Tarot: Major Arcana (introduction)

The word 'Tarot' is derived from the Aryan and Egyptian goddess Taura-Tauret, the A and O, the Alpha and Omega. The cards of the how the yearly death-rebirth of the sun and the human soul in spiritual rebirth. The North star, the centre of the Zodiac Wheel was seen as a mirror of the centre point of heart consciousness (As above, so Below). The cards in itself have no meaning or magical power but serve as a map to the psyche.

The Zodiac shows the life of man (life as masculine force, initiative) from conception to death: Aries (the Emperor, Horus the child): baby to Pisces (21 the world).


The Zero card is 0 the Fool, the sol sun at centerpoint.
1 the Magician
2 the High Priestess
3 the Empress giving birth to
4 the Emperor, birth of new year at the equinox, Horus on the horizon, Mars the baby, the child
5 the Hierophant young boy instructed by mother (earth sign venus the hierophant)
6 the Lovers indecision, mother giving boy away to lover during puberty, sexual maturity reaching peak at summer solstice
7 the Chariot in charge of his sexual energy, leaves the Garden of Eden, develops will-power
8 libra justice, the feminine adjusts the masculine, sword of Libra, cuttting the year in two
9 the Hermit end of summer, end of power , going below abyss
10 Wheel of Fortune introspection
11 Strength sophia controlling demiurge
12 the Hanged Man, emperor understands but dies, Christ hangin on cross
13 Death, the Sun dies in Scorpio
14 Temperance dissolving ego back into 0, uniting opposites in alchemical marriage
15 the Devil rebirth at Sagittarius (torch down)
16 the Tower ejaculation
17 the Star new life
18 the Moon
19 the Sun (ruled by magus)
20 Judgement birth
21 the World, rebirth in the world, end of the Great Work

The modern Tarot deck was developed by the Sforza family. Arthur Edward Waite of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn made the Rider-Waite Deck. Crowley designed the Toth deck, adapted to the new Aeon of Horus. The astrological news-script of the media industry is written with the use of Kabbalism and Tarot.