Sweden is a European country founded in 1397. It has a population of 10 million people. It is governed by the Jesuits. Its most populous city and capital is Stockholm. It is a member of the United Nationsand the European Union. It has the 23d largest GDP in the world. It is ruled by the House of Bernadotte (Nassau).





History of Sweden

3000 bc rock carvings in Tanumshede Bohuslan.

750 Viking Age, tribes of Orion Nordics, the Tribe of Dan (Swe-Den, Denmark,..) with serpent emblem.

990 Beowulf poem.

Paganism is replaced by Christianity.

1397 Kalmar Union of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

1440 Christian I House of Oldenburg.

1477 founding of Uppsala University.

1520 Stockholm bloodbath.

1531 Gustav I House of Vasa reconquers Sweden from the Danes and founds the Lutheran Church of Sweden.

1592 Sigismund III (Vasa) King of Poland rules Sweden and Finland and supports the jesuits.

1611 Swedish Empire of Gustav II Adolph (lion of the North) with rosicrucian Johannes Bureus as advisor (study of Runes).

1618 Thirty Years' War between Protestants and Catholics. Gustav II wins the Battle of Breitenfeld.

1644 Christina of Vasa-Hohenzollern issues copper as currency and works with kabbalist Menasseh ben Israel.

1649 jesuit René Descartes moves to Sweden to work with the House of Vasa and Pierre Chanut (negotiator of Peace of Westphalia).

1668 founding of the Riksbank.

1695 Great Famine.

1709 Russia defeats Sweden in the Battle of Poltava.

1739 Anders von Höpken and Jacob Faggot found the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

1741 Emanuel Swedenborg develops his Heavenly Doctrine.

1748 Frederick I creates the Order of the Polar Star (Draco-Orion bloodline) with Maltese Cross symbol.

1772 Revolution of 1772, coup of Gustav III.

1804 Bonnier family founds the Bonnier Group.

1809 reign of mason Charles XIII (Order of the Golden Fleece, son of sister of Frederick the Great), married to Charlotte of Holstein-Gottorp/Hesse-Kassel.

1810 founding of the Karolinska Institute (caduceus symbol of Mercury).

1818 Charles XIV founds of the House of Bernadotte.

1824 Knight of Malta Berzilius (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) invents silicon (later used in Silicon Valley).

1856 André Wallenberg founds Stockholms Enskilda bank.

1867 Alfred Nobel invents dynamite to be used in the war industry.

Margaret of Sweden was a member of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

1901 founding of the Nobel Prize Foundation to award agents of the Science Church, propaganda writers of program Modernism and political puppets of the UN world empire.

1905 end of Sweden-Norway union.

1907 Gustav V (member of the Odd Fellows) as king.

1916 The Wallenbergs found Investor AB (Saab, Electrolux, Atlas Copco, Nasdaq Inc, Ericsson).

Olof Aschberg (Nya Banken) funds the Russian Revolution. The Wallenberg family were members of the CFR, TC and ECFR.

1943 Ingvar Kamprad founds Ikea.

Marcus Wallenberg is educated by jesuits at Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service, Knight of Malta, member of 1001 Club, ERT, TC, works for Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Warburg, and is chairman of the International Institute of Finance. He mentors Thomas McKittrick of the BIS bank. Stockholms Enskilda bank merges with Hambros Bank, close to MI6 (Charles Hambro was head of the Special Operations Executive, married the ex-wife of Marcus Wallenberg).

1954 Harry Bailey supervises the electroshock experiments of Ewen Cameron in Canada, William Sargant in UK and Lars Leksell (Karolinska Institute) in Sweden as WHO representative. Leksell develops surgery with radiation, destroying brain regions with proton beams.

1966 Persona movie of Ingmar Bergman about Multiple Personality Disorder (mirror alter symbolism) with Bibi Andersson and Liv Ullman.

1969 Olaf Palme as pm, Pierre Schori (later member of ECFR) as assistent.

1972 Britt Ekland is used as Bond girl and has a relationship with Laurel Canyon manager Lou Adler.

1973 bank heist, origin of the term Stockholm Syndrome. rape-and-revenge movie Thriller with Christina Lindbergh (Playboy, Penthouse), released in the US by Samuel Z Arkoff.

1976 Pehr Ahlmark (married to Bibi Andersson) as Minister of Employment.

1982 founding of 'skeptics' organization VoF (The Association of Science and Public Public Education).

1991 Carl Bildt as pm.

1995 Sweden joins the European Union. founding of the Temple of the Black Light with Haakon Forwald (Luciferianism, Right Wing Church) EDL of Tommy Robinson. Death metal band Marduk.

Swedish artists in the music industry: ABBA (program Disco), Ace of Bace, Roxette, Stargate (Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa), Lykke Li, Jonas Akerlund. Jake Gyllenhaal (raised as Swedenborgian), Noomi Rapace, Stellan, Bill and Alexander Skarsgard are used in the Hollywood film industry.

1995 Eric Asbrink (later Goldman Sachs) as Minister of Finance, married to Ylva Johansson (Minister of Schools).

1996 Göran Persson (Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research, European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation with Moshe Kantor) as pm.

2003 rejection of the Euro by referendum.

2006 Andreas Carlgren (gay agenda) as Minister for the Environment.

2010 Victoria of Sweden marries Daniel Westling.

2011 Annie Lööf (TC) as Minister for Enterprise.

Greta Thurnberg is used in the global media industry as priestess of the Climate Church.

2019 Anna Eckström (TC) as Minister of Education.

2020 the Covid19-ritual with Linda Karlström as controlled opposition (Dan Larhammar as debunker).

Prime ministers

Louis Gerhard De Geer, Arvid Posse, Robert Themptander, Erik Gustaf Boström, Arvid Lindman, Hjalmar Branting, Carl Gustaf Ekman, Per Albin Hansson, Tage Erlander, Olof Palme, Ingvar Carlsson, Carl Bildt (Legion of Honour, ECFR, Atlantic Council, TC, International Crisis Group, later hired by Mikhail Fridman), Göran Persson, Fredrik Reinfeldt, Stefan Löfven, Magdalena Andersson (World Bank, European Investment Bank, Policy Network)

Propaganda outlets

Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Sydsvenskan, Helsingborgs Dagblad, SF Studios: Bonnier family, Akke Bonnier (Church of Sweden)

Controlled opposition

- Linda Karlström (Right Wing Church)

- Red Ice (Right Wing Church, Unite the Right)


European Union

United States