Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift is a Monarch mind controlled sex slave/singer/actress (Alice in Wonderland programming), used in the music industry and Hollywood film industry and Feminist Church to play the archetype of the Dark Feminine, Katherine, the Whore of Babylon, consort of the Beast (William V), to announce the James Holmes phoenix ritual and the Covid19-ritual. Her brother is Austin Swift, actor in satanic movies like 'We Summon The Darkness'.

She started performing at Bluebird Café Nashville like River Phoenix in The Thing Called Love (blue bird of dissociation, Project Bluebird - History of Mind Control).

She was made famous with a media ritual with Kanye West at the 2009 Mtv awards.

She dated Jake Gyllenhaal (Alice in Wonderland programming in Donnie Darko) and Kevin Jonas (Jonas Brothers).

In 2016 a conspiracy theory was spread to link her in a social media meme to Zeena LaVey, daughter of Anton LaVey, born 3 days before the JFK ritual.

Astrological chart

born 12/13/1989, date Katherine Kennedy Schwarzenegger, Christopher Plummer (married to Elaine Taylor), Jamie Foxx, Steve Buscemi, James Holmes, Mary Todd Lincoln, Lou Adler.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Virgo. Dom: Scorpio (Death), Capricorn, Cancer - Pluto, Mars, Mercury.

Houses 2, 1, 8. 2: Neptune, Saturn in Capricorn, 1: Sun in Sagittarius, 8: Jupiter in Cancer.

Discography and filmography

2006 Taylor Swift (Monarch butterfly)
2008 Fearless (Fifteen 666)
2010 Speak Now (purple dissociation)
2010 Valentine's Day (Frederick V and Elizabeth wedding, announcing the William and Catherine wedding) Julia Roberts Anne Hathaway Queen Latifah
2012 Red (lady in red Marjorie Cameron), The Lorax (orange, Danny DeVito), The Hunger Games soundtrack, single Red 6/21/2013 (red king William)
2014 1989 Bad Blood feat Kendrick Lamar, music video with Selena Gomez Lena Dunham Cindy Crawford Karlie Kloss Cara Delevingne Mariska Hargitay (daughter of Janye Mansfield) Hailee Steinfeld, Martha Hunt, Lily Aldrige (Victoria's Secret) Zendaya
2014 The Giver Jeff Bridges Meryl Streep Katie Holmes Odeya Rush Alexander Skarsgard (announcing the dystopian Covid-19 ritual)
2016 I Dont Wonna Live Forever (mask), soundtrack 50 Shades Darker with Dakota Johnson (Dakota Rosemary's Baby)
2017 Reputation (End Game feat Ed Sheeran and Future)
2019 Lover (pink sky dissociation, Calm Down Monarch butterflies, gay agenda, rainbow Wizard of Oz programming)

2019 Cats (kitten programming) James Corden Judi Dench Ian McKellen Idris Elba
2020 Folklore, Miss Americana Netflix Karlie Kloss Cara Delevingne
2020 Evermore, Folklore: The Long Pond Sessions

Alice in Wonderland

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