Tavistock is an institute in London, closely associated with the Jesuits, Fabian Society and MI6/CIA, founded in 1947, the year the OSS became the CIA, a year before the founding of the UN related WHO. It conducted research on mind control, social engineering, trends, hoaxes, corporate culture, political correctness (mind control through language).

Like the Fabian Society it worked towards sexual 'liberation' and the destruction of the nuclear family, social control through the means of psychology and the use of addictive and psycho-tropic drugs, one-world government and population control.

Tavistock is sometimes used as a deliberate distraction by controlled oppostion (Daniel Estulin, John Coleman), linking their connection to the Frankfurt School to the idea of a jewish or communist conspiracy and the funding from the Rockefeller Foundation to link Tavistock to the Illuminati hoax or the Committee of 300, as the only scapegoat for moral decline in the Right Wing Church.

People affiliated with the Tavistock Institute: Herbrand Russell (Order of St John), John Rawling Rees, Hugh Cranton-Miller, Wilfred Bion, John Bowlby, Kurt Lewin, Ronald Forbes Adam, Ronald Hargreaves, John Sutherland, Eric Trist, Fred Emery, Elliott Jacques, Cyril Burt, Arnold Toynbee (LSE), Henry Dicks, Margaret Mead (Gregory Bateson), Melanie Klein, Carl Jung, RD Laing, Clancy Sigal, Emanuel Miller (father of Jonathan Miller, director of Alice in Wonderland), Joseph Berke, Valerie Sinason, Adrian Parker,..

History of the Tavistock Institute

The Russell family became important in England after the rise of the Tudor dynasty, dominated the opium and slave trade with the jesuits in China and India, and conquered the Chinese and the Indians by a reign of terror and opium addiction as a weapon to weaken them.

They called themselves the Duke of Bedford and Marquess of Tavistock (West Devon England, known for slave trader Francis Drake, Order of the Golden Fleece emblem as coat of arms). William Russell founded secret society Skull and Bones at Yale University with Alphonso Taft. John Russell had been pm of the UK in the 1800's. In Vienna Sigmund Freud and his colleagues gradually develop methods of trauma based mind control (History of Mind Control).

1909 British Secret Service is rebranded as MI6.

1912 During the WW1 ritual Wellington House serves as the propaganda machine of the British Empire with Charles Masterman, Alfred Harmsworth (or Lord Northcliffe, Daily Mail, married to Mary Milner, Alfred Milner in the Royal Institute of International Affairs with Robert Cecil), Harold Harmsworth (Lord Rothermere), HG Wells (Fabian Society), Edward Bernays (related to Sigmund Freud). Although related to the British Saxe-Coburgs, British propaganda demonizes German emperor Wilhelm as a Beast and a Devil. Woodrow Wilson sends Charles Edward Russell on a mission to Russia with Elihu Root. Bertrand Russell plays the role of pacifist (controlled opposition) also visits Russia to meet with Vladimir Lenin.

Clovis Vincent uses electroshock therapy on his patients in France.

1920 (year of Sigmund Freud's Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Prohibition, publishing of the antisemitic Protocols of Elders of Zion in The Times, first tv's, modern advertising techniques, manipulation of the subconscious, creating more needs, modern cult of Consumerism) The Milner group turns into Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs) with Robert Cecil and JR Clynes (Fabian Society).

The Tavistock Clinic is founded on Tavistock Square London (TS=39, nr of Baal, like Trafalgar Square and Times Square), near the Tavistock House of Charles Dickens, Pasfield Hall of the London School of Economics of the Fabian Society, and Russell Square. The clinic is named after Herbrand Russell, Marquess of Tavistock, Knight of Grace in the Order of St John (the Baptist), Knight of the Order of the Garter, Order of the British Empire and Fellow of the Royal Society.

John Rawling Rees, Hugh Crichton-Miller (work on hypnosis, based on work of Carl Jung, later chairman of the British Psychological Society with Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud as honorary member) and 90 other volunteers conduct catharsis and shell shock experiments on traumatized soldiers of the WW1 ritual.

