The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch was a tv show (pop culture propaganda) about a family, broadcast on ABC (Disney, involved in mind control of children), from 1969 to 1974 created by Sherwood Schwartz, cousin of Doug Schwartz who created Baywatch. The different screens in the opening sequence represent a grid of alters (MPD system, brady=byrd, blue screens=Bluebird). Producer Howard Reed worked with Norman Lear. Writer Michael Morris (Polish jew Mischa Stutchkoff) also wrote for Bewitched and All in the Family. Brady in gematria (red)= 23.

Sherwood Schwartz attended Dewitt Clinton High School like Richard Avedon, Richard Condon (The Manchurian Candidate), George Cukor, Irving Howe (NY Intellectuals, Democratic Socialists of America), Lionel Trilling (NY Intellectuals), Bob Kane (Batman), Stan Lee, Kool Keith, Tracy Morgan, Jan Peerce, John Randolph (Seconds), Abraham Rosenthal, Ace Frehley (Kiss), Gil Scott Heron, Ben Wattenberg. He worked with Bob Hope for NBC Radio.

Producer Douglas Schoolfield Cramer (jewish name Kramer, production company of Aaron Spelling) also produced Mission: Impossible, The Love Boat, Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Who is the Black Dahlia?, Dynasty and The Cat Creature with John Carradine of the OTO, Curtis Harrington, Gale Sundergaard (The Blue Bird), written by Robert Bloch. 

Jayne Mansfield married to Sam Brody, died in a car crash in 1968.

The show is mentioned in the Cathy O'Brien story:

"My television programming was then expanded to include the shows that every Project Monarch slave i knew had to watch: I Dream of Jeanie, The Brady Bunch, Gumby and Pokey and Bewitched. "


Christopher Knight (jewish, HPS, Knight=Knight Templar) attended Camino Real High School like America Ferrara (nerd in ABC show Ugly Betty), William Zabka (The Karate Kid), Brad Garrett (jewish, Everybody Loves Raymond), Glen Sobel (drummer of Alice Cooper), Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, Punk Rock), Mark Saul (The Social Network), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad, Kick-Ass), Amber Liu (K-pop of SM Entertainment),..

He appeared in Happy Days, One Day at a Time (Norman Lear) and The Love Boat (Aaron Spelling), The Doom Generation of Gregg Araki (gay agenda) with Rose McGowan (Children of God cult) and married Adrianne Curry (America's Next Top Model with Tyra Banks, Playboy).

Florence Henderson (Delta Zeta like Shelley Fabares' niece Nanette Fabray) married Ira Bernstein, appeared in Amish Paradise of Weird Al Yankovich, Pepsi Twist commercial with Ozzy Ozbourne, WWE Raw, Dancing with the Stars, Shakes the Clown with Adam Sandler and Robin Williams.

Robert Reed (John Rietz, Actors Studio) was used in the gay agenda and played in Star! with Julie Andrews, directed by William Asher (married to Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched). Diana stayed at the Ritz before her death.

Maureen McCormick (Beckman, HPS, programmed with cocain and quaaludes) played in Barbie doll commercials,  Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Happy Days, Fantasy Island, The Idolmaker with Peter Gallagher and Joe Pantoliano.

Barry Williams (Millar Blenkhorn, That 70's Show, Murder She Wrote) His neighbor was Peter Graves (Mission: Impossible)

Eve Plumb as Jan Brady (=Jane, Jayne Mansfield, Jennifer), born in Burbank on 4/29 (St Catherine's day, day of wedding Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, William and Catherine), married to Rick Mansfield. She played in Nowhere of Gregg Araki.

Her character Jan represents a nerdy, humiliated alter (glasses and braces) that is programmed to see itself as ugly and unattractive. Nerds in gematria=23. The nerd archetype was also used in Sherwood Schwartz' Gilligan Island.

The name Jane stands for lost identity (two faced god Janus=Iacchus): Guinevere, Jane Doe, Sharon Tate as Jennifer in Valley of the Dolls, Jane Russell, Jane Powell, Jane Birkin, Jane Greer, Janet Leigh, Jayne Mansfield, Paul McCartney's girlfriend Janes Asher, Diana' sister Jane Spencer, Janet Jackson, GI Jane, Fun with Dick and Jane, Becoming Jane, Janelle Monae, Jenny McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Jena Malone, Kris Jenner..

Susan Olsen (HPS). Her brother Christopher Olsen played in I'll See You In My Dreams with Doris Day.

Mike Lookinland was programmed by the Mormon Church (in alliance with Disney) and trained at HPS. Bobby=Robert like Robert Kennedy.

Ann Bradford Davis (died 6/1 like Marilyn Monroe) as Alice.

Jack Collins (Bewitched)

Davy Jones (The Monkees, song Rainbow Jane)

1972 Meet the Bradys Paramount Records song American Pie about Satan, Al Capps (Cher, Liza Minelli)

1976 The Brady Bunch Hour Sid and Marty Krofft (Hanna-Barbera)

1988 A Very Brady Christmas CBS Lewis Arquette (The Waltons).

1990 The Bradys

1995 The Brady Bunch (egg symbolism of the Lovers) Movie Shelley Long (Diane Chambers in Cheers, Pizza Man, married to Ken Solomon) Michael McKean (This Is Spinal Tap) The Monkees (Laurel Canyon)

1996 A Very Brady Sequel (surfboard poster, the Fool) Deborah Kaplan (married to Brecklin Meyer, BHHS) Gary Cole (movies with Will Ferrell who played Cam Brady in The Campaign) Christine Taylor (The Craft, married to Ben Stiller) Jesse Lee Soffer Christopher Barnes (The Little Mermaid) RuPaul (transgender agenda) Rosie O'Donnell (The Flintstones) Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie) Zsa Zsa Gabor Brian Van Holt (Cougar Town) David Spade Paramount Pictures

2000 Growing Up Brady NBC Adam Brody (jewish, Siefman) as Barry Williams

Eminem My Name Is (spoof of Bill Clinton, Marilyn Manson, The Brady Bunch).

William Brady was mayor of NY. Nicolas Brady (CFR, NY Edison, George HW Bush administration, Book and Snake,  Bohemian Club) designed the Brady Plan. James Brady (Reagan administration) was a member of Sigma Chi and BSA.

Jordan Brady played in Baywatch and The Third Wheel. John Lithgow played Jack Brady in Leap Year. Wayne Brady (Phi Beta Sigma) was trained at Pasadena Playhouse and used by the Disney Channel. Jesuit Philip Brady worked for the Nine Network.