Swinging London

Swinging London was a MI6 project (in cooperation with the Tavistock Institute) in the 60's, in London UK, in alliance with the Beatnik movement of the 50's and fake hippie counter-culture of the 60's, and other similar CIA projects in Laurel Canyon in LA, Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, Greenwich Village in NY. In nazi Germany, there was a similar project of youth trend Swing Youth, of self-indulgent jazz listening boys with long hair, girls with short skirts.

Swinging London was a slavemaster project to manipulate their slaves with mind controlled celebrities (techniques perfected in the 50's), specific music, magazines and movies and advertising to create a superficial, hedonistic mindset, distracted by fashion trends, consumer culture and Pop culture.

Jean Shrimpton was used as model for Vogue, HarperBazaar and The Sunday Times Magazine. Michael Hollingshead moved to London and continued the MK Ultra LSD research of Harvard.

The name Swinging London was coined by Time magazine (Henry Luce Order of Malta, S&B, Pilgrims Society) with its 'The Swinging City' cover on 5/16/1966 (year of planned UK victory at the World Cup, Union Jack the 8 pointed star of Isis/Ishtar as symbol). It was centered in King's Road (Chelsea, later the epicenter of program Punk Rock), Kensington and Carnaby Street.

In december 1966 MGM (sold that year to the Bronfman family) released Blow-Up of Michelangelo Antonioni (gay agenda, worked for Vittorio Mussolini) with David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave (daughter of MI6 agent Michael Redgrave, played Isodora Duncan and in The Devils of Ken Russell), Sarah Miles (related to Elizabeth II), Jane Birkin (Serge Gainsbourg), Jimmy Page, Donyale Luna and Veruschka. It was produced by Carlo Ponti (sex slave Sophia Loren as wife, related to Knight of Malta Benito Mussolini), who also produced Le Mépris with Brigitte Bardot, Zabriskie Point (Death Valley of Jack Parsons' Babalon Workings) and The Passenger with Jack Nicholson.

It was promoted by Playboy, The NY Times, The Guardian (who compared it to the Zapruder film of the JFK ritual) and Queen magazine. Queen magazine founded Radio Caroline, employed Clement Freud (brother of Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund Freud), later became Harper's Bazaar of Hearst.

Peter Whitehead made documentary Tonite Lets All Make Love in London with Michael Caine, Allen Ginsberg, Pink Floyd, John Lennon and Michael Caine.

Main actors

- Andrew Oldham (father US Army Air Force, worked for mode designer John Stephen, manager of The Rolling Stones, publicist for Bob Dylan and The Beatles)
- Chrissie Shrimpton (sister of Jean Shrimpton, played in the MGM incest movie 'My Lover, My Son' with Romy-Rosemary Schneider, partner of Mick Jagger, subject of SM song 'Under My Thumb' and 'Stupid Girl' )
Roman Polanski's Repulsion, photographer of Jean Shrimpton, Pauline Stone, glorification of the Kray Twins, inspiration for Blow-Up with David Hemmings, who played with Sharon Tate in Eye of the Devil)
- Donyale Luna (born 8/31, date death Diana) Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Andy Warhol films, Federico Fellini's Satyricon
- Jean Shrimpton (Lucie Clayton Charm Academy)
- Jenny Boyd (sister of Patty Boyd, married Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac)
- Jimi Hendrix
- Jimmy Page
- John Lennon (The Beatles)
- John Stephen (chain of stores in Carnaby Str, designs clothes for The Who, The Kinks, The Small Faces)
- Marianne Faithfull (Habsburg, Process Church of Final Judgement with Mick Jagger)
- Michael Caine (Hollywood actor, dated Natalie Wood, Bianca Jagger, Patricia Haines, and muslim model Shalira Baksh)
- Michael Hollingshead (propaganda office  Institute for British American Cultural Exchange, connection to Harvard and Sandoz. LSD supplier of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Roman Polanski, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Keith Richards and Alan Watts)
- Mick Jagger (LSE of Fabian Society, The Rolling Stones)
- Patty Boyd (wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton, played in A Hard Day's Night, promoted Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)
- Paulene Stone (Lucie Clayton Charm Academy, married Hollywood actor Laurence Harvey of mind control movie The Manchurian Candidate, mother of Harry Morton, co-owner of Johnny Depp's Viper Room in Laurel Canyon)
- Peggy Moffitt (married to photographer William Claxton, promoted in Time with Austrian Rudi Gernreich, gay and pedophilia agenda of Harry Hay's Mattachine Society, affiliated with the OTO)

- Penelope Tree (mother worked for the UN, married to member of Laurel Canyon band The Beach Boys)
- Radio Caroline (Queen Magazine, which later became Harper's Bazaar of Hearst)
- Swinging Radio England
- Terence Stamp (celebrity couple with Jean Shrimpton, movie with Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda)
- Top of the Pops BBC (Samantha Juste, Jimmy Saville, Jonathan King)
- Twiggy (Lesley Lawson, androgynous transgender agenda)
- Verushka (German model Vera von Lehndorff, father executed after Adolf Hitler assassination plot, Life magazine, Blow-Up)
- Victor Lownes (Playboy Enterprises, friend of Roman Polanski, financed his Macbeth film, executive produced the first Monty Python film, married Marilyn Cole=Playboy sex slave Marilyn Monroe)

The Austin Powers movie franchise with Mike Myers and Michael Caine was a parody of the Swinging London scene and James Bond.

Greenwich Village

Laurel Canyon