Temple of Solomon

Temple of Solomon is a symbol of union in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with two pillars representing the sun and moon (Sol-o-mon), used in Judaism, Kabbalism, the jesuit order and freemasonry (two pillars Boaz and Joachin, pillars of Hercules). It is associated with the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Hieros Sol -o-mon, sacred marriage between masculine and feminine) in Israel, a sacred place in all religions of the Saturn cult.

The concept has its origin in the Egyptian temples at Heliopolis with 2 obelisks at its entrance. It is a metaphor for the body and brain (balance of the left and right brain ways of thinking, the temples of the head, microcosm as a mirror for the macrocosm), with the human mind obligated to finish a spiritual work, to build a temple of wisdom by uniting the opposites (in alchemy, the alchemical marriage). The Holy of Holies represents the part of the brain that contains the pineal gland.

The monotheistic cult of Akhenaten (Moses) became Judaism.

In Judaism the Torah claims the temple was destroyed by Babylonian emperor Nebuchadnezzar II (symbol of the ego) in 587 bc who took the jews captive to Babylon, with Zerubbabel as leader. It plays a role in endtimes prophecy of a Christ and Antichrist in the Book of Revelation.

King David (=Thoth, Mercury) supposedly was his descendant. The Seal of Solomon is the Star of David. King Solomon, king David, Jesus Christ and Muhammad represent the Holy Grail bloodline of elite families. Queen Sheba represents unity black-white.

In the year 70 Vespasian and Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the 2nd temple. In Islam Solomon is called Suleyman.

In 691 the Umayyad Caliphate built the Dome of the Rock, an octagon shaped building (Thoth was associated with nr 8 as leader of the Ogdoad) with golden dome at the Temple Mount, the location of Solomon's Temple.

The Catholic Church created the Knights Templar and the crusades to reconquer Jerusalem as a Holy War (under influence of the God program). They had knowledge of sacred geometry and built the Temple Church in Clerkenwell London UK, with circle and rectangle floor plan (the compass and square is a symbol of freemasonry forming a Star of David). It later became the City of London, heart of the financial system.

The key of Solomon is a concept in magic, it became the PX symbol of Christianity, connected to Orion. The Lesser Key of Solomon, a grimmoire of the 1300's was translated by Samuel McGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). Solomonic magic uses magical squares associated with the different planets.

Solomon is a common jewish name (fi Maynard Solomon, Solomon Benedict Worms, Solomon Ayllon, Haim Solomon, Carl Solomon, Jay Solomon, Solomon Bush, Andrew Solomon, Solomon Loeb and Solomon Guggenheim).

The Stuarts (Scottish Rite masons) worked with the Sabbatean jews of Amsterdam like Jacob Judah Leon, Petrus Serrarius, Solomon Ayllon, Nehemiah Hayyun, ...

Masons reenact the murder of Hiram Abiff, the architect of Solomon's temple, and scenes in history of judaism with Zerubbabel and king Solomon. The 1st and 2nd grade are based on Boaz and Joachin, the left and right pillar of the Temple of Solomon.

The rebuilding of the temple also represents putting the capstone on the pyramid as end of the Great Work (one eye pyramid symbolism).

The Stuarts created the Royal Society to start the Scientific Revolution (gathering of knowledge as the symbolic rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, also mentioned in Francis Bacon's New Atlantis).

In 1642 Henrietta Maria (Medici), wife of Charles I Stuart,  visited rabbi Jacob Judah Leon, who shows her a drawing of Solomon's Temple, which became the emblem of the Antient Grand Lodge. She was accompanied by Mary who later marries into the House of Orange.

Isaac Newton (Royal Society of the Stuarts) wrote about alchemy and the Temple of Solomon in Chronology of the Antients.

Ethiopian king Haile Selassie claimed to be a descendant of King Solomon (legend of Queen Sheba and Menelik, worshiped in program Reggae).

Ben Cross and Vivica Fox played in Solomon.

The River Phoenix ritual with Joaquin Phoenix (Boaz and Joachin) and the 911 Twin Towers ritual contained Temple of Solomon symbolism (Salomon building nr 7, twins of Gemini).