Ted Kennedy

Edward Moore Kennedy was a Roman Catholic mind controlled political puppet of the Kennedy elite family (Scottish Rite masons), the son of Knight of Malta Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald (Rose-mary's baby), brother of JFK and RFK.  Like his brothers, he was an agent of the Left Wing Church. JFK played a role in the JFK ritual, RFK in the fake Civil Rights Movement (the Black Church) and his own assassination ritual in 1968. He received his First Communion from pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli, Reichskonkordat with the nazi's) at the Vatican. He was educated at Harvard and University of Virginia. He married Joan Bennett (cardinal Francis Spellman as priest) and Victoria Reggie (Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Alpha Theta like Barbara Bush and Melinda Gates). He is the father of Kara, Edward Jr and Patrick II Kennedy (educated at elite school Choate Rosemary Hall).

In 1969 he played a role in the Chappaquiddick Island media ritual with Mary Jo Kopechne (summer of the Apollo moon landing and 911 Sharon Tate ritual, Tate=letter Teth Lust card, 2 years after car crash Jayne Mansfield). Kopechne was polish like Polanski and Kaczynski. The car crash represented the Chariot (Pluto in water sign Cancer), announced the car crash of Diana. Edgartown is a reference to J Edgar Hoover of FBI. Jackie Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis on Greek island Skorpios (Scorpio: betrayal).

Like Archibald Coolidge and Theodore Roosevelt III he was a member of the Owl Club of Harvard. Like JFK, he was a Knight of Columbus.

Like JFK, he was assisted by Robert McNamara of the Rockefeller Foundation, also associated with dark secrets. Pluto is the god of the underworld, RFK became famous as anti-mafia hero.

At the the funeral of his brother (the JFK ritual) he represented Pluto, the Shadow in Virgo.

In 1965 he was present at the signing of the Immigration Bill (doctrine of the Multiculti Church, Pluto in Virgo transformation on view in minorities) with RFK.

RFK's son David Kennedy (DK: 411) also played an Antichrist figure. His other son, jesuit trained Robert Kennedy Jr is used as priest in the Climate Church and as controlled opposition during the Covid-19 ritual (speech at the Siegesaule statue of Lucifer in Berlin). Robert's son David Kennedy nearly drowned at the house of John Frankenheimer, director of The Manchurian Candidate, the movie with Jackie's lover Frank Sinatra, that announced the JFK media ritual.

In 1975 he played a role in the Frank Olson media ritual in a senate hearing about LSD (distraction on the subjects Operation Paperclip and MK Ultra, like JFK Jr, Eric Olson played the role of child Horus, remembering his dead father Osiris) with Timothy Leary.

During the Senate electrion ritual of 1994 he was the rival of Mormon Mitt Romney.

His sister Kathleen died in a plane crash. His son supposedly missed the flight Air Florida Flight 90 which crashed in Washington in 1982 (year of birth William, the Daemon). His daughter Kara died of a heart attack in 2011. JFK Jr's plane crashed on his way to Martha's Vineyard. The media rituals about the mysterious deaths  the curse of the Kennedy's symbolizes the Curse of Cain (4:11).

Astrological chart

born 2/22/1932, date Drew Barrymore, Arthur Schopenhauer, Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), Robert Kardashian, d Andy Warhol, Ted Kaczynski documentary Unabomber in His Own Words.

Dom: Capricorn (the Devil), Aquarius, Virgo - Saturn, Pluto, Moon.

1: Saturn in Capricorn.

died 8/25/2009, date Sean Connery (James Bond=JFK archetype), Friedrich Nietzsche, Wizard of Oz, d Truman Capote, d Alfred Kinsey, George Wallace, Tom Skerritt, Gene Simmons, Tim Burton, plane crash Aaliyah, age 77 of brain cancer, year of death David Carradine and Michael Jackson (MJ like MJ Kopechne). Ernst Stavros Livanos (Blofeld) died 5/28.

Ted Kennedy in pop culture

1970 Jack Olsen (like Frank Olson) Bridge at Chappaquiddick
1992 Joyce Carol Oates  Black Water
2010 Shutter Island Leonardo di Caprio as Teddy Mark Ruffallo Ted Levine
2017 Chappaquiddick Jason Clarke Kate Mara Ed Helms Bruce Dern

Robert Kennedy

John Kennedy