The Godfather trilogy

The Godfather trilogy is a set of 3 Hollywood movies, directed by Francis Ford Coppola with Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Robert Duvall, Robert de Niro and Andy Garcia, written by Mario Puzo (The New School of the Colonna's) glorifying the NY mafia and the Roman Empire (Charles Lucky Luciano who played the Horus archetype), Charles and Diana, Vittorio Massimo (family that controls the jesuits) and Dawn Addams. It was produced by Robert Evans, producer of Roman Polanski's Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby and Chinatown. In all death scenes, it uses the masonic orange=33=sodomy symbolism.

- The Godfather 1972
- The Godfather Part II 1974
- The Godfather Part III 1990

The Godfather 1972

Released on 3/15/1972, date death  Roman emperor Julius Caesar (ancestor of the Colonna's), d Aristotle Onassis, during Aries the Emperor.
1971 Pluto (underworld) in Libra, era of Charles Manson trial. Uranus in Libra, Saturn in Gemini (like 2001 911), Neptune in Sagittarius, 2/7/1972 Jupiter in Capricorn (fall) era of Watergate with Richard Nixon.

The Godfather was the irst part of a trilogy, with the IAO formula of growth-death-rebirth.
The poster contains the rose cross symbol (the jesuit Superior General as puppet master). The Colonna's who control Columbia University created The New School, who trained Mario Puzo and Marlon Brando (fake civil rights movement the Black Church).
producer Robert Evans, who also produced Polanski's Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown, and Coppola's the Cotton Club, spoofed in Wag the Dog. Evans was linked to Roy Radin, Cotton Club murder age 33 (cc=33) in 1984, obsessed with Coppola's the Cotton Club, shot by William Mentzer (WM=33 Antichrist William), bodyguard of Larry Flint, link between Manson and Son of Sam murders.
Francis Ford Coppola
movie about jesuit Roman empire based on novel 3/10/1969 by Mario Puzo 10/15/1920 – 7/2/1999 (educated at The New School of Colonna-Columbia University). He wrote the Family about murder Giovanni Borgia, father of Francis Borgia, 3d father general of the jesuits. The Godfather story is based on the Castellommarese war of 1931 between Masseria and Maranzano, leading to assassination of Maranzano, to Charles Luciano founding the Commission to mediate conflicts between five families (role of Frank Costello, later also played by Robert de Niro).
The Godfather character is played by
Marlon Brando born 4/3/1924, (date Doris Day, mother of Terry Melcher, connected to Manson) Aries the Emperor decan the sun, day 93, year 20 Aeon – 7/1/2004 cancer ruled by the moon year 12 the hanged man, date birth Diana (symbol of red rose Venus-Diana). His mother was named Dodie like Dodi Fayed (vito aldini=aldobrandini)

His character was based on Vito Genovese (Don Vito) who took over clan of Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello (d 2/18/1973). The Genovese came to NY in 1897.
Vittorio Massimo who controls the Corleonisi, married Dawn Addams in 1954 like the parents of Diana (The Godfather trilogy ends with scene in Massimo Theatre). Kennedy dynasty and socalled Royal family=the real crime families.

The Godfather, the don= Tribe of Dan Osiris Jupiter 72 nr of chesed (hierophant jupiter, released in 1972) inverted as Saturn, Divine Masculine inverted as murderous psychopath. Osiris is reborn as child Horus. Michael is the angel of the Judgement card, Michael Jackson king of pop, Michael Jor-dan.
Al Pacino=Al Capone scarface. Richard 3 of York, King of New York=lucifer.

Opening scene

1945 year of atom bomb, wedding Connie Corleone (cc=33) and Carlo Rizzi (the Lovers).

The wedding singer Johnny Fantano was based on Frank Sinatra (also mafia connections, married to Mia Farrow).
Morgana King 6/4/1930 gemini the lovers – 3/22/2018, dies 58 days before wedding Harry and Meghan Markle.
James Caan (jc, Cain Kennedy dynasty) born 3/26/1940, Aries the Emperor. Asc: Scorpio, mc: Virgo. Dominants: Taurus, Scorpio, Aries- Mars, Venus, Moon. Sonny as the Prince of Wands, impulsive, impatient.

