The Aviator

The Aviator is a Hollywood movie with Leonardo di Caprio as Howard Hughes (Horus the Conquering Child archetype like Jack Parsons, head of the OTO, Adolf Hitler and Charles Lindbergh), directed by Martin Scorcese, produced by Michael Mann (jewish), released by Miramax-Warner Bros Pictures-Buena Vista (Disney) on 12/25/2004, based on a book of Charles Higham and screenplay on John Logan. Hughes represented the Uranus (eccentric outsider, genius, OCD like Nikola Tesla) energy of the Age of Aquarius and Mercury the Magician (HH=88, air travel, verbal wit, intellect, Mad Hatter delusions). Mercury rules Gemini (Knight of Swords).

Martin Charles Scorcese directed Taxi Driver, mafia movies Goodfellas and Casino with Robert de Niro,. John Cassavetes (Rosemary's Baby) and Roger Corman were his mentors. He married jesuit Julia Cameron (Marjorie Cameron). Charles/Charlie is a common name for an alter.

John Logan (gay agenda) also wrote a biography of AC Doyle (Sherlock Holmes), Wallis Simpson, Louis Mayer, Rose Kennedy, Cary Grant, Elizabeth II, Marlon Brando and worked on Ridley Scott's Gladiator, Hauptman about the Lindbergh baby).

Leonardo di Caprio (Jack Dawson) as Howard Hughes, the Horus Jack Parsons archetype, mercury: air travel.

Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn (like William's wife Catherine)

Jude Law (Watson in Sherlock Holmes) as Errol Flynn (The Adventures of Robin Hood, Virginia City).

Ian Holm (=Holmes, Lord of the Rings) as professor Fritz

Danny Huston as Jack Frye (TWA). son of John Huston, brother of Anjelica Huston who lived with Jack Nicholson at Mulholland Drive (Polanski ritual with Samantha Geimer).

Brent Spiner (human computer/robot Data in Star Trek the Next Generation) as Robert Gross.

Kate Beckingsale as Ava Gardner (The Killers, The Blue Bird of George Cukor, Mabel Dodge in Priest of Love, married to Mickey Rooney and Frank Sinatra) like Eva Braun.

John C Reilly (assistant of John Holmes in Boogie Nights and Sherlock Holmes in Holmes and Watson) as Noah Dietrich (like Hitler's assistant Dietrich Eckhart).

Gwen Stefani (programmed at Disneyland) as Jean Harlow.

Kelli Garner as Faith Domergue. Garner was born in Bakersfield, educated at Thousand Oaks High School (like Kurt Russell, Seinfeld actor Michael Richards), played in Pan Am with Margot Robbie, Marilyn Monroe in The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe with Susan Sarandon, Horns with Daniel Radcliffe and Provider of N.E.R.D..

Alan Alda as Ralph Owen Brewster, senator of Maine (Stephen King mythology). Alda played a lawyer in Marriage Story with Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver.

Alec Baldwin (Donald Trump impersonator) as Juan Trippe

Matt Ross (Julliard, HBO series Silicon Valley, Face/Off, American Psycho) as Glenn Odekirk.

Stanley DeSantis (gay agenda) as Louis B Mayer (MGM).

Adam Scott as press agent Johnny

Frances Conroy (Six Feet Deep, bathing scene in Joker) as Katharine Throughton (marxist, eugenics agenda of American Birth Control League, femist agenda with Emmeline Plankhurst)

Josie Maran (jewish, Castilleja School like Grace Slick and Penny Pritzker, Little Black Book with Brittany Murphy) as cigarette girl (smoke Shekhina) Thelma

Willem Dafoe

Brent Spiner (Data in Star Trek, used for computer programming in mind control) as Robert Gross.

music by Howard Shore (jewish, David Cronenberg movies)

In Diamonds Are Forever Willard Whyte (like pilot William) is based on Hughes. In 1970 Marvel Comics invented character Howard Stark based on Hughes in the Iron Man and Captain America mythology (played by Dominic Cooper who also played Ian Fleming).

In 1985 Christopher Reeve (Superman) played in The Aviator with Rosanna Arquette.

Poster letters AR =Ra Hoor Kuit, god of war and vengeance. In 2000 Cameron Crowe made Almost Famous (poster with Kate Hudson wearing reflective glasses) with Billy Crudup (J Edgar with Di Caprio). Ridley Scott produced Strange Angel about Jack Parsons.

