Takeover in 3 steps

The modus operandi of reptilian mind control groups to take over a planet is to create a global disaster, replace the old society with a new one, with their representatives in power, put the inhabitants in a different reality and control them mentally. That trick was used a long time ago on earth and is now being brought to a fierce climax, a kind of soul harvest where the tricks inevitably becomes too transparent for some.

They are under the influence of a selfish, dominant, artificial consciousness. Roughly 300,000 years ago they applied that method on the population of Earth: people were genetically modified, placed in an artificial reality through their DNA, put in a matrix so that people have the experience of being cut off from their higher selves. From then on they lived as a slave race, as an energy source under the mind control of those groups. That fall is the fall of Lucifer, the fallen angel, biting the apple, wanting to taste material sensation, descending into lower dimensions, the banishment from the garden of Eden. This happened out of free will, to experience this, to learn from it.

Those particular groups look down on humans because they are cold-blooded, androgynous, and do not evolve, in contrast to humans who are warm-blooded, gendered, and evolve. So people have chosen to incarnate on a kind of prison planet, knowing that at the end of the cycle and thus the end of our evolution, they would remember this and break free from that control, freeing us back from the underworld as Venus, the light bringer.

Those artificial groups have lost their connection with heart consciousness, so they are stuck in 4D and want to know how people release themselves from an artificial prison in order to technologically understand heart consciousness, and preferably imitate and conquer it as much as possible, so they have been working towards this moment of ego death and rebirth, for thousands of years.


Aeon of Isis (conquering the feminine energy)

Around 15,000 BC the first phase started: world disasters like comets, the insertion of the moon into orbit around the earth, which caused a flood. That flood also became a metaphor for ego death, crossing a sort of Abyss between dimensions, the boundary between all that is and is not, diving deeper and experiencing what it is like to be cut off even more from your essence.

Their bloodline, their representatives were warned and survived (Noah in the bible, etc ..).
After the flood, after an even deeper fall of consciousness, they, as their hybrid representatives, were allowed to shape the new slave society, based on Saturn and moon worship, cut off from the sun and the earth. The moon is covered with silica sand, similar to the pineal gland, which vibrates like a crystal and also consists of a fine sand. Thus, the energy of the earth, the divine feminine, was gradually taken over and replaced by a dark, negative, feminine Saturn energy, of limitation and materialism. 

From then on, the egg cycle was synchronous with the lunar cycle. The Divine Feminine creative energy of the star Sirius was replaced with the negative, feminine Saturn-moon energy, worshiped in the form of a sensually seductive Whore from Babylon, Isis/Ishtar, Ashtar, Lilith, Diana, etc .. Mo(o)ney was introduced to mentally control people through their third eye based on the monthly cycle of the moon.


Aeon of Osiris (conquering the male energy)

The Aeon or Osiris started around 200 BC. The Divine Masculine energy of the constellation Orion (Osiris) was corrupted into a patriarchy of monotheistic religions to dominate and suppress feminine energy, blaming Eve for biting the apple. Women had to cover themselves and live like a dog. The sun was worshiped as a perverse Saturnian interpretation Baal, to whom sacrifice was required.
People were cut off even more from nature, put together in high concentration in cities, energy farms where their representatives acted as priests, as harvesters, with central pillars as electrical conductors to tap our energy (phallus-like obelisk at St Peter in Rome, church towers,..).

In the 15th century, John Dee and Edward Kelley develop occult knowledge (Enochian alphabet). John Dee as the Magician orchestrates the rosicrucian alchemical wedding of Frederick V Brunswick and Elizabeth Stuart, to create a Moonchild to usher in the new Aeon. The Royal Society is born from the Rosicrucian movement and a university system is set up to process knowledge and eventually develop silicon technology. The British Empire organized battles on specific dates and places as offerings to their god Saturn. In America a copy of St Peter was built, the Capitol with shell-shaped roof (female, Sirius, Isis), phallus obelisk (male, Orion, Osiris). Ultimately, the whole world was conquered, under the same mind control program (nationalism, politics, religion, wage slavery).


Aeon of Horus (conquering the energy of the child)

Aleister Crowley was trained to become a prophet of the Aeon of Horus in 1904. His Thelema religion emphasized sex magic and sodomy.

Throughout the 20th century, characters appeared on the world stage, embodying the warlike, conquering Mars archetype such as Hitler, Mussolini, Jack Parsons, Howard Hughes, John Dillinger, JFK, Elon Musk...
Project Manhattan was an attempt to center and center as much scientific knowledge as possible, create atomic fission energy from matter, combining the dark, destructive masculine to the dark, destructive feminine (Baal and Joudy).

People were given some false freedom, but through newspapers, film, TV they were programmed with mind controlled slaves in the media and movie industry to conquer the male and female energy. Diana as the modern moon/mother goddess married Charles to create the Moonchild prince William.

Eventually, silicon technology of Silicon Valley, which, like the pineal gland, is based on sand, became mandatory so people could be mind controlled through their personal computer or black monolith I-phone, and spied on ('Windows '= transparent windows). It is an attempt to use all the tricks they have, because they are terrified of losing their host, their food source.

The age of the child manifests itself in child characters and child celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Frodo, Harry Potter, Justin Bieber, Greta Thurnberg, ...

With worldwide brainwashing programs like the Covid19-ritual, the United Nations-WHO Totalitarian One World State with a World Bank and World Court is offered as solution. In the final stage, the goal is to create a 'child' out of the union of opposites, a union of masculine and feminine energy, (hence their obsession with transgender people and their idol Baphomet) at the point where humanity goes through a process of rebirth. This was the symbolism of 2001 A Space Odyssey, where a Saturn-like stone on the moon leads to the rebirth of a child that ushers in a new Aeon. After knowledge about atomic fission (creating energy from matter), it is their goal, to create matter from energy in CERN, to gain power over the trinity of the heart, the trinity of soul, body, spirit.

The control system thrives on the unwillingness of people to look at dark subjects like this out of fear.


the Aeon of Horus