Al Pacino born 4/25/1940 Taurus the hierophant, celebration Sirius romans, date death David Anthony Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, 44 years later. Asc: Leo, mc: Aries. Dominants: Aries (the Emperor, ruled by mars-horus), Leo, Taurus- Jupiter (in Aries the Emperor), Pluto (Hades god of underworld in Leo), Sun.

His wife Beverly d'Angelo was married to Lorenzo Saviati Borghese who serve the Massimo's.

His non-italian girlfriend Kay Adams was played by

Diane Keaton (=Diana Spencer, Keaton like Buster -Sherlock jr) in The Book Club with Candice Bergen who lived at the house of Sharon Tate.

Saturn as the seeder and destroyer. Johnny Fontana the Fool wants Vito to convince producer Jack Woltz to secure a movie role. The Godfather= the Strength card in control of his animal desires.

Robert Duvall born 1/5 like Diane Keaton (lawyer Robert Maheu worked for Howard Hughes and his Nevada casino's and for CIA) as consigliere Tom Hagen.

John Holland Cazale (JC) born 8/12/1935 leo 3d decan Mars, Sirius highest point – 3/13/1978 pisces the moon Dominants: Leo, Scorpio (judas), Capricorn- Sun, Saturn, Jupiter. as Michael's brother Fredo.
Talia Shire born 4/25/1946 - 4/25 like Al Pacino, day romans celebrated Sirius. Dominants: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius- Venus, Pluto, Moon. talia, daleth the empress, Rosemary - de Niro and Duvall in True Confessions about the black dahlia murder. also in Rocky about fight against Apollo; Yale school of drama (S&B).
Abraham Charles Vigoda as Salvatore Tessio, 2/24/1921 (date announcement Charles and Diana) – 1/26/2016.

The Godfather is one of the best examples of masonic orange=33=sodomy symbolism, oranges are shown every time when a death is near.
Tom Hagen visits Woltz (the Four of Wands, structure stability of Jupiter).

Woltz wakes up with severed horse head (horses associated with Neptune planet of dreams, Five of Swords defeat).
The rivalry between the families was based on Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Lucchese crime families (mafia creation of Colonna's).

Al Lettieri as Virgil 'the Turk' Sollozo (Puzo born oct 15 like Virgil), backed by the Tattaglia family (Al like Al Pacino and Al Capone=Crowley's Aleph Lamed formula of Liber Al, d oct 18 date birth harvey lee.) who offers to participate in the drug trade. Vito refuses and Luca Brasi (Lenny Montana, Pacino is Tony Montana in Scarface) is killed. Michael becomes less empathic and heartless plays the role of death star Sirius (dog day afternoon), becomes the sun god at Christmas. His character is based on Horus archetype Charles Lucky Luciano (11/24/1897 date death Harvey Lee Oswald – 1/26/1962, member of Five Points gang, location of death Joker Heath Ledger).

Vito is shot, orange 33=sodomy, killing of the king ritual death Osiris - Christ - Hiram Abiff (Caesar, Lincoln, the John F Kennedy ritual on 33d parallel,..), based on the ambush of Costello in Central Park appartment like Dakota, John Cassavetes in the Brass Target about Lucky Luciano.
Sonny receives a fish, as a sign Brasi sleeps with the fishes, the Death card associated with hebrew letter Nun, meaning fish. In Crowley's novel Moonchild 2 lodges a black one and white one fight over a child- also has a character called the Turk.
Michael guards his father in the hospital, the Moon: meeting with the shadow.

The exterior scenes were shot at Bellevue Hospital.
Michael represents Hod, the sphere of Mercury, intellect ('strictly buisiness') on the pillar of severity. Five of cups, the Corleone's design a plan to kill Sollozzo and corrupt cop McClusky, played by Sterling Walter Hayden 3/26/ 1916 – 5/23/1986. Dominants: Aries (the emperor), Cancer, Capricorn- Sun, Uranus, Venus. CIA agent in team of William Donavan and John Ford.
1956 The Killing Stanley Kubrick Johnny Clay
1964 Dr Strangelove Jack D Ripper

In Louis restaurant (=Catherine's 2nd son) he finds the hidden gun behind a toilet (letter mem: water the Hanged Man sacrifice from Mercury to Mars) and shoots Sollozo (sol sun, Six of Wands Victory -fall from grace), based on the murder of Joe Masseria, head of the Genovese familiy killed by in Italian restaurant on Coney Island, on 4/15/1931 (end of Castellammarese War) date Abraham Lincoln, Dodi Fayed and son Charles Manson.

