Taxi was a comedy tv show with mind controlled actors Judd Hirsch (jewish), Tony Danza, Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd, Andy Kaufman (jewish),  broadcast from 1978 to 1982 on ABC (Disney) and from 1982 to 1983 on NBC, created by James L Brooks (Bernstein, jewish), Stan Daniels (jewish, The Dean Martin Show), Ed Weinberger (jewish) and David Davies and directed by James Burrows (jewish). The Thurn und Taxis family is an Illuminati and Thule Society family. The yellow cab symbolizes the Yellow Brick Road laid out by the handler in Wizard of Oz programming (Judd=Judy Garland), also used in Taxi Driver with Jodie Foster. The masonic checkers pattern=black and white programming.

Judd Hirsch (DeWitt Clinton High School, City College of NY, HB Studio in Greenwich Village) played father of FBI agent in Numb3rs, executive produced by Ridley Scott and Simon Wiesenthal in Hunters and in A Beautiful Mind about mind controlled John Forbes Nash.

Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd both played in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest with Joker Jack Nicholson) based on Ken Kesey's MK Ultra experiments.

Christopher Lloyd played Doc Brown in Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future announcing 911 and Trump's presidency.

Andy Kaufman was a mind controlled actor used to normalise Multiple Personality Disorder. He played the archetype of the Fool, the Joker, which represent Jesus Christ (JC), the Moonchild William. Like Charlie Kaufman and Michel Gondry, his work often uses the postmodern play within play concept of William Shakespeare's The Tempest (blur fantasy-reality).He would perform his Mighty Mouse routine and imitate Elvis Presley. He had an alter ego named Tony Clifton (Clifton New Jersey=headquarter of the Order of Jesters). His manager George Shapiro (NYU) was also the agent of Jerry Seinfeld. He often appeared on NBC show Late Night with David Letterman. He staged a media feud with wrestler Jerry Lawler (The King, Rite of Memphis, WWE of McMahons) and Jimmy Hart (agent of Hulk Hogan). He wrestled with women like Debbie Harry.

Jeff Conway (Scientology, manager of John Travolta, programmed with alcohol and cocain) played in Grease (lightning sodomy symbolism) married the sister of Olivia Newton-John.

Tony Danza played in ABC show Who's the Boss with Judith Light and Alyssa Milano.

Marilu Henner (Marilyn archetype, hyperthemisia) was married to Frederic Forrest (Apocalypse Now) and participated in The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump.

Carol Kane (jewish, Professional Children's School, HB Studio)

Martha Smith (Playboy, married to the son of Mel Blanc)

Allan Arbus  CBS series M.A.S.H., Samuel Z Arkoff's blaxploitation movie Coffy with Pam Grier, married to Diane Arbus (twin picture used in The Shining) and later married Mariclare Costello (Actors Studio, The Waltons, professor at jesuit university).

Talia Balsam (jewish)

Ruth Gordon (taxi death scene in Rosemary's Baby)

James L Brooks produced The Simpsons and Terms of Endearment of Ken Kesey's friend Larry McMurtry with Jack Nicholson, John Lithgow, Jeff Daniels, Shirley MacLaine as Aurora (James Holmes ritual).

He was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi like Irving Azoff (MCA), Jeff Cohen (The Goonies), Richard Frank (Walt Disney Studios), Art Garfunkel, Frank Gehry, Leonard Goldberg (20th Century Fox), Jerry Lewis, Justin Mateen (Tinder), Jerry Reinsdorf (Chicago Bulls), Mark Zuckerberg,..

David Davies was married to Julie Kavner (Beverly Hills High School, yellow Marge in The Simpsons).

James Burrows directed episodes of Cheers, Partners (gay agenda) with John Hurt and appeared in Friends (The One with the Butt).

Ed Weinberger wrote for Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby and Bob Hope.

produced by Barry Diller (married to Diane von Fürstenberg). Producer Howard Gewirtz produced Jenny with Jenny McCarthy (Playboy, Corona ritual).

Showrunner Sam Simon (married to Jennifer Tilly and Playboy model Jamie Ferrell) later co-created The Simpsons.

music by Bob James (Mercury Records, worked with Chet Baker, Quincy Jones and John Zorn).

Kaufman experimented with the audience perception of real and staged, including his death, perceived by some as a hoax (death and rebirth of Horus in the Aeon of Horus).

In 1999 Milos Forman (OFOTCN) directed Man on the Moon with Jim Carrey as Kaufman with Danny DeVito, Paul Giamatti, Courtney Love (widow of Kurt Cobain), Vincent Schiavelli and music by R.E.M (scenes of alter ego Tony Clifton on set of Taxi).

The media image of Eminem (Man on the Moon=MNM, alter ego Slim Shady) contained references to Kaufman (impersonation of Elvis in Without Me).

Andy Kaufman