Terry O'Quinn

Terry O'Quinn is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry and media/entertainment industry to play the archetype of the Beast (Therion, baldhead Aleister Crowley). He played John Locke in ABC series Lost with Matthew Fox as Jack Shepherd.



Astrological chart

born 7/15/1952, date Jesse Ventura, Ariana Huffington, Diane Kruger, cancer.

Dom: Cancer (the Chariot like Matthew Fox), Taurus, Libra- Moon, Saturn (therion the beast), Mars.

Chiron (wounded healer) in Capricorn, Moon and Jupiter in Taurus, Saturn and Neptune in Libra (era of atom bomb homunculus), Sun, Lilith, Venus and Uranus in Cancer, Mercury and Pluto in Leo.(uranus in cancer like Dodi Fayed, born in 1955)


1980 Heaven's Gate Michael Cimino Kris Kristofferson John Hurt
1981 The Doctors NBC
1983 All the Right Moves (the Chariot) Tom Cruise
1984 Places in the Heart (pink sky) Ed Harris John Malkovich Danny Glover as Moses
1984 Mrs Soffel Mel Gibson Diane Keaton Matthew Modine as Jack Heather Graham
1984 Miami Vice NBC
1985 Silver Bullet (novella of Stephen King) Corey Haim Gary Busey
1985 Mischief Kelly Preston
1985 The Twilight Zone CBS (music by The Grateful Dead) Arthur C Clarke Stephen King Wes Craven Robert Downey Joe Dante
1986 Between Two Women Farrah Fawcett
1986 SpaceCamp (rocket Mars) Joaquin Phoenix Tate Donavan Tom Skerritt Leah Thompson
1987 The Stepfather (mirror alter symbolism, the star)
1987 Black Widow (masonic floor) Dennis Hopper Diane Ladd Debra Winger Theresa Russell as Catherine (names Diana/Catherine) Mary Woronov
1988 Young Guns Emilio Estevez Charlie Sheen (fake 911 movement) Kiefer Sutherland Dermot Mulroney Terence Stamp produced by Joe Roth and Paul Schiff
1988 Pin
1989 Blind Fury Ruther Hauer Nick Cassavetes
1989 Stepfather II
1989 The Forgotten One
1990 Blood Oath Deborah Kara Unger Russell Crowe Jason Donavan
1990 Kaleidoscope Jaclyn Smith
1991 Son the Morning Star
1991 The Rocketeer
as Howard Hughes (Jack Parsons) neptune in cancer, gemini saturn-plane crash 7/7 (saturn in cancer) in the Gemfiles Howard Hughes was imprisoned on island of Aristotle Onassis, Jennifer Connnely
1991 Company Business Gene Hackman as CIA agent
1992 The Cuttig Edge DB (42) Sweeney
1993 Tombstone Sam Elliott Val Kilmer Bill Paxton Michael Biehn Kurt Russell Billy Zane
1996 Ghosts of Mississipi Alec Baldwin Whoopi Goldberg James Woods Virginia Madsen
1996 Primal Fear Richard Gere Edward Norton Laura Linney Frances McDormand Steven Bauer
1997 Breast Men (cancer rules breasts) David Schwimmer Chris Cooper
1997 Shadow Conspiracy (Sharon Tate ritual) Charlie Sheen Ben Gazzara Donald Sutherland Gore Vidal
1998 The X-Files David Duchovny Gillian Anderson Blythe Danner
2000 Rated X Charlie Sheen Emilio Estevez
2001 American Outlaws Colin Farell Scott Caan Harris Yulin Gabriel Macht
2002 The Locket CBS Vanessa Redgrave Margeruite Moreau (Starla in Lost)
2003 Old School Will Ferrell
2003 The West Wing NBC
2004 Lost ABC Matthew Fox Dominic Monaghan Naveen Andrews Harold Perrineau JJ Abrams Mark Pellegrino
2011 Hawaii five-o Lauren German Meaghan Rath Daniel Dae Kim
2012 666 Park Avenue (Beast 666)

2014 Gang Related Fox RZA

2015 Secrets and Lies ABC Juliette Lewis
2016 New Life
2017 The Blacklist NBC James Spader
2022 Pieces of Her Netflix


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