Bertrand Russell (LSE of Fabian Society, CCF, Royal Society) chairs the India League with Fabian Society puppet Jawaharlal Nehru (wolf in sheep clothing tactic), is a member of the Bloomsbury Group with Aldous Huxley, Alfred North Whitehead. Kurt Lewin visits Stanford University.

The surrealists use the theories of Sigmund Freud to 'liberate' the subconscious through art. Bright Young Things scene of Bohemian culture in London with Elizabeth Russell.

1923 Marxist Felix Weil founds the Frankfurt School in Germany. founding of Maudsley Hospital. John Bowlby and William Sargant conduct the same research at Maudsley Hospital under Edward Mapother (Institute of Psychiatry, insulin shock therapy). Bowlby is a friend of Julian Huxley (League of Nations/UN with the Cecils), later writes a biography of Charles Darwin, related to the Huxley's.

1927 Clovis Vincent visits neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing (Yale, Scroll and Key) in Boston. Cushing mentored Wilder Penfield, who later worked with Ewen Cameron at McGill University Montreal.

1932 After a visit to Benito Mussolini, Oswald Mosley (The Other Club of Winston Churchill) founds the British Union of Fascists, supported of Alfred Harmsworth of Wellington House, with its headquarter on King's Road Chelsea. Members: Edward and Hastings Russell (Duke of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock), John Beckett (British People's Party), JC Fuller (A.A. of Crowley), St John Philby (friend of Jawaharlal Nehru, father of double agent Kim Philby). Mosley was married to Diana Mitford (Bright Young Things scene with Elizabeth Russell 2nd cousin of Bertrand Russell), sister of Unity Mitford, friend of Adolf Hitler. They meet Hitler at the Nuremberg rally. Hitler is funded by S&B of the Russells (Harriman bank of Prescott Bush). Fabian CEM Joad of the FS makes propaganda for Oswald's party.

1933 Kurt Lewin emigrates to the US. Wilfred Bion works with writer Samuel Beckett.

Cecil puppet Cyril Burt works for Tavistoc Clinic, trained by William McDougall (SPR), member of the British Psychological Society, British Psychoanalytical Society and British Eugenics Society, president of Mensa.

1935 Jesuit Margaret Mead publishes 'Sex and Temperament in Primitive Societies', start of the feminist movement. Archibald Ramsay founds the Nordic League, British version of Alfred Rosenberg's Nordische Gesellschaft. Carl Jung lectures at Tavistock, visited by Samuel Beckett.

1936 Pinewood Studios is opened near London, financed by industrialist Arthur Rank. Jenny Aubrey (jewish elite family Weiss-Javal, French Resistance), sister of feminist Louise Weiss (Legion of Honour) who edited L'Europe Nouvelle (Thomas Mann and Chancellor of Germany Gustav Stresemann and pm of France Aristide Briand), is treated by psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.

1939 Bertrand Russell organizes the World League for Sexual Reform (sex change operations and eugenics as topic) with George Bernard Shaw (Fabian Society) and Sigmund Freud. Stewart Menzies is head of MI6.

Edward James Forbes (Edward VII Saxe-Coburg as godfather, friend of the Mitford sisters) funds surrealists Salvador Dali and René Magritte, Kurt Weil and Bertolt Brecht (schooled in marxism by Karl Krosch of the Fabian Society and Frankfurt School).

1940 Hastings' son Ian Russell works as a reporter for the Daily Mirror, his wife produces the tv series Sherlock Holmes (AC Doyle MI6, HOGD). (Her daughter Catherine Millinaire later works for Vogue of jesuit Condé Nast and Rolling Stone).

