The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation is an American jesuit controlled foundation  of conservatives (the Right Wing Church) in Washington DC, founded in 1973.

Board of Trustees

- Anthony Saliba (Matrix Holdings Group, Mercury Digital Assets, Gary Sinise Foundation)
- Bill Simon (jesuit, Order of Malta)
- Bruce Weinrod (NATO, Victims of Communism)
- David Brock (Media Matters for America, gay agenda with Equality Matters, worked with John Podhoretz for The Washington Times of Unification Church)
- Dov Zakheim (Department of Defense, CSIS, CFR)
- Edwin Fuelner (jesuit, ties to Unification Church, Committee for the Free World, Victims of Communism, Georgetown institute CSIS with Ray Cline WACL, Council for National Policy with JBS members)
- Edwin Meese (assistant to Ronald Reagan, Hoover Institution, Council for National Policy)
- Frank Shakespeare (jesuit, Knight of Malta, CBS, US ambassador to the Vatican, Princeton Radio Research Project)
- Jerry Hume (Basic American Foods)
- John Lehman (jesuit, 911 Commission, Committee on the Present Danger, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Project for New American Century, cousin of Grace Kelly), ..
- John William Middendorf (ex-Secretary of Navy)
- Joseph Coors (Quill and Dagger)
- Jim DeMint (Tea Party Movement, CFR)
- Kay Coles James (Family Research Council, National Drug Control Policy under George HW Bush)
- Larry P Arnn (student of Harry V Jaffa of Claremont Institute, Hillsdale College, Council for National Policy)
- Lee Edwards (Young Americans for Freedom, Victims of Communism, World & I magazine of Unification Church)
- Midge Rosenthal Decter (NY Intellectuals, National Review, Committee on the Present Danger, Committee for the Free World, mother of John Podhoretz, speechwriter of George HW Bush and Reagan)
- Paul Weyrich (Le Cercle, founded Moral Majority with Jerry Falwell, controlled by Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church)
- Rebeka Mercer (Gatestone Institute, supported Mitt Romney of Mormon Church, Ted Cruz, Breitbart News and Parler social media site for Donald Trump supporters, daughter of Robert Mercer of Cambridge Analytica, Renaissance Technologies, donated to the Cato Institute of the Koch family)
- Roger Pearson (WACL, Order of Malta, worked with Willis Carto)
- Ryan T Anderson (Ethics and Public Policy Center)
- Seth Cropsey (Commentary, National Review, American Enterprise Institute)
- Stephen Haselar (LSE, Institute for European Defence and Strategic Studies with Ray Whitney)
- Steve Forbes (Forbes magazine, S&B family of John Forbes Kerry, Project for New American Foundation, promoted Julian Assange, Israel lobby Foundation for Defense of Democracies)
- Thomas A Saunders III (equity firm Saunders Karp & Megrue, contributor to John McCain WACL, Mitt Romney)
- Virginia Thomas (jesuit, Council for National Policy)
- William Middendorf (Barry Goldwater campaign, US ambassador to the Netherlands)
- William Simon (Ford administration, Hoover Institution, Citibank, Halliburton, friend of Irving Kristol)

Edwin Feulner founded the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation with jesuit Zbigniew Brzezinsky (Le Cercle, CFR, TC, AB), jesuit Lev Dobriansky (Georgetown University) and Lee Edwards (Young Americans for Freedom of William F Buckley Jr). Dobriansky was chairman of National Captive Nations Committe with Ukrainian nationalilst Yaroslav Stetsko, head of Alfred Rosenberg's Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations.

It published Idealism, Realism and the Myth of Appeasement by Jeane Kirkpatrick.

The Heritage Foundation received funding by Art Pope of the Bradley Foundation and Philantropist Society of John Walters (Hudson Institute).

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