The first scene shows Hughes growing up in Houston, programmed by his mother with fear of germs (Pluto: viruses, oil, fortune, dark secrets) while bathing (the Star washing stage). Houston (Hugh's town) is named after Knight Templar Hugh de Paduinan. John Dee used a hew stone to communicate with 'angels'.

In 1927 he starts directing Hell's Angels (planes with Iron Cross) with Noah Dietrich (era of rise of Hitler, played by John C Reilly).

At the Cocoanut Grove of the Ambassador Hotel (where Robert Kennedy was shot, performances of Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra, Overlook Hotel of The Shining) in LA, he asks Louis Mayer of MGM for extra camera's, meets cigarette girl Thelma (Thelema).

He hires a meteorologist of UCLA (played by Ian Holm) to find the right clouds for his picture, films in Oakland while flying (the world of Beri'ah, world of creation, element air) and changes the picture after sound film (The Jazz Singer, Saturn rules the ears) becomes the new norm. In Sherlock Jr Buster Keaton enters the screen world in a dream.

He presents his Hell's Angels (Yetzirah World of Creation, of 'angels', Howard=How Art Thou Fallen -fallen angel Lucifer, press calling it his 'baby doll') with Jean Harlow (platinum blonde like Marilyn Monroe) at Grauman's Chinese Theatre near Laurel Canyon, stepping on glass (breaking glass symbolism), holding Harlow's hand like Sherlock Holmes Jr and Cillian Murphy in Red Eye.

He meets Katharine Hepburn (the Empress, Babalon, in Di Caprio's previous movie Gangs of New York he chases Cameron Diaz=Marjorie Cameron) at the set of a George Cukor film, Jack Frye of TWA and Errol Flynn (red and white rose symbolism, discussing The Outlaw). Hughes is shown as having OCD obsession with symmetry in his food (OCD like David Beckham, James Spader, Jack Nicholson in As Good It Gets) .

He meets Hepburn's parents (scene like Strange Angel) and produces The Outlaw with Jane Russell.

He buys TWA. Hepburn leaves Hughes for Spencer Tracy (like Diana Spencer leaving Charles) because of his playboy image (like Donald Trump) and Hughes starts a relationship with Faith Domergue (like Dodi Fayed), meets with Juan Trippe of Pan Am (Di Caprio is a pilot of Pan Am in Catch Me If You Can). He has an obsessive washing hands ritual like MacBeth in a green toilet room (like green tie of Teddy Daniels).

He lives at the Mayan house of George Hodell (Black Dahlia ritual), friend of John Huston. He wiretaps his wife Ava Gardner and walks with a crutch like John F Kennedy and Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises (Osiris represents the spine). Gardner bruises his head while his home is searched by the FBI (DiCaprio played FBI director John Edgar Hoover).

He meets with Brewster at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, at that time owned by the Hiltons.

On 7/7/1947 he crashes in Beverly Hills (777 Kabbalistic lightning flash, orange juice symbolism of being sodomized, Parsons lived at Orange Grove).

He is trialed (Adjustment for the Fool, trial like Tony Starks in Iron Man, Hoover in J Edgar) by Brewster (Alan Alda, Liber AL) working for Juan Trippe (Pan Am, the Devil), while going through Night of Pan, images of desert=Parsons' Babalon Working, visited by Katharine (Babalon), obsessed with milk (holy cow Hathor). Trippe=trip, 2001 A Space Odyssey was marketed as 'The Ultimate Trip' and had people wearing the Pan Am logo.

He flies the Hercules (Phoenician god, Horus strangling snakes), with professor Fritz wearing a blue bow tie with polka dots (used in the programming of Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel).

In the last scene Hughes plans commercialize jet planes (Parsons founded Jet Propulsion Laboratory, later NASA) has a panic attack about mysterious men in black, repeating the phrase 'the way of the future' (the way, the Dao).

Hughes was born 12/24 like F Scott Fitzgerald who wrote The Great Gatsby (movie with Di Caprio).

In 2011 Margot Robbie (the Wolf of Wall Street, Sharon Tate in OUATIh) played in Pan Am with Kelli Garner, Christina Ricci and David Harbour.

In The Aviator Pan Am nearly has a world monopoly. In The Hunger Games the US is called Panem.

Howard Hughes

Leonardo Di Caprio