Woburn Abbey of the Russells is used as headquarter of the Political Warfare Executive, a propaganda office with staff of Ministry of Information, Special Operations Executive and BBC, Anthony Eden (Grey family, Cecil bloc, pm of UK from 1955), Brendan Bracken (Financial Times, Other Club of Winston Churchill), Roundell Palmer (cousin of Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, in charge of the SOE from 1942), Rex Leeper (propaganda group British Council), Sefton Delmer (Daily Express, interviewed Adolf Hitler in 1931), Robert Bruce Hamilton Lockhart (friend of Aleister Crowley). The PWE concentrates on creating rumors, forgeries, manipulating morale.

1941 Anthropologist Gregory Bateson (OSS), son of geneticist William Bateson, married to jesuit Margaret Mead, organizes the Macy Conferences of the Macy Foundation on cybernetics, hypnotism and conditioned reflex with Norbert Wiener (student of Bertrand Russell), Warren McCulloch (Yale, Columbia, MIT with Norbert Wiener), Claude Shannon, Kurt Lewin. Jane Russell plays the Whore of Babylon archetype in The Outlaw of Howard Hughes (with Albert Broccoli, who would later produce the James Bond movies).

1942 Wilfred Bion and Freudian psychoanalysist John Rickman set up a NHS group therapy experiment in the Hollymoor hospital in Northfield Birmingham. Roundell Palmer-Cecil and Charles Hambro (married to ex-wife of Marcus Wallenberg Jr) lead the SOE with Christopher Lee and Ian Fleming. Stewart Menzies and William Stephenson of MI6 helps William Donovan set up secret service OSS in the US.

1943 The Tavistock Group is formed (controlled by the Russell, Cecil, Forbes, Parsons, Carnegie-Mellon, and Spencer families) with Ronald Forbes Adam, Ronald Hargreaves (WHO), Tommy Wilson, Wilfred Bion (group therapy, married to an actress of 20th Century Fox), John Rickman, John Sutherland, John Bowlby (Cecil agent, psychoanalyst child development and attachment theory), Elliot Jacques and Eric Trist (Yale, Skull and Bones of Russell family, met with Kurt Lewin). Cultural marxist Herbert Marcuse joins the OSS.

Tavistock investigates the public reaction to bombings as an experiment in mass terror. Tavistock doctor John Rawling Rees is made president of the World Federation of Mental Health under control of United Nations/WHO. Gardner Murphy (Yale, Columbia) leads the American Psychological Association and the SPR (ties to the HOGD).

Committee on National Morale under Franklin Roosevelt with George Gallup (polling public opinion), Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead, Hadley Cantril (Princeton research of Orson Welles hoax, worked with Theodor Adorno on the Radio Project), Erik Erikson, Erich Fromm (Frankfurt School, Columbia The New School), Gordon Allport (teacher of Stanley Milgram, Society for the Study of Psychological Issues), Leonard Doob (propaganda), led by Arthur Upham Pope (friend of William Hearst and John Rockefeller).

John Rawlings meets with psychiatrists in Canada.

1945 Operation Phoenix. Clement Attlee (LSE, Fabian Society) is made pm of the UK. White guilt doctrine in Germany. John Rawlings Reese, Henry Dicks and Ewen Cameron are used to write a psychological report on Rudolf Hess at the fake Nuremberg trial.

The Rank Organization founds The Company of Youth school to train actors (Diana Dors, Christopher Lee, Jean Simmons, Joan Collins) and to create a celebrity culture in the UK.

1946 The Tavistock Clinic becomes the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations (TIHR) on Tabernacle Street in Shoreditch, with a statue of Sigmund Freud. It publishes Human Relations. It is incorporated in newly formed National Health Service, with Elliot Jacques (Canadian War Office Selection Board with Henry Murray), John Sutherland, Carl Jung, Melanie Klein, Isabel Menzies Lyth, Samuel Beckett, Charles Rycroft, Gregory Bateson (OSS) and jesuit Margaret Mead. Cyril Burt helps creating Mensa to push the eugenics agenda.

