The Guardian

The Guardian is a propaganda outlet of the Left Wing Church in the UK, founded in 1821. It participated in media hoaxes as 911 Twin Towers ritual, the Isis ritual and the Covid19-ritual.

It was initially called The Manchester Guardian. It employed people like Harold Spender, father of MI6 agent Stephen Spender.

The Guardian supported fake whistleblower Edward Snowden (Wikileaks of Julian Assange) and Extinction Rebellion (the Climate Church).

It is owned by Scott Trust Limited, wich also owns The Observer (previously owned by David Astor, publisher of George Orwell, Jeff Foreshaw, married to founder of Extinction Rebellion). It is sponsored by the Gates Foundation.


- Adam Rutherford (Humanists UK)
- Alan Rusbridger (Oxford University, Facebook Oversight Board)
- Albert Scardino (Marjorie Scardino Atlantic Council)
- Alex Graham (The Sunday Times, Channel 4 and BBC tv producer)
- Alexander Soros (NYU, Hannah Arendt Center for Politics, The New York Times, Open Society Foundations, WEF)
- Alicia Swartz/Garza (BLM)
- Amir Taheri (Gatestone Institute)
- Anas Altakriti (Stop the War Coalition, Muslim Brotherhood Iraq)
- Andrew Graham (Channel 4, BBC, advisor of Labour politician John Smith)
- Antony Salz (BBC, Hambro Perks)
- Ariane Sherlin (Atheist Bus Campaign with Richard Dawkins and Humanists UK)
- Catherne Howard (LSE of Fabian Society, WEF, Green Alliance)
- Claire Lehman (Rebel News)
- David Olusuga (BBC, The New Statesman of the Fabian Society, promoted Black Lives Matter)
- David Rieff (The New School, OSF, The NY Times, son of Philip Rieff and Susan Sontag/Rosenblatt, who lived with Herbert Marcuse of Frankfurt School)
- DeRay Mckisson (BLM, gay agenda)
- Edward Taylor-Scott (LSE of Fabian Society)
- Emily Bell (Open Society Foundations)
- George Monbiot (Climate Church)
- Heather Grabbe (LSE, Open Society Foundations, Open Society European Policy Institute, The Guardian)
- Issandr Amrani (LSE, ECFR, International Crisis Group, Open Society Foundations)
- Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stares at Goats about Stargate Project, Channel 4 documentary with Alex Jones and David Icke)
- Jonathan Cook (The New Statesman of Fabian Society, Al Jazeera, consultant of International Crisis Group, promoted Julian Assange)
- Jonathan Freedland (Zionist, biographer of Walter Rosenberg)
- Joris Luyendijk (VPRO, articles on the City of London)
- Katharine Viner (Cosmopolitan of Hearst, married to Adrian Chiles BBC)
- Kingsley Martin (LSE with Harold Laski)
- Natalie Nougayrède (ECFR, Rothschild owned Libération, BBC)
- Paul Myners (Rothschild, Bank of England)
- Richard Dawkins
- Richard Kerr (CIA)
- Robert Gavron (LSE of Fabian Society, married to daughter of Zionist T.R. Fyvell, friend of George Orwell)
- Russell Brand
- Simon Wooley (Open Society Foundations, Operation Black Vote, worked with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Naomi Campbell)
- Susan Blackmore (The Meme Machine, foreword of Richard Dawkins)
- Sushil Wadhwani (Bank of England)
- Tom Happold (LSE, Fabian Society)
- Vivian Schiller (CFR)


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