The Swastika is an ancient symbol of growth and death-rebirth, modeled after the North Star in the middle of the cosmic Zodiac Wheel (wheel of the Tarot). It became associated with the Draco-Orion Empire, also known as the Saturn cult, Aryans that came from the Northern civilization of Atlantis.

The Draco-Orion priest class was worshiped in Sumer as the Anunaki and survived through the ages as the Persian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire (Catholic Church), the British Empire, the French Empire of Napoleon, the European Union and the United Nations, with a top-down organized society.

Swastika's are found in Buddhism (depicted on forehead as symbol of the pineal gland), Jainism, Baalbek (worship of Baal), Tiahuanaco, Nesalim (Hittite culture in Turkey), Knossos, Hopi indians, Aztecs, Thracian culture (two headed eagle), Cyprus (House of Dyonisos), Greece, Etruscan culture, temples of the Roman Empire, mummies in Gobi desert China, Iraq, Ethiopia, Israel, Tibet, Korea, Japan, ..

Blue eyed gods were found in Egypt, Sumer, Peru, India, Turkey,.. In Judaism the swastika is formed by four yod's. It is found in the ancient synagogue of Capernaum in Israel.

The Knights Templar used the swastika symbol in the Garway Church.

British intelligence agents like Helena Blavatsky introduced Theosophy with swastika symbol. Cistercan monk Jorg von Liebenfels, influenced by Theosophy and Guido von Liszt and Otto Weininger, developed Aryosophy, in glorification of the Knights Templar.

In 1904 MI6 agent Aleister Crowley became the prophet of the new Aeon of Horus.

In 1905 von Liebenfels founds the Order of New Templars in Austria with swastika symbol (Hakenkreuz). He founded magazine Ostara (=Babylonian Ishtar, Egyptian Isis like Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled). Russian Empress Alexandra Romanov had books with swastika symbol before the Russian Revolution. The Boy Scouts of America founded by Ernest Thompson Setin (married to Theosophist) used badges with swastika.

In 1918 Rudolf von Sebottendorf founded the Thule Society (Thule: northern Atlantis civilization) in Munich Bavaria with swastika symbol.

The Ahnenerbe Institute organized a mission to Tibet. White Russians like Kyrill Vladimirovich migrated to Munich Germany to create a climate of antisemitism.

The swastika was used in Nuremberg rallies with pillars of light ceremonies and Adolf Hitler as central Antichrist figure, leading up the WW2 ritual and Holocaust death-rebirth ritual. A pro-nazi convention was held with swastika symbol in Madison Square Garden NY. Coca Cola used the symbol in German advertising. Mason Charles Lindberh was a nazi. Heinrich Himmler built a black sun temple in Wewelsburg. Its SS with double Sig Rune (lightning symbol) teached its members rune-magic.

Volkswagen, promoted by Adolf Hitler, incorporated the swastika in its emblem. The nazi's were funded by Chase Manhattan Bank with swastika logo. Like the communists, they celebrated the rebirth of Venus the Lightbringer on 1 may (Belthane).

 Antichrist figure Charles Manson, mind controlled by the CIA and associated with Process Church of Last Judgement and Aryan Brotherhood who also used the swastika symbol, tattooed a swastika on his forehead (location of the pineal gland). He played the archetype of Horus in contrast with Babalon (hippie movement as anticipation of the Age of Aquarius).

MI6 created cultural marxist program Punk Rock with Antichrist figure Sid Vicious, wearing t-shirts with a swastika.

Nazi's with swastika's appeared in Steven Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The French Rael movement (modern UFO religion) used the Star of David combined with a swastika.

Books on the swastika

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Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams wrote the Pink Swastika about homosexuality in the Third Reich.

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