The propaganda office Information Reasearch Department (IRD) is founded, led by Ralph Murray (Bletchley Park, BBC), with George Orwell (who writes Animal Farm and 1984, published by Fredric Warburg), Arthur Koestler, Norman Reddaway, Michael Redgrave. Operation Embarass false flag attack, blamed on Palestinian terrorists.

1947 the OSS becomes CIA. TIHR becomes a separate entity, Tavistock Clinic moves to Swiss Cottage in Camden. John Rawling Rees and Henry Dicks write 'The Case of Rudolf Hess'. Kurt Lewin founds the National Training Laboratories Institute for Behavioral Science (NTL institute) in Bethel Maine (T-groups and sensitivity training) and dies in february. Alexander Wilson of Tavistock is chairman of the WHO committee on mental health and advisor of Unilever. Jock Sutherland as new director.

1948 NATO network of terrorist groups (Operation Gladio with Antonio Segni, president Italy). Arthur Rank releases The Red Shoes (Wizard of Oz programming), shot at Pinewood Studios with Léonide Massine (Ballets Russes with Pablo Picasso).

Richard Russell and Lewis Page experiment with Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), invent the Russell-Page method of 15 shocks a day at Fairfield Hospital in Bedfordshire (NHS). Richard Russell sets up Ectron Ltd to monopolize ECT machines. Oliver Twist with Kaye Walsh (wife of Tavistock founder Elliot Jacques) Diana Dors.

1950 Project Bluebird. CIA front Congress for Cultural Freedom in Berlin (Bertrand Russell, Melvin Lasky,..) and American Committee for Cultural Freedom in US.

1952 Ian Fleming (Naval Intelligence) writes his first James Bond novel, married to the ex-wife of Esmond Harmsworth (Daily Mail).

1953 CIA Project MK Ultra with Sidney Gottlieb, Jolyon West, Ewen Cameron,... Cameron uses the Russell-Page method on patients in Canada. Bateson Project of Gregory Bateson with Ken Kesey at the Menlo Park Veteran Affairs Hospital Palo Alto, associated with Stanford University (double bind theory of schizophrenia, drugs and hypnosis to create dissociative personalities, Neuro-Linguistic Programming with hypnotist Milton Erickson).

1954 Harry Bailey as WHO representative, observes the electroshock-therapy of Ewen Cameron in Canada, William Sargant in London. Aldous Huxley publishes The Doors of Perception about his mescaline experience.

TIHR designs campaigns for corporations Unilever, Shell (House of Orange), Bayer (IG Farben). The Russell family, known for their opium monopoly, help inventing pop music and pop culture as the new opium for the masses. John C Lilly invents the sensory deprivation tank at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda Maryland, close to the Walter Reed Hospital.

1956 RD Laing starts working at the Tavistock Clinic with John Bowlby, DW Winnicott, Charles Rycroft (Maudsley). Eric Trist works with Fred Emery on designing the workplace. Jane Russell is used in Hollywood as sex symbol, with Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Whore of Babylon scene of Metropolis). Kurt Lewin's student Leon Festinger develops the concept 'cognitive dissonance'.

1957 'The Treasure at Woburn Abbey' of the Russell family with David Hemmings (later movie with Sharon Tate). Magic mushrooms are promoted by Gordon Wasson (LSE of Fabian Society, JP Morgan) in Life Magazine of Henry Luce (Order of Malta, Skull and Bones, Pilgrims Society, Century Club with George Kennan of the Wise Men).

1961 Michel Foucault Madness and Civilization about La Sâlpetrière hospital. End of publishing A Study of History of Arnold Toynbee (LSE Fabian Society), concept of Creative Minorities as blueprint for CIA counterculture (creating a generation gap, programming young people with hedonistic rock and pop culture).

Jonathan Miller, son of Tavistock psychiatrist Emmanuel Miller and Betty Spiro (Horizon magazine of Stephen Spender), is used in the London comedy scene with Australian Barry Humphries (transgender agenda, married to daughter of Stephen Spender).