Luciano worked with young mobsters the Young Turks, a diffrent approach from the old maffia leaders (tradition, loyalty) who only worked with Italians and Sicilians. Luciano was introduced in the media in 1929 after a supposed assault that leaves him with a scar and droopy eye (Scarface Horus who has his eye taken by Set).

Sonny is killed in Lincoln car like the JFK ritual (license plate nr 31 path Judgement/Aeon shin).

16y old Apollonia Simonetta Stefanelli 11/30/1954- (date jesuit general Kolvenbach) dies in a car explosion. car crash cc=33 the Chariot card like Kennedy dies in car, man of the Apollo mission. Diana's car crash was linked to Revelation 911 about Apollyon.(Marlon Brando died on 7/1, date birth Diana, Last Tango in Paris -car crash as sodomy death-rebirth).
Vito arranges a meeting with the five families (filmed at building of Federal Reserve NY Skull and Bones, on 33 Liberty Street), the 6 of Cups Reunion. In 1955 he has a heart attack after playing with his grandson Anthony.

At Vito's funeral, Tessio tries to set up a meeting with Barzini, indicating Tessio is a traitor (Scorpio: death, betrayal). While Michael is present at the baptism ceremony of Connie's baby as his godfather, his men execute Tessio and Barzini, showing he is angel Michael on the Judgement card, the Baphomet mercy and judgement, the black sun from which life springs and to which all life returns, worshipped by the Templars as John the Baptist.
Moe Green is shot in the eye, Michael kills his brother in law Carlo Gianni Russo (Charlie Charles Manson) born December 12, 1943 sagittarius -Art =Horus avenging death Osiris (Set one eye symbolism).

Michael relocates his family to Las Vegas (Howard Hughes owned hotel in Vegas) becomes the new Godfather, the child of the Aeon of Horus.
3/15, date 3y later Aristotle Onassis died, 2nd husband of Jackie Kennedy.
Diane as Diana the High Priestess (secrets, intuition).


The Godfather Part II 1974

12/12/1974, date Frank Sinatra, Jennifer Connelly, year 4 the Emperor. From 1974 the CEO of Paramount Pictures is Barry Diller, married to Diane von Fürstenberg. The Godfather II was co-produced by Fred Roos (Hollywood High School).

The movie starts with a flashback to 1901 when Vito's mother is killed (Libra Queen of Swords, 3 of Swords - Sorrow). As a nine year old, he arrives at Ellis Island with statue of Liberty (Lucifer apollo lucifer seven), with the Red Star Line (Aquarius hei window the Star).

At a party (Aquarius the Star), similar to the wedding scene in the first film, Michael has meeting with guests as the new Godfather. AG Spradlin aug 31, date death Diana.

In a flashback young Vito Corleone sets up a small olive oil business, played by
Robert Anthony de Niro jr descendant of Nero (Antichrist) Roman empire bloodline, born August 17, 1943 Leo ruled by the Sun (lion heart Cor-leone) year 17 the Star, married to Dianne Abbott.

Frank Pentangeli (five angels) Michael Vincenzo Gazzo April 5, 1923 – February 14, 1995 (jesuit school).
The crime families meet in Cuba, based on the Havana conference of 1946 (dec 22 Hotel Nacional) with Mia Farrow's husband Frank Sinatra as entertainment (2 months after birth Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set, month before Black Dahlia murder).

Cuba (linked to JFK, Pluto: underworld, communism). He witnesses the Cuban revolution 4/19, instigated by the jesuits who trained Fidel Castro. Batista, died 8/6/1973 year before, 8/6 date of socalled end of Holy Roman Empire.
Israel Lee Strassberg November 17, 1901 – February 17, 1982= Hyman Roth (Rothschild). Michael tries to kill Roth at new year's eve (Harvey Lee shot by Jack Ruby, rubedo) but Michaels bodyguard is killed (similar to murder on old Vito Corleone in hospital). He finds out betrayal of Fredo (kiss of death of Scorpio, Judas to Jesus, new year's eve rise of Sirius). In the chaos, he escapes to US.

In another flashback, Vito Corleone is forced to pay dues to Don Fanucci Gastone Moschin 8 June 1929 gemini– 4 September 2017 virgo, based on Ignazio Lupo, d 1/13 1947, month of Black Dahlia murder Elizabeth Short (black hand, secret society of murder Franz Ferdinand, Skull and Bones). Vito and his friend steal a rug, (search for holy grail bloodline) after which he kills Don Fanucci.

