The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys was a band of mind controlled musicians Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love, Blondie Chaplin, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, formed in Laurel Canyon, used in the music industry and media as part of program Pop Culture. They were linked to Project Bluebird, MK Ultra and Charles Manson.

They were signed to Capitol Records by Nick Venet, mentored by Jon Hammond Vanderbilt of Columbia Records, producer of Greenwich Village musician Bob Dylan and cousin of William Sloane Coffin (S&B). Venet also worked with Nat King Cole, Stan Getz, Ravi Shankar (Esalen), Laurel Canyon singer Linda Rondstadt. He produced The Begetting of the President of Orson Welles.

Their music was played studio musicians of Phil Spector's Wrecking Crew. They were managed by Jerry Schilling, who also managed Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley (Scientology).

They were used to create the California Sound and the typical Californian dreamy, childish pop culture of Disney, to usher in the Aeon of Horus the child.

Surfing is a metaphor for sex magic, practiced in the OTO. Surfing was popularised by Duke Kahanamoku (Scottish Rite freemason) and the Gidget movies of Columbia Pictures with Sandra Dee (sexually abused). The Beach Boys played in a movie with Disney slave Anette Funicello, used in Beach Party surf movies of Samuel Arkoff.

They performed on CBS show The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.

They played in TAMI Show (1964) of Samuel Arkoff's AIP with Jan and Deen, Marvin Gaye, The Rolling Stones and The Supremes (Diana Ross).

They helped spreading the LSD and Transcendental Meditation trend with Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi, The Beatles, Mia Farrow and the rest of the CIA controlled hippie counterculture in the 60's.

On 6/12/1983 (date of Rosemary's Baby) they performed at the White House to promote political puppet Ronald Reagan.

In 1986 they recorded a remake of California Dreamin' of The Mama's and The Papa's (John Philips).


- Brian Wilson (Hawthorne High School like Tyler the Creator, Casey Veggies, Greg Hetson of Bad Religion, worked with Jan and Dean linked to Terry Melcher. He was given LSD and other drugs by Loren Schwartz of William Morris Agency, educated at Santa Monica High School)
- Dennis Wilson (friend of Charles Manson, played in Two Lane Backdrop with Harry Dean Stanton)
- Carl Wilson (Hollywood Professional School, Movement of Spiritual Awareness with Spiritual Exercises of the jesuits, founded by John-Roger Hinkins of the Mormon Church, linked to Lifespring and Werner Erhard's EST training)
- Mike Love (cousin of the Wilson brothers)
- Al Jardine
- Bruce Johnston (University High School, duo with Terry Melcher)
- David Marks (Hollywood Professional School)

Discography and filmography

1962 Surfin' Safari Capitol Records 10/1, 4 days before 1st single of The Beatles
1963 Surfin' U.S.A. Chuck Berry
1963 Surfer Girl
1963 Little Deuce Coupe
1964 Shut Down Volume 2
1964 All Summer Long

1964 The Beach Boys' Christmas Album
1965 The Girls on the Beach Paramount Pictures Gene Corman (vice-president of MCA, brother of Roger Corman) Lana Wood (ABC show Peyton Place, sister of Natalie Wood)
1965 The Monkey's Uncle Disney Frank Faylen (Billy Wilder's Lost Weekend, filmed at Bellevue) Tommy Kirk (Pasadena Playhouse) Anette Funicello (Mickey Mouse Club) Cheyl Miller Leon Ames (Meet Me in St Louis with Judy Garland)
1965 The Beach Boys Today!
1965 Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)
1965 Beach Boys' Party!
1966 Pet Sounds (Goat of Mendes) song Good Vibrations Tony Asher (music for ABC show The Partridge Family, son of Irving Asher of 20th Century Fox)
1967 Smiley Smile
1967 Wild Honey
1968 Friends tour with Maharesh Mahesh Yogi
1969 20/20 song Never Learn Not to Love by Charles Manson

1970 Sunflower (rainbow logo=Wizard of Oz programming)
1971 Surf's Up song Disney Girls
1972 Carl and the Passions – "So Tough"
1973 Holland
1976 15 Big Ones
1976 The Beach Boys It's OK! NBC tv special Dan Aykroyd
1977 The Beach Boys Love You (program Punk Rock)
1978 M.I.U. Album
1979 L.A. (Light Album=Crowley's Liber AL)
1980 Keepin' the Summer Alive
1985 The Beach Boys
1989 Still Cruisin'
1992 Summer in Paradise
1996 Stars and Stripes Vol. 1
2012 That's Why God Made the Radio

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