1962 Wilfred Bion is made president of the British Psychoanalytical Society. Bertrand Russell plays a role in the Cuban Missile crisis media ritual. Jean Shrimpton is introduced in the media industry as first supermodel, to promote the MI6 controlled Swinging London scene.

CIA establishes the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California with Gregory Bateson, William Schultz and Fritz Perls, influenced by the group therapy/sensitivity training of Lewin (the Human Potential movement, the New Age Church).

1964 Women's Wear Daily (ww=33) introduces the monokini trend of Rudi Gernheim, partner of OTO member Harry Hay, with Swinging London model Peggy Moffitt. The Swinging London scene is promoted in Queens magazine with Clement Freud, grandson of Sigmund Freud. On 10/5 the first The Beatles single is released and the first James Bond movie, produced by Albert Broccoli.

Michael Hollingshead works with Victor Lownes (Playboy Enterprises) and jesuit Jean Houston (friend of jesuit Margaret Mead).

1965 Elliot Jacques coins the term 'midlife crisis'. RD Laing works with the Esalen Institute and conducts an anti psychiatry experiment/publicity stunt at Kingsley Hall, associated with Fabian Society puppet Mahatmi Gandhi, similar to the group therapy experiment of Bion at Northfield. His assistent Axel Jensen  lived on the Greek island Hydra with Leonard Cohen.

Laing founds the Philadelphia Association with David Cooper, Joseph Berke (Columbia), and Clancy Sigal. He becomes a spokesperson of the anti psychiatry movement with the concept of 'everyone is a bit crazy', 'everyone here is insane' of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, the Apollo-Dionysus (rational-madness) contrast of the Laurel Canyon counterculture scene.

Michael Hollingshead (Harvard, propaganda office Institute for American British Exchange) moves to London, spreads LSD to the Swinging London scene.

Alan Trist works with CIA band the Grateful Dead (S&B symbolism, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart members of the Bohemian Club) of the Haight Ashbury scene in San Francisco.

The new counter culture is centered in Haight-Asbury San Francisco, Laurel Canyon LA, Greenwich Village NY and Chelsea London.

1966 Jonathan Miller directs a BBC version of Alice in Wonderland. Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic of John Randell (St Thomas).

1967 Dialectics of Liberation conference with RD Laing, Allen Ginsberg, Herbert Marcuse, Stokely Carmichael and Angela Davis (marxist Black Panther Party). Summer of Love media ritual with Timothy Leary as a prophet of the new era. The Beatles Sgt Peppers cover with Aleister Crowley, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, Marilyn Monroe,..

1969 Cain's Film, short film with RD Laing, William Burroughs. Eric Trist joins Russell Ackhoff at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, work on systems science and management science. John Lennon promotes Laurel Canyon artists Frank Zappa and Harry Nillson, and Esalen Institute agent Jerry Rubin. Surrealist humour of Monty Python tv show.

1972 Alain Levy (Wharton Business School) works for CBS and Polygram.

1973 Princess Anne, daughter of Elizabeth II marries Mark Philips, related to Henrietta Russell.

1974 Tavistock Publications Stanley Milgram 'Obedience to Authority'.

1975 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest with Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito about electroshock therapy, T-group sensitivity training of Kurt Lewin, anti- psychatry approach of RD Laing, MK Ultra experiments with Ken Kesey and Robert Hunter (The Grateful Dead). Joe Lewis, friend of George Soros, founds investment company the Tavistock Group.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder, mentored by Gregory Bateson and hypnotist Milton Erickson, become NLP guru's with their book of The Structure of Magic. Adrian Parker (SPR, Tavistock) writes States of Mind, about altered states of consciousness and psi phenomena.

Social engineering of the masses: cultural marxist programs and fashion trends Punk Rock at King's Road London and Hip Hop in New York.

1980 Altered States by Ken Russell, based on sensory deprivation tank research of John Lilly, with 5 year old Drew Barrymore.