Michael is indicted, a trial based on the Valachi hearings in 1963, which brought the Italian mafia into the public consciousness. Robert F Kennedy was brought into spotlight by senator McLellan as antimafia hero.
Roger Corman has a cameo as senator. Michael brings father Pentangeli to trial (Salvatore Po). Kay tells she had an abortion (Adjustment for behaviour of the Fool, liber AL) child sacrifice of Diana, who threw herself of a stairs while being pregnant.
Michael kills Fredo (John Cazale JC Jesus Christ fisher of men) like Frodo rubedo, killing old self ego, Cain killing Abel, on the Lovers card.

Hagen and Pentangeli talk in prison about the Roman empire, fence=chet Cancer (pluto in cancer). Pentangeli is killed in a bathtub.
The Devil in Crowley's vaiov formula, beginning and end.

The Godfather Part III 1990

dec 25 1990 winter solstice Capricorn the Devil, sign closing the veil, end of ritual.

Franc D'Ambrosio (born August 11, 1962, also role in Phantom of the Opera, as Anthony Corleone. After a ceremony in St Patrick's cathedral, Anthony tells his father he wants to become an opera singer (in 1985 JFK jr started acting career).
Sophia Carmina Coppola born May 14, 1971 Taurus the Hierophant, brother Roman 4/22, as Mary Corleone.

1972 The Godfather Michael Francis Rizzi (infant) Francis Ford Coppola Uncredited
1974 The Godfather Part II Child on Ship
1983 The Outsiders Little Girl Credited as Domino
Rumble Fish Donna
1984 Frankenweenie Anne Chambers Tim Burton
The Cotton Club Child in Street Francis Ford Coppola
1986 Peggy Sue Got Married Nancy Kelcher
1986 Faerie Tale Theatre: The Princess
Who Had Never Laughed Gwendolyn Mark Cullingham Credited as Domino
1987 Anna Noodle Yurek Bogayevicz
1988 Tucker: The Man and His Dream (uncredited) Francis Ford Coppola
1990 The Godfather Part III Mary Corleone Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress
1992 Inside Monkey Zetterland Cindy Jefery Levy
1999 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace Saché George Lucas
2001 CQ

1998 Lick the Star
1999 The Virgin Suicides Rosemarys Baby pose Kirsten Dunst 420 lux
2003 Lost in Translation the hierophant Bill Murray Scarlett Johansson
2006 Marie Antoinette year art, French Revolution Kirsten Dunst
2010 Somewhere Johnny Marco
2013 The Bling Ring Katie Chang
2015 A Very Murray Christmas
2017 The Beguiled Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman Colin Farrell (role of Heath Ledger in the Imaginarium)

Michael lets Vincent Mancini played by

Andy Garcia (arturo) as Vincent Mancini illegitamate son of Sonny Corleone (Luciano ambushed by Vincent Gigante) work for him.

Michael makes a deal with the Vatican bank, Don Altobello wants a share. Vincent kills Zasa, Michael wants Vincent to stop having a relationship with Mary, out of fear he might endanger her life.
based on death of pope John Paul, 33 days after his election in 1978 and papal banking scandal of 1981 (year wedding Diana and Charles) with Roberto Calvi as the Hanged Man.

They go to Sicily to see Anthony's opera debut (Saturn magic square Sator Arepo) at the Massimo Theatre. It represents the death-rebirth story of Christ in opera, killing of Abraham Lincoln (Mary Todd Colonna, similiarities with the JFK ritual) in theatre, Greek tragedy with Apollo- Dionysus aspects.

Godfather III was released 22 years before the James Holmes Aurora theatre ritual, like the Tate murders announced in Polanski Rosemarys Baby (same day Mia Farrow as Alice). In gnosticism Sophia (wisdom) is killed when we identify with the image, the Beast. 1993 Carlito's Way Al Pacino nightclub El Paraiso= Johnny Depp's Viper Room where River Phoenix dies.

The Godfather in popular culture

1996 Jay-z Reasonable Doubt image based on The Godfather (black Osiris, Hip Hop programming)
1998 Jane Austen's Mafia! Christina Applegate as Diane Steen Lloyd Bridges parody of The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola

Apocalypse Now