell Rebecca Romijn (=Roman Polanski)


Aaron Spelling