1982 Gandhi with Ben Kingsley as Mahatma Gandhi, filmed at Kingsley Hall, directed by Richard Attenborough, brother of BBC presentator David Attenborough, educated at the LSE of the Fabian Society.

1985 Theresa Russell in 'Insignificance' as Marilyn Monroe lookalike.

1988 Tony Vineall (Unilever) as Chair of the Trust Board. Unit for the Study of Trauma and its Aftermath.

1989 Gender Identity Development Unit.

1992 John Perry Barlow (Grateful Dead) helps to publicize the fake secret service raid on Steve Jackson Games (member of the Alex Jones clique that promotes the Illuminati hoax, Illuminati card game). study of autism (Anne Alvarez) and learning disabilities (Valerie Sinason).

1994 Kurt Russell in Stargate (Stargate Project). The Russell Group is formed at Hotel Russell at Russell Square by 24 universities (LSE of Fabian Society, King's College, Oxford,..). Tavistock Consulting.

Valerie Sinason publishes Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse about satanic ritual abuse (Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working With Dissociative Identity Disorder in 2011).

1998 gnostic movie Dark City, doctor played by Kiefer Sutherland (like John Sutherland).

2001 Tavistock Adult Depression Study.

2002 Frida with jesuit Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo and Edward Norton as Nelson Rockefeller, art as therapy for trauma, directed by Julie Taymor (Across the Universe with songs of The Beatles and The Tempest with Helen Mirren, Russell Brand) screenplay by RD Laing's colleague Clancy Sigal. It was produced by Jill Messick (granddaughter of James H Nicholson who founded American International Pictures with Samuel Z. Arkoff) for Lionsgate films of Frank Giustra (foundation of jesuit Bill Clinton).

Adam Curtis' BBC documentary Century of the Self with jesuit Anne Bernays, Michael Murphy (Esalen), Herbert Marcuse,..

Thinking Space study of 'racism'.

2004 Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships.

2005 (year 13 Death) fake bus bombing on Tavistock Square with 13 deaths.

2007 The Trap BBC documentary with RD Laing, John Forbes Nash (game theory, played by Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, scenes with electroshock therapy), David Rosenhan (Rosenhan pseudo-patient experiment at St Elizabeths hospital in 1973).

2008 Matthew Patrick (Maudsley Hospital) as Chief Executive.

2010 Tavistock Shaping the Decline of USA by John Coleman (The Conspirators' Hierarchy: the Committee of 300 1997, One World Order Socialist Dictatorship 1998, The Rothschild Dynasty 2006, The Club of Rome 2008, Drug War Against America). JFK as good guy, Rothschilds and Rockefellers as master minds. polling industry, world wars, advertising techniques of Bernays and Lippman, Gulf war, and briefly the music industry.

2013 Paul Jenkins (Order of the British Empire, Rethink Mental Illness) as Chief Executive.

2015 Tavistock: Social Engineering of the Masses by Daniel Estulin (also used to promote the Bilderberg distraction) Trine Day (disinfo about the JFK ritual), links Tavistock to Operation Paperclip, Rockefellers, the JFK ritual.

2017 Mad to Be Normal, David Tennant (Dr Who) as RD Laing during his Kingsley Hall experiment, Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men, influencing social opinions and taste, Scientology, known for anti-psychiatry stance). Jesuit Donald Trump, trained at Wharton Business School, is made president. Charing Cross Gender Identity clinic of John Randell joins Tavistock. Randell treated transgender Caroline Cossey (Playboy, James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only).

2020 The Corona-ritual, lockdown like Milgram prison experiment. strategy of terror and freeze-defreeze model of Kurt Lewin. trauma based mind control, peer pressure and conditioning to stop critical thinking with terms as 'conspiracy theorist' (mind control through language). mask symbol of Jungian persona. double bind theory (two conflicting options within family, causing stress).

The Tavistock Institute is used to push the transgender agenda with the Gender Identity Development